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 Posted: Oct 15 2014, 10:26 AM
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groups & characters
storytellers These are the members of the site, the players behind all the wonderful characters. They are the driving force behind this site as their ideas come into play and work to turn the tide in favor of either the Guardians or the Court of Shadows. Please note that these accounts cannot post in IC areas, only OOC areas!

guardians The Guardians are the protectors of all the positives and virtues in the world. They are immensely powerful and magically capable, and most of them also possess the ability to move about the Earth as they see fit, able to take themselves halfway across the globe in short spaces of time. Each Guardian is chosen by the Man in the Moon to represent a certain trait, or 'Center', that encompasses a positive aspect of life and sentience. Guardians often represent a well-known figure from fairytales or mythology.

Court of Shadows

The Court of Shadows, or just the Courtiers, are the antithesis to the Guardians. They personify the negatives and the vices in the world, and are equally as powerful and magically gifted as the Guardians. They are hand-picked and granted their powers by Pitch Black, whether directly or indirectly (please consult with our resident Pitch Black player if you wish to clarify anything with him). and as with the Guardians, each one has a certain negative 'Center' that encompasses the detrimental or darker aspects of life and sentience. Courtiers generally also represent a well-known figure from fairytales or mythology. It is important to note when creating a Courtier that Pitch Black specifically chose the individual in question and boosted their power greatly with his own magic; as such, they are expected to share his views. Those who turn traitor are a rare case for this reason, and will suffer severe consequences. Be prepared for a traitorous Courtier to be hunted and killed as a consequence of their actions.

immortals 'Immortals' is the blanket term for long-lived, humanoid beings who have similar powers and Centres as the Guardians and Court of Shadows, but are not nearly on the same level in terms of what they can do. This does not, however, mean the Immortals are not powerful and dangerous forces. They are still capable of great feats of magic and can cause just as much damage as any Courtier or be as much assistance as a Guardian. Immortals do not necessarily have to have a "good" or a "bad" central concept or alignment; they can also also be "neutral", either in magic or outlook, and remain an outside party if they so desire. However, it still helps if they have a side to lean towards; they just may not have qualified for Guardian/Courtmanship.

mortals 'Mortals', i.e. regular humans, may not be capable of the same high level of magic as the Guardians, Courtiers, or Immortals, but they are still extremely important to either side. Guardians and Courtiers alike have learned that, with the recent revelation of magic and fantasy into the modern world, adults are just as capable of belief as the children -- and if not belief, then fuelling particular concepts (e.g. a pessimistic person will fuel the pessimistic side of magic's nature, and an Courtier or Immortal of pessimism, if there was one). And ultimately... all Guardians, Courtiers and Immortals were once human in some way. All of them. So the key to either side getting more support and power, either way, is to unlock the hidden potential in Mortals.

creatures This is the category where special races and and non-humanoid species fit. Creatures can be powerful allies to the Guardians and Courtiers, however, for they often possess magic and abilities unique to their kind. Creatures can be anything from dragons to unicorns to merpeople to yetis -- in fact, just about any mythological creature that is ever known. For a very long time, the existence of these beings, as with all others based in magic, has only been theorised by humanity and rarely ever seen. (Big Foot sightings? Loch Ness monster? Ghosts? That's the sort of thing.) But now people are starting to see them in the light of day, and it's causing quite a stir.

Retired This grouping consists of deceased and temporarily retired characters; those that have either suffered in-character death, or who the player has set aside for a while. This is to set them apart from Inactive accounts, which are deleted after three months; in this way, dead characters can be remembered, and original characters can be picked up when muse arises again. If you play an original character and for whatever reason feel the need to temporarily put them aside - that is to say, you fully intend to play with them again - you may ask to put them in the Retired usergroup. Likewise, you may do the same with characters who play a large role in folklore - however for these, we only allow one month before they are moved into Inactive account status.

character origins The great majority of characters, whether original or otherwise, will originate from Earth. This means they need to have been born on Earth in a specific place and grown up and lived their life in specific places. This also applies to fantasy beings, even those that are long-lived; they cannot have simply lived in some unrealistic magical place for several hundred years; if they have lived in a fictional magical community on Earth, it most likely will have been small, and they would have needed to integrate into mortal society somehow while keeping their true natures hidden; base it in reality, always keeping in mind the native mythologies and stories across the multitudes of cultures, countries and religions on this planet.

