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 Posted: May 18 2017, 08:07 AM
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Once Upon a Time...
Zhinü, the Weaver Girl
Date of Birth:


WEIGHT: 109lbs
HEIGHT: 5❜00❞
PLAY-BY: Various pieces of art


Ever since she has been young, Zhinü has been compared to the Heavenly Empress, having taken after her grandmother the most in comparison to the rest of her family. Her beauty is like that of a flower: delicate and dangerous. She is petite, holding a thin build. Her hair is as dark as the night sky and it appears to hold an ethereal quality to it. Her eyes are a liquid silver that shine as brightly as the Vega star.

The differences between Zhinü and her grandmother can be seen in the sharpness of features. Unlike the Heavenly Empress, Zhinü holds a soft appearance. While the appearance of youth has turned into that of a woman, she does not possess the sharp features of her grandmother. Her eyes are not sharp and her expression is normally kind.

In the past, Zhinü dressed as was common to within the heavens. However, over time, her way of dress has come to change. She tends to keep to traditional Asian dress, though she never sticks to the clothing of one type of country. Her hair is normally kept up. However, if one is perceptible enough, they might notice that she is always missing one hair pin. Niulang has been in possession of this since she gave it to him before they were separated. She enjoys incorporating flowers into her appearance.


The world moves strangely and life often decides to form a path that cannot be foreseen. Unfortunately, these twists and turns are not always pleasant. This is a fact that Zhinü knows well due to experience.

The heavens were a place far unlike the lands of any planet. The rules that are within the Heavenly Empress' realm are not the same as on earth for they are not the same as those below. Gender is a inconsequential and it is for this reason that the Heavenly Empress in her wisdom disallowed romantic relationships. After all, there was no need for them. They were impractical and the heavens could continue on without them. It would grow stronger.

Yet, the Empress cannot understand what it means to be alone.

In the beginning, Zhinü longed for the company of another, for their touch. He would gaze to the planets below, a deep desire lurking within his heart. However, even this little was not allowed. Upon discovery of his wish, the Heavenly Empress grew enraged. By her mercy, he was sentenced to weave within the skies without stop. Through his delicate touch, the clouds were crafted.

Yet, life goes on whether Heavenly Empresses like it or not. With a crooked grin, it plots and makes to gain her anger once more. Yet, she will never know. After all, people have free will and life does nothing.

Upon a fateful day, the fairies of the heavens request permission to go down to the constellation of Aquarius, for the land possesses much water and those who know best know of a lake within its system that is said to beautify a person. The Empress is a good mood and agrees, so great is her happiness that when the fairies request that Zhinü may come with them out of pity she agrees.

They come to a planet within the middle of the system, occupied by the peasants of Aquarius. However, the magical do not always mix well with those down below and the Heavenly Empress is not above harsh lessons. As such, when their company is invaded by wicked celestial humans, the fairies are quick to leave, retreating to the heavens.

Except for one.

Zhinü finds himself unable to leave, as all of his belongings have been stolen. Miserable and alone, he weeps. He only wishes to return home, yet even that much is not possible. After all, how can he return back to the heavens in such a shamed state? Surely the Heavenly Empress will think the worst of her grandchild.

Yet, the tears stop once cloth touches his skin and he finds his nakedness covered. Befuddled, he glances up to see a youth. For a moment, the young man avoids his eye, but only once he manages to gaze upon him can Zhinü then tell that the young man is quite flustered. Yet, despite his red face and nervousness, he notes that the man is quite handsome despite his plain clothing.

"Are you okay?"

His heart is captured immediately and it is then that he begins to realize how difficult love can be. Niulang, as he learns the individual to be called, is quite different from him. While is reserved, he possesses a large heart. Yet, he is also quite stubborn. Moreover, he seems to be a strange mixture of quiet and talkative. The man is conundrum, but Zhinü cannot help and love it all.

Yet, he also worries about the fact that Niulang is not a deity. As such, he lies to the celestial. It would be better, he thinks, if his love thought they were the same. There is no doubt in his mind that it is better that Niulang knows nothing of his divinity. After all, people tend to grow foolish when confronted with such things and he is afraid to take a chance and trust Niulang completely.

Zhinü only recognizes that he may have made a mistake when he changes. He has finally matured and he changes into a woman. She worries what Niulang might think. After all, she is sure that this is not something his own species does. So, she hides for a time.

Thus, she comes to realize exactly how much she has misjudged him.

