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 Because I Let You, Lori/Skoll
 Posted: Apr 17 2018, 02:17 AM
1300 • Warg • Manipulation • Europe

What doesn't kill me
 might make me kill you.

Like clockwork was Skoll’s routine that, after two weeks, Loretta had become accustomed to it. She was expecting him when Skoll took Loretta from her cell to the training grounds. The way there was long, arduous, and confusing, and the way back a tenfold more each. Every few days the path changed and they would pass through a new set of hallways and rooms. It made it more difficult for his unchained prisoner to find her way to and from the room in which they trained. More importantly, it made Loretta dependent.

They entered the training room, a large expansive space with a vaulted ceiling that shadows and fearlings hid in. The stone was all black, making it easier for those dark creatures to hide away and not catch an eye, but keep an eye on those who dwelled in the space. A lot of the architecture was dilapidated, torn apart by powerful magic and vicious sparring. There was a large hole in the ground in a far corner, laying beside it a fallen column. Several more columns stood tall throughout the room, but some had seen better days, dreading the day they’d be as fallen as the one near the hole. Many times Loretta had been ambushed from a Fearling or an Anti-Guardian tactfully hidden behind the stone. Today, though, there was no one else there, no fearlings, no Anti-Guardians, nothing to ambush Loretta. Skoll continued into the room, his boots slamming against the smooth concrete, the sound reverberating off the walls and tall ceiling. His pace was brisk, leaving the girl behind as he reached the middle of the room and turned suddenly. The warg removed his long, fur cloak, tossing it aside.

“Today,” he started, pulling up the sleeves of his dark undershirt to reveal his massive, powerful arms covered in a blanket of hair, “you will be fighting me.”

Loretta was getting better, a fast as Skoll had hoped, but not as fast as he reasonably thought she would. He’d also expected her to be a little more feisty in battle, to take risks like she had when she’d first been brought to her cell. But, she proved tactful and cautious in battle. Though that was important, it often allowed the opponent to outlast her, as they attacked her and she mostly defended against the attacks. Loretta would be collapsing and her opponent would be standing without a scratch. It was useless. She needed to be pushed into attacking, doing damage. Then, who better than her captor? Skoll was sure she had frustrations to be vented about him, and he planned to bring just that to the surface.


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