our story started in the depths of the universe, where fairytales were born from starstuff and dark matter -- spirits of light and darkness, humans and monsters, fantastical creatures and godlike entities. after the nightmare king destroyed the galaxial golden age, the haven many of them sought was the planet earth. in a postmodern 2023 world, after centuries of dormancy, the beings of folklore and myth have arisen to take two sides, fighting for stark control over the good and bad in the world while the situation spirals ever more out of hand. mortality and sentience are becoming stagnant, redundant, ever more indistinguishable from belief and imagination; it is up to the immortals to inject their individual concepts back into the world, tap into the hearts of children and adults and each other alike, and finally merge the worlds of mortal and magic into one cohesive whole.
founded upon the dreamworks movie rise of the guardians and the book series guardians of childhood. register your accounts in all caps.
custom forum structure by black @ code. miniprofile by breeze blocks @ shine. rotb was founded and created by daemon. rise of the guardians and guardians of childhood belong to william joyce and dreamworks animation. all other content belongs to its respective creator.

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 Posted: Nov 23 2014, 01:36 AM
RotB Staff
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cbox rules
The chat box is often the first thing a new visitor sees. At Rise of the Believers, we hope to maintain an advanced writing atmosphere, and the chat box greatly reflects on that. Above all, the chat box is a place for members to chat and get to know each other, but just be mindful of a few things:

name For simplicity's sake, please match your chat box name to your OOC account's name.

language This is an English-speaking site, and conversation should remain primarily in normal English; this covers avoiding obscure or heavily modified words. Additionally, swear words and other rude language have been censored and are safe to use, but sparingly. Attempts to circumvent the filters will not be tolerated.

topics Topics are ever-changing in the chat box. Be mindful, however, of topics that may offend some users, such as religious debate, political conversation, racism, rape, or anything else sensitive or triggering.

diction We all make typos, but adequate spelling is a staple of a site for advanced writers. This means no excessive chatspeak, although common abbreviations like "lol" or "lmao" are permitted, but sparingly. We also ask you not to type excessive one-word messages consecutively. Nobody is going to go after you if your sentence is not perfectly constructed. However, make sure your sentences make sense. In other words, don't speak like an internet cat!

tagging Excessive tagging in the cbox - whether for threads or PM's - is discouraged. We have a tagbox at the bottom of the site for a reason! It's okay if it happens once in a while because you're excited, but please, be courteous and avoid tagging back and forth all the time.

etiquette Be polite! We're all friends here so we may joke, but try to keep in mind that somebody lacking context may be watching and they may not perceive the situation in the same way.

attitude If you're having a bad day, of course talk to somebody on the site! All we ask is that you try to keep any negativity out of the chat box, as you can ask for somebody's contact information or send them a PM if you wish to vent your feelings. If you're irritated at something, that is no excuse to be rude to another member. Additionally, excessively whining or fishing for attention is not appreciated by anyone.

ic discussions It's okay to talk about your characters in the cbox. Everyone's having fun, and people are bound to get excited about a plot. That being said, don't make your characters and plots the center of attention all the time. If you wish to talk about your rp things frequently, and in contexts that cannot be related to other members, please take it somewhere else, e.g. to an instant messenger.

other sites Advertising or bashing other forums in the cbox is not welcome. We do allow simple things such as 'I need to catch up on posts on another site', but clear advertisement or indecency towards another site will not be tolerated.

images Please do not post images in the cbox. While other sites may do this, it is not a practice we appreciate on Rise of the Believers. Instead, you are welcome to post links.

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