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 Among the Brambles, Open!
 Posted: Aug 9 2017, 03:35 AM
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Things had been especially hectic and busy lately, which for Toothiana was saying quite a lot. The Tooth Fairy had no trouble keeping busy on a regular basis what with baby teeth falling out every day by the hundreds, even thousands. But Pitch and his new allies had also been getting more and more active which meant the Guardians had to be extra alert and on top of all of those regular responsibilities there had been the added work involved with the Masquerade that Manny had decided to host.

Admittedly Tooth had not been too involved in setting it up. She knew a great deal of effort had gone into placing and bolstering the enchantments that kept the Palace secure against violence- and thank goodness for that- but spells had never been her area of expertise. That was more suited to Ombric and his spell books or North and Katherine who had studied under him. And Manny had sent his moonbeams so Toothiana really had only needed to make sure all the arrangements were made for teeth to be collected that night and other minor preparations. But the night itself and after...that was when things had gotten far more complicated. The ball had started out perfectly fine and Toothiana had actually quite enjoyed the rare night off. But then the debacle of the speeches had started. Manny had started to explain the Golden Age only for Pitch to reveal that he had been present the whole time and said his own piece. Fortunately Bunny had been level headed enough despite the surprise to avoid the gathering erupting into complete chaos of panic and confusion. But even his words likely had led to more questions and uncertainty in the minds of some Guardians.

And that was why Toothiana now found herself flying over Siberia, violet eyes scanning the land below. If anyone had questions about the Golden Age, those were better left to Bunny and Sandy but Tooth could certainly reassure them about some of the other matters that Bunny had touched on. So she wanted to check in with other Guardians and see how they were. And since most of them had been in St. Petersburg for the Masquerade she figured staying around Russia would be the best way to make herself available. But there was one place in particular she also wanted to stop in.

Up ahead a massive hedge began to appear on the horizon. The first protective barrier of Santoff Claussen. Tooth did not really expect any of the village's residents to have questions for her. Ombric and Katherine knew the stories of the past well and had centuries of experience with being a Guardian. They knew the complexities of Pitch's past and they knew that they had signed on for a perpetual effort, even if it had not quite felt like a war in those days. Still, she wanted to see that they were doing alright after what had happened and given the village's history as a Guardian stronghold and its relative proximity to where everyone had been Tooth suspected that some other Guardians might be seeking the place out in the hopes of finding answers. As she sped forward the hedge came into a clearer view, impossibly high brambles with thorns like swords made for quite the intimidating entrance. However, any who came with peaceful and unselfish intentions would have no trouble making their way through. And, in Toothiana's case, a pair of wings did make things especially easy to enter. She was just about to pass over the great barrier and head for the village within when a sound from somewhere below caught her attention. Toothiana came to a stop almost immediately, hovering in place as she turned to scan the ground searching the foliage and such for the source of the sound.
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