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 Posted: Dec 1 2016, 02:03 PM
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Welcome to The Big Book of Lore. For all things about Rise of the Believers, this is the place to go. The Big Book of Lore is divided into 4 sections.

The first is the Site World Lore. This is information that is most commonly used on the site in how certain aspects of canon are treated.

Information that will help with character creation is contained in the first five guides. The rest are for flavour and will help you plot with specific characters.

The second is Rise of the Guardians/Guardians of Childhood Lore. These are in-depth summaries of the movie and books. This is not required reading unless you are interested in taking a canon character from these sources and have not read the books or seen the movie.

The third section is user-written and submitted guides about various things on the site that have become site canon. These can be character specific, or group specific.

The final section contains useful links that will help you navigate the site.


Rise of the Believers- World Lore

1- A Guide To Belief
2- A Guide To Centers
3- A Guide To The Guardians
4- A Guide To The Court of Shadows
5- A Guide To Immortals & Creatures
6- A Guide To Mortals
7- A Guide To The War For Belief & The Golden Age
8- A Guide To The Stars
9- A Guide to the Outside/Other Worlds

Rise of the Guardians/Guardians of Childhood

1- Movie Guide
2- Book Guide

Member-Created Lore Guides

1- Guide to Haven - relevant to Angels and various heavenly deities.
2- Heartstrings Guide (Relevant to Cupid, Aphrodite, William Rowlands, and Tobias)
3- Guide to the Fae - a general overview of fae culture, history and attributes.
4- Guide to the Land of Sweets - a guide to the dream world of The Nutcracker story.
5- Guide to the Greek Underworld- relevant to Greeks and ally pantheons.

Useful Links

1- Canon List
2- Site Rules
3- Wanted Ads
4- Open Threads
5- Character Growth - for all updates to your character once the app has been accepted.
6- Help Desk - where any questions may be posed.
7- Moderation Request - request actions from staff.
8- Combat System (optional, unless otherwise stated)
9- Frequently Asked Questions
10- Dice Rolls (Only relevant for fights in which players choose to use the combat system)
11- Character "Center" Suggestions
12. Site Plot Tracker - Major events that have happened on the site.
13. Location Suggestions - Have an idea for an IC forum for the site? Post it here!
14. A basic guide to the Celestial Humans
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