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 Posted: Sep 11 2017, 06:25 PM
13 • Human • Insecurity • North America

Once Upon a Time...
13 Years
Date of Birth:


WEIGHT: 101.0 lbs
HEIGHT: 61.7"
PLAY-BY: Wirt (otgw) Genderbend Cosplay

Willa is a young girl with pale skin. She has got freckles all over her face by the zone of the nose and cheeks. Her eyes are blue. Her nose is little and her lips are thin. Her hair is brown and long to her waist, also wavy.

She wears a white shirt and grey skirt, usually. But as she got lost in the woods the 31th of october of 2025, she may still wear her Halloween costume. It consists of the same skirt and shirt said before, a "gnome hat" (in fact it's just a Christmas hat without the fuzz) and a dark blue cape from the Second World War.

The Interview

Willa was nervous, sure she was. She has a low self-esteem and this often made her feel insecure about herself, her actions or about her words. But she was already at the door, with her shirt and skirt, biting her lips as the words flooded her mind. "Should I enter or...Yeah, maybe wait here." So, she waited by the door for the woman who called her that morning. Willa remainded patient, she didn't have a watch anyways, so she couldn't check time. She only had to wait. And for about 30 minutes she did, until a blonde woman stared at her with serious sight. At first Willa blinked repiteadly, she didn't know what the interviewer looked like, so she thought that the woman may had mistaken her for another girl, (maybe smarter and more beautiful than herself). But then, the interviewer sighed and Willa chuckled. The woman told her to please follow her in, and Willa smiled shy and invited her to walk before herself.

What is your name? Who chose it?

Willa still was a bit shy, so she chuckled and looked at her legs, it was a gesture she often did, specially when she was shy. But the woman didn't seem to have time for things like that, for behaviour like hers, so Willa looked at her and talked, with a smile. "My name is Willa, and it was given to me by my mother and my step-father." She didn't have problems speaking about her step-father, as she went through this long ago. She knew that things like those happen all the time, so she wasn't worried. Willa is realistic.

What are you - are you mortal or immortal?

As I said, she's realistic, so Willa's face showed she was confused, but she still responded, guessing she didn't have an option and she didn't want to get in trouble. "I am mortal..." said Willa, weirded out. Why was the woman asking such questions? It was clear, she couldn't be the one with powers, she was just an ordinary girl.

Tell us about your family.

She knew how to answer that one. "Just talk a bit about Greta and about mother and step-father, and done..." Willa smiled at the woman and said, "I have a sister called Greta. She's 10 years old and so funny. She often gets me in trouble, and she can be nervous and... talkative..." Willa loved Greta, but as Willa is more serious than her sister, she argued with her sometimes. But they love each other. "We're related because my mom remarried and gave birth to her with my step-dad." She smiled and shruged, not knowing what more to say as she thought about something else to tell about her family. "My mom is kind and I love her. She has a good sense of humor and she knows how to bake the best cookies in the world." Willa's step-dad separated from her mother a long time ago, and she got to see him and Greta when they came on holidays, and sometimes on special days when the girls made plans to meet each other in secret. (Greta was the one who usually made the plans; Willa's little sister always got her sister to show her childish side ). Willa didn't love her step-father as much as she loved her mother.

What would you normally wear to work?

She looked at her outfit. That's what she usually wore for school, she didn't worry too much about what she wore and she shruged when it came to critics. "I use to wear... this..." Willa said, looking at her outfit and pointing at it. She looked back at the woman and she gave her a look that told Willa she didn't care that she wore poor and unfashioned clothes. Willa pursed lips.

What do you like the most about your appearance?

Willa thought a lot. She didn't like anything about her appearence, I mean, she didn't have anything special. But not to make the woman wait too much, she answered something at random: "I love my hair... it's wavy and... yeah..." This had been a lie, but the interviewer smiled and continued to ask the next question as Willa looked at the cieling, pretending to be distracted.

Do you have any hidden talents?

Willa smiled as she looked back at the woman when she asked the question. The brown-haired girl thought about that time she wrote poems and played the clarinet for Sam, a boy from her class who seemed to be interested in Jay Funderberker, the girl Willa hated for spending time holding hands with Sam. Willa has a clear crush on Sam. "I think I can play the Clarinet well, or at least not so so bad... You know. And I enjoy writing... poems. Heh." She said, with a shy smile full of insecurity.

What are your shortcomings? Be honest.

"My shortcomings..." The problem of that question was that she had a lot of shortcomings. Willa couldn't just think of one of them, she had to say all of them, (and that was a lot of negative qualities...) Willa sees the world in a negative way, and so does she see herself. "All of this is wrong..." she said, pointing at her whole person.

Would you say the glass is half-empty or half-full?

At first did she sigh, remembering Greta telling her that she had to be positive. But Willa wasn't, and so was the answer: "Half-empty". This response showed the woman that Willa was negative, though she already showed negativity through earlier answers. Willa then looked away as the woman took note of her words.

If you could time-travel, where would you go?

Willa bit the inside of her cheek, the right one, and looked at the cieling, thinking of an answer. She remembered when she let Greta take the tape and give it to Sam, so she stared back at the woman and smiles. "I would to when my sister gave the tape to Sam and ruined it, so we got lost... It's complicated. If she never gave it away, we wouldn't had gotten lost, so it's her fault."

Do you believe in God?

She then, looked firmly at the woman and chuckled before answering, "I didn't believe in Guardians or anything alike before getting into the woods, so I think I may believe in God since then... I mean, it's nothing different, right? If there are guardians, why won't there be a God?"

When's the last time you cried?

"The last time I cried was when my sister and we got mad at each other and decided to take diferent paths through the woods... Then, I lost sight of her and I got sad and angry with myself because I let her go. I had been stupid then. That's when I cried." She said, before letting out a sigh. She was still blaming herself about that.

Do you have any fond childhood memories?

Willa smiled and eventually forgot the feeling of the last question, but she still had a melancolic voice. "I loved when Greta and I made plans to see each other in secret. We had to meet in secret because our parents didn't like to see us together, I have no clue why I still don't. We planned on meeting each other at Mrs. Daniels' house and convince her to let us come indoor when our parents were close and it was so much fun. She offered us candy and made cookies, though she doesn't make cookies as well was my mother." She smiled with that last phrase.

Would you eat food after it had fallen on the floor?

answer here

What is the key to life?

answer here

Have you ever been in love?

answer here

What's your biggest pet peeve? And conversely, what makes you the most content?

answer here

Describe the most nerve-wracking or frightening thing you've ever seen, done, or thought about.

answer here

What do people think you are like after knowing you for five minutes? And then after five years?

answer here

Tell us about the highest and lowest points of your life.

answer here

Describe yourself in five words.

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Please describe all abilities that your character has, be as detailed as possible and include weaknesses here as well.

All humans possess the ‘Power of Belief’, as demonstrated by RotG. [Note: the Power of Belief does not affect the character in any way, but rather is an invisible tool used by humans to affect those they believe in.]

Abilities should be well thought out, clearly explained and balanced with both pros and cons, unless it is intrinsically cannon. This section is reviewed on a case-by-case basis and subject to revision at the staff's discretion.

Other Attributes

What can I say? Willa is a cynical girl, that means that she acts in a brazenly and selfishly way. She's the kind of person who prefers to be alone and do things her own way, without minding people's opinions. This often gets her into trouble.

About the Author...

PREFERRED CONTACT:PM/Discord (Winter#8052).

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