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 Walking with angels, Snow <3
 Posted: May 12 2018, 10:33 PM
Unknown • Concept • Balance • Everywhere

I thought that I could rule the world

Little had changed since the conceptual entity took to the earth to wander and experience the war more personally. Change, however, he would prefer. The bleak energy that filled the air was disheartening and unpleasant. But, this close to that sorrowful atmosphere, he had a better understanding of the mood of this war. The Guardians were doing their best to hold steadily against a hopeless fog that clouded them. Despite that, there were pockets of hope that burst more strongly than normal - but, that was the way of hope; in the deepest of despair, it shone the brightest. It was not despair that drove the world to end, but the quiet suffocating gloom. So long as there was a balance of dark and light, and not a horrid cloud of grey, Charles would not touch it. This war did not belong to him.

He did fear, though, for those of his Angels that had become Guardians. Snow, especially, had been erratic of late. Emotionally….she was in a bad place. Largely it centered on her relationships to others, particularly to Caerwyn. He had left word with the redheaded former Angel, but all considered….for as much as he loved his Angels dearly, Charles could not simply spend time with them so freely. Now, though, there was more reason for it; he was already here on Earth, and he could see Snow’s soul in the vastness of this world, still connected to him in a way, brighter than the ghosts of other souls within the world. It would be wise to see to her now, soon after Caerwyn had visited her. He could tell that she was still uneasy.

Charles closed his eyes, allowing himself to focus on dear Snow. His presence shifted, then, his body displacing to an area nearby - but not so close as to startle her; he realized that his sudden apparition tended to startle even his Angels. So instead, he appeared at a distance, walking out from the shadow of a building, lilting breeze carrying the tails of his suit as he walked towards her with a soft smile. ”My dear Margaretha.” he breathed, reaching out a hand. ”It’s been a while.”

@MOMO AHHHH finally starter from dad
 Posted: May 16 2018, 07:35 PM
491 • Archangel/Former Human • Purity • Nomad

If this is as close as I get to heaven Then I won't worry No I won't worry And you know I'm being honest When you go, there's only silence So I won't worry No I won't worry If I fly too close to the sun Please don't shoot me down If I fly too close to the sun If I fly too close to the sun Please don't shoot me down Please don't shoot me down Please don't shoot me down Please don't shoot me down Please don't shoot me down The closer I get I feel your static It's all around me It's all around me, na na And you know I'm being honest When you go, there's only silence So I won't worry
Snow had always been a person who forgave easily, living by the belief that change could not be reached if one did not at least attempt to open their heart to a second chance. Admittedly, she tended to do this too often, offering second chances to individuals who most would deem unworthy of a second chance. However, she was adamant that almost anyone could change. Yet, such openness could often leave others forgetting that while she might try to forgive, she never did forget. Never forgetting often made some faults harder to forgive.

Such had been the case with Caerwyn. Snow liked to think herself far from a fool. She had not forgotten her past. After all, it was quite difficult to do so. Margaretha von Waldeck might have been royalty, but such a privileged life had come with a great deal of pain. It had been a human life she despised and would have traded for even the life of an uneducated peasant if it meant that she could have lived a life where she was far more assured that her parents had actually loved her. Comfort, in her own mind, meant little when the basic necessities for any living creature were taken away.

She was unable to forget that past and it was why she was unable to quickly forgive her brother. She knew Caerwyn had not meant any harm and held his own reasons, but Snow was not someone who would allow others to walk over her once more. She had live one life before that had entirely involved many of those around her believing that she was something to kick to the curb and abandon, someone not worth paying attention. It had turned her into someone colder and somewhere along the way she had come to realize that she was worth more than what others thought she was worth. Perhaps her standards were high, but even love for Caerwyn would not allow her to let him to treat her like less than she was worth.

With the two now departed, she felt heavier, allowing the burden of her emotions and thoughts to lay upon her shoulders. It created a tangible instability around her, as if she was balancing on the edge of a proper balance that left her powers thick enough that it was clear they might flicker to control or chaos at any moment. Personally, she was only glad that she was not near much of anyone at the moment. She doubted that she could have handled the presence of someone else at the moment, particularly if they were toxic.

Snow felt Charles before she saw him, something that she was not entirely sure he was even aware she was capable of doing. It was difficult not to, after all. Where the hearts of tainted beings often made her ill, her father held the unique quality of making her feel more stable. She imagined that it had something to do less with who he was and what he was. Though she was only beginning to understand her powers, it was becoming a bit more apparent to her that her powers relied less upon actual purity and more upon a balance that was tied to it.

She offered a tired smile, one which clearly was a mixture of physical and emotional, and his appearance. "Father," she greeted in return, "You look better than the last we met." Hesitantly, she accepted the hand.


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