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 Reactivation, For old characters
 Posted: Aug 7 2017, 12:25 PM
??? • Canadian • Feels • The snowy place

Sometimes, we need to leave for a little while, or put a character or two aside for our own peace of mind - so what to do when you're ready to re-apply that character?

When you are ready to bring back an old character, please post in this thread using the code below. A member of staff will be happy to reactivate your accounts for you!

[b]Character:[/b] [url=LINK TO APP]Character Name - Usergroup[/url]

[b]Plotter:[/b] [url=LINK TO PLOT PAGE]Plotter[/url] (if applicable - you may remake it if you choose)

[b]Threads to Reactivate:[/b] [url=LINK TO THREAD[/url]Title here[/url] (as many as you like)

[b]Claims:[/b] Who's Who, Concepts In Use, Canon List (if applicable)

For claims: Please use the codes found here and fill them out IN THIS POST. Use proper code tags for each.
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