fandom adaptationsThis is a tricky subject. On the whole, adapting canons from other fandoms will be discouraged. However, it is still an option -- albeit one with many caveats. The majority of existing fandoms are not adaptable. Ones that are are those which are mythological in nature but whose canon setting is an entirely normal version of Earth, or intergalactic fantasy that can be integrated into our Guardians of Childhood history & Golden Age lore. This can still be tweaked to some degree. For example:

- Epic (Blue Sky): another movie inspired by William Joyce's work, it presumably takes place in the real world and helps show a young mortal woman (MK) that 'just because you can't see something, doesn't mean it's not there'.
- Harry Potter (where the modern world is entirely normal, but the 'wizarding world' has lived under wraps for a very long time)
- Percy Jackson & the Olympians (similar to Harry Potter - where particular mechanics prevent 'mortals' from ordinarily seeing mythical beings)
- Kid Icarus (Greco-Roman-esque myth clearly set in outer space, away from Earth)
- Death Note (clearly set in Japan in the 2000s, deals with powerful concepts like good and evil, justice and judgement, fantasy element)

Then there are fandoms where the fandom's concept and population at large would not be able to apply to Rise of the Believers, but with some creative freedom, can be made to fit. For example:

- How to Train Your Dragon (DreamWorks): it is set in a fictional, historical northern European Viking environment. You could take the main protagonist Hiccup and his Night Fury Toothless, and make Hiccup a Guardian of Peace, for example, who has lived into the modern age. Norse myth could also be incorporated to some extent.

- Brave (Pixar): as with HTTYD, it's set in a fictional, historical, Scottish environment. You could take the main protagonist, Merida, and after incorporating some fantasy or mythical elements and/or some Gaelic or Celtic mythology, could say that she, too, has lived into the modern age, as a Guardian of Bravery or some other huntress-type figure. It would just have to make sense for our RotG-verse.

- Avatar (The Last Airbender / Legend of Korra): These series create a wonderful amount of mythology that runs in the vein of Hinduism. Figures such as Aang and Korra, or a modern-day version of the Avatar, could be brought into our world, supposing that the four nations of Fire, Earth, Air and Water only constitute small hidden areas - for example, the Water Tribes in the far north / correlating with Inuit Tribes, Fire Nation as specific sects in Japan, Earth Nation as specific communities in rural China, and Air Nomads as Tibetan Monks.

- BBC Merlin: this clearly did happen in the past, and it also crosses over with the actual Arthurian legend and mythos. But for example, it would be perfectly acceptable to resurrect the version of King Arthur from BBC Merlin into our current setting and plot, as it would make sense. He is the Once and Future King, after all.

- Chronicles of Narnia: characters like Lucy, Susan, Edmund and Peter could be resurrected and brought into the current world, as this series deals largely with faith and fantasy. Aslan would be a good example of a Guardian character. The only thing to watch out for would be the heavy Christian roots; we try not to be too biased towards modern religions here on RotB.

Examples of fandoms and characters that would be unadaptable include most of those that are non-fantasy, set either historically or in the future, or are post-apocalyptic or sci-fi.

- Disney in general (we feel that most of these fairytales or stories are bastardised or inappropriate, and that it would be much preferable for original concept and thought to be put into the figures that have been popularised -- for example, the original Snow Queen from myth would serve better than Elsa).
- Anime & manga fandoms IN GENERAL (ask for specific ones)
- Most video games
- A Song of Ice and Fire / Game of Thrones
- DC Universe, Marvel and X-Men - we feel that these are too far removed from the themes we are aiming for on RotB. If you wish to make a character like Thor or Loki who is from mythology, it would be required that more than 50% of your interpretation of them is original and not from existing Marvel canon.
- Dragon Riders of Pern
- Firefly
- Hannibal
- BBC Sherlock
- Pacific Rim
- Supernatural
- The Hunger Games
- The Walking Dead

Remember that these are just examples, and even if a certain character or fandom is or is not listed, does not guarantee or deny them a place on Rise of the Believers. Any questions about fandom adaptations should be directed straight to an administrator.

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