Niulang is surprised, but he takes it in stride. It is confounding to her that he accepts the fact that she is biologically a female now. She begins to question her each decision thus far. Has she made a mistake in lying to him? Should she tell him that she is a deity? Yet, Zhinü is not the bravest of individuals and she now fears that Niulang will leave her for her lies. As such, she stays silent and continues to do so even when she has no reason to lie.

It is upon the worst of days that their private relationship is discovered, though neither Zhinü or the Heavenly Empress can know this. During the setting of a walk the more scenic parts of Niulang's homeland, they are caught by the Heavenly Empress when she has taken the guise of that which is below her. Yet, the Empress' fury only spreads. It does not take long for Niulang's own family to discover of the affair and it is then that Zhinü's lies cause true pain. His family dislike her only because she has claimed to belong to a family of Yin users and they condemn the relationship. In the end, they do nothing as the Heavenly Empress banishes them to the Milky Way Galaxy.

No one can know that it was upon this day that Niulang planned to create a union and ask her to be his wife. What they do know is what is seen. The couple were filled with an agony so deep that it stirred the hearts of those within the heavens with a great pity. The Heavenly Empress' heart was softened, but she would not be swayed from her decision. As such, she made it possible so that the two might be able to see each other once a year.

And so they did for many years. However, Zhinü was a selfish woman who was not easily taught by the lessons of greater beings. As such, she soon began to try and find a way around the Heavenly Empress' work so that Niulang and she would not be on separate sides of the galaxy. In the end, she was able to find her way to Earth and she was sure that she had undone her grandmother's work.

Yet the Heavenly Empress could only laugh. She was no weak being. In fact, she was something far greater than a deity. She was both many and one. Her magic would not be undone by one as young and foolish as her granddaughter. The girl might have found her way to Earth, but she would find that even if she crossed paths with Niulang that she would be dissatisfied. By her magic, they were meant to be apart.

Yet for a second time in many millennia, the Empress' heart stirred with pity. However, it was not a pity for her granddaughter. She would feel no pity for a child who would turn to desperation and ally herself with such a treacherous man. Rather, she felt a pity for Niulang Altair, for the celestial was far too good for her child. While his heart ached for Zhinü, he would continue to come to the bridge and wait despite no evidence that his lover was alive.

How foolish children were. Zhinü would surely break his heart, but she could not help wonder if he might grow. After all, the herdsman was far more than he appeared.

Other Attributes

BIOLOGICAL MAKEUP: As a descendent of the Heavenly Empress, Zhinü is biologically a hermaphrodite. Specifically, she has sequential hermaphroditism. As all descendants of the Empress are, Zhinü was born male. However, once he matured, Zhinü biologically changed into a female. Moreover, like any individual of the Heavenly Empress' domain, she does not have to engage in sexual activity to have a child. Rather, she is capable of asexual reproduction.

WEAVER GIRL: While it is something that is no longer required of her, Zhinü possesses the knowledge and ability to "weave" the skies and create clouds. As this is an ability that she was forced to learn and endure without stop for many millennia, she is a master in regards to the ability.

YIN USER: Where Niulang is a Yang user, Zhinü is Yin user. As a deity with this ability, Zhinü possesses a large control over corruption and shadows. She is capable of corrupting things to their very core and manifesting it into physical form. Unfortunately, most of her weaknesses come from her lack of knowledge in regards to Yang magic. As someone with no affinity or teaching in regards to Yang magic, Zhinü often has trouble reversing the corruption she spreads.

Zhinü gains her power from the Vega star and moons. As she has spent so much time within the Milky Way Galaxy, she ironically is dependent upon Earth's moon the most. Due to this, where she is and when it is are quite vital in regards to her powers. She is at her weakest during the Summer Solstice and her strongest during the Winter Solstice.

Despite her age and power, there is still a fair amount that Zhinü still has to learn, as she is a long way from becoming like her grandmother-- someone who is capable of using both Yin and Yang.

ELEMENTS: Zhinü possesses a natural affinity for the Earth element. However, she has learned how to use the Water element due to her grandmother's first punishment. She is weak to the Fire and Air elements.

THE HEAVENLY EMPRESS' PUNISHMENT: Due to Zhinü's meddling, Niulang and Zhinü are technically capable of meeting outside of when they are allowed to in the same vicinity. However, by all rights, the magic surrounding the two will recognize that the two should be apart. As such, the curse will react by disallowing the other's presence in some shape or form, such as disallowing touch or other senses.

Character Connection

Niulang Altair - Lover

This character is open. If you wish to take them, please PM me.

Coded by Ducky for RotB
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