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 Hideaway, Post-Masquerade Dork
 Posted: Jun 16 2017, 11:42 AM
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One thing Virginia still remembered from her time being alive: Spend enough time at any ball or banquet, and it will prove to be more exhausting than a social event should ever feel. Most of it was the direct result of constantly interacting with people, many of them strangers, while being aware of one's surroundings, keeping one's poise, and making sure that one kept moving around instead of getting bogged down in any given corner. Eat little, drink with moderation, and stay conscious of avoiding any conversational faux pas.
Having fun was hard work.

In addition to all that, the Masquerade also provided extra obstacles that Lady Stork needed to clear. One was the mystery of masks - one could never know with whom she was having a conversation, and while it was unlikely that any mystery guests were foes, that did not mean she could interact with them as close friends either. Virginia found that she had a hard time guessing identities - even when she knew what (or whom) she was looking for. For example, while she thought she might have caught a glimpse of Douglas over the course of the evening, she could never be sure. She noticed that the fact filled her with a certain amount of disappointment, even frustration. While she did end up having other, decidedly charming, dance and conversation partners, she did miss her... friend.

The other obstacle was her own outfit. She rarely dressed in such revealing things; this time, Desiree was to be blamed for the bold choice that was so out of character (or so she believed) for the Victorian lady that she spent the evening subtly checking to make sure all parts of the dress were still where they needed to be. Luckily, the mask covered most of her face, and with it the occasional blush. Still, with all above things considered, she felt like she was constantly on display.

By the time Moon's speech was over, and guests were beginning to disperse into the late night, Virginia was in sore need of a place where she could be alone. Not that she did not like the Guardians, or was glad that she had been invited to the Masquerade... but now, she needed to take a breath (not an easy feat in the dress), and calm her head a little.
She ended up in the Librarium. It was empty, this late at night, and the familiar smell of books combined with the blessed silence of a reading space had an immediate soothing effect on Virginia. The Librarim was filled with good memories, and provided comfort. She sighed as she walked in, smoothing down her pearl-studded dress, and closed her eyes, leaning against the nearest bookshelf for a moment.

Sometimes, one just needed a moment of quiet.
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