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 Posted: Oct 15 2014, 10:26 AM
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the faq
Have a question about the site? Firstly, make sure you have thoroughly read all of our important documentation that is included in our Information forum, as well as the miscellaneous topics that are included in other main areas such as the canon list and application guidelines.

If the question you seek isn't here, feel free to pose it in our guest-friendly queries & help area or personal message a staff member.

Do you have a site Discord?

♦ No, we do not. We prefer to keep traffic in the cbox. You're more than welcome to ask people for their Skype or Discord information on an individual basis, but we do not have one for public use.

I registered my account's name wrong. How can I fix it?

♦ Firstly, make sure you're logged into the account whose name you want to change. Then go to My Controls (the gears icon above the cbox) -> Change Username (it's in the list on the left-hand side) and simply type in your desired new username! If you're seeking to fix capitalisation, the board may not accept the change; you'll first need to edit the name with an extra letter or symbol, then edit it again with the capitalisation you want.

Do I need to know anything about Rise of the Guardians or The Guardians of Childhood to join and participate here?

♦ We do not expect this of you. The movie doesn't have Frozen-levels of renown, and the book series has a very small following, but don't you worry! Our overall concept is fairly straightforward - we're a postmodern Earth setting emphasising the reinstatement of figures from legends, folklore and mythology. We go into it in some more detail in our Lore Guide, which also includes summaries of the movie and books. However, if you intend to play a canon character, you must have thorough knowledge of the movie and/or book series as required.

Is this site for mature roleplayers, or those who are younger?

♦ While we're hosted on premium Jcink and technically have a 3-3-3 rating, we do not have an age limit. Our aim is to bring together a community of people who love writing and exploring the serious themes of life, death, good, evil, magic, and reality. Existence isn't all sunshine and rainbows, and we want people who can understand that and convey that through the art of storytelling. However, we're not all dead-serious people, and neither are our characters; so a bit of silliness and fluff both IC and OOC is completely normal. Just remember to keep it real. Roleplaying is meant to be a fun hobby, but without some regulations and expectations it just wouldn't work. Rise of the Believers is for writers who want creative freedom and to make a meaningful contribution to our story.

Is doHTML enabled here?

♦ Yes, it is, but it is not the focus. You are welcome to use it wherever you like, but please be aware that it doesn't make a difference if it is not used.

What application options do you have?

♦ We have traditional, freeform, and interview. They each have their own pros and cons, and each may work differently for a certain character. Choose carefully and read the individual guidelines and components of each one.

I finished my app a couple of days ago and it still hasn't been accepted. What's wrong?

♦ As the staff themselves can be busy at times, sometimes it definitely takes more than 24 hours for one of us to get to it, so please be patient! If it's been longer than 3 days, please feel free to send a PM to one of the admins!

I used to be a member here but I can't find my character's old app. Is it still around?

♦ Yes, it is, but our app archive is not viewable to guests, so you'll have to re-register before being able to see it.

How do I tag people in a thread so that they can see it?

See this thread for info on how to tag! You are also welcome to use the tag box at the bottom of the site.

I really want to play a figure from mythology/folklore/etc, but they're already taken. Now what?

♦ In general, we'd like there to be only one of each type of figure. This also applies to mythological figures who are very similar - for example, the Greek Goddess Aphrodite and the Roman Goddess Venus - we'd only allow one of them to be present. However, looking at our canon list - there is a huge variety of figures to choose from. And remember that you are welcome to make your own original Guardian, immortal or villain character that is based on a certain concept; we're an original concepts RP, too!

Can I make my own original Guardian or Court of Shadows member that has the same Centre/concept/focus as a pre-existing one? e.g. a Guardian of Memories or a villain of fear or nightmares?

♦ Yes, you may! There is no limit on the number of characters based on a particular concept. Just make your own character their own entity; we don't want Tooth Fairy or Boogeyman clones running around the place.

Hey, can my character have more than one center?

♦ No, we do not allow any character to have more than one center.

Can my character have any powers that can control other players' characters?

♦ To an extent. If you app a character with powers that can lead to the control of another player's character in any way, you must put a clause like :(Only used with player permission)" at the end of each of those abilities.

Can I play a race/species/creature I myself have invented?

♦ Yes! We would love to see some unique, creative races that have come straight from your imagination, as long as you provide adequate detail about their magical abilities, unique features, history and origin. These will be scrutinised much more carefully that existing species.

My character is from a world that's not a part of Earth (Wonderland, Neverland, etc.). Is that okay?

♦ Yes, as long as you abide by a Pocket Dimension system. Rise of the Believers exists on a more or less "modern earth" - as such, Neverland and Wonderland and similar places aren't a part of our map, and thus not on RotB either. However, we allow such worlds to exist in their own "Pocket" dimensions. They are separate from the known Universe, and exist in their own, smaller, self-contained worlds. If you're unsure however, it is always better to ask staff first to get a feel for something. We're more than happy to help.

Can I play a character from another fandom - i.e. cross them over into this one?

♦ This is an available option, but is very limited. We will be denying the majority of fandom characters which we feel do not meet the site's themes and standards. For examples of some exceptions, look here.

Can I have a bisexual / homosexual / asexual / transgender / genderqueer / etc. character?

♦ Of course. We do not discriminate here.

How many characters can I have? Does it matter if they're all the same age / species / sexuality / gender / etc.?

♦ There is no character limit; make as many as you like! Just make sure that you stay active with all of them. And no, it doesn't matter if they're all male/female/human/heterosexual/homosexual/etc.

What's the difference between an NPC character and a Played character?

♦ The simple answer is that Played characters may star in their own plots, while NPC characters are only able to move plots along. Furthermore, an NPC character may only be in a total of TWO threads on their own at once (that is, you are only writing as the NPC character, and not as any of your played characters along with them), while played characters may be in an unlimited number of threads.

Can I app a real life figure?

♦ Similar to fandom characters- real people are possible but have limits. Usually people from distant history who might have had time to let legends take over their story (i.e Elizabeth Bathory, Cortes, St. Valentines, St. Patrick, Okita Souji, Mulan, and so on). People from more modern times can be a bit fuzzy. So when in doubt be sure to ask an Admin.

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