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 Posted: Oct 15 2014, 10:25 AM
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Our story started in the depths of the universe, where fairytales were born from starstuff and dark matter -- spirits of light and darkness, humans and monsters, fantastical creatures and godlike entities. After the galaxial Golden Age was destroyed, the haven many of them sought was the Planet Earth, and there they slept for aeons. Then the world changed in 2012 after centuries of silence. The catalyst: a battle between the Guardians of Childhood and the universe's darkest being, the Nightmare King, that nearly drove all goodness and innocence in the world to ruin. It stirred the subconscious of mortals and immortals alike; ancient deities are arising, mythical creatures and urban legends are making their presence known, and figures from folklore and fables are proving that they are not just stories; they're real. And it's time to take a stand because all this time, their world's belief has been dying thanks to technological advance, corruption and war, and if they put it off any longer, they will all vanish.

Previously, the Nightmare King stood alone, plotted in solitude, but he's finally started recruiting his own allies: the Court of Shadows (the polar opposites of the Guardians chosen by the Man in the Moon). For a few short years, the two sides have fought for stark control over the good and bad in the world with little progress, while the situation spirals ever more out of hand. mortality and sentience are becoming stagnant, redundant, ever more indistinguishable from belief and imagination; it is up to the immortals to inject their individual concepts back into the world, tap into the hearts of children and adults and each other alike, and finally merge the worlds of mortal and magic into one cohesive whole. And they're going to have to work together to do it. Guardians, arise; Darklings, make your dark presence known; Immortals, enter the fray and choose your side; Mortals, let your hearts be swayed by belief or denial, understanding or ignorance; and all others, try to remember what you're fighting for in this universal war.

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