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 Claire Vivianne LeRoux, MORTAL | BAZAAR
 Posted: Jun 19 2017, 07:18 PM
31 • Human • Impulsive • N/A

Once Upon a Time...
Claire Vivianne LeRoux
31 Years
Date of Birth:


WEIGHT: 138lbs
HEIGHT: 5❜07❞

Born with a genetic mutation, Claire is albino. Her skin is paler, her hair lacks pigment, and her eyes are a bloody red. As such, she has spent much of her time out of the sun, especially when she was younger. She keeps her hair long, since she doesn’t make port when she doesn’t need to. When she does, she doesn’t tend to busy herself with personal grooming, so her hair tends towards the small of her back. To keep it out of the way, Claire occasionally braids her hair in one large braid down her back. Her physique is on the muscular side. As a woman who loves to do everything herself and prove others that she is more than capable, Claire makes sure she is in proper shape to do so. It’s often hidden underneath her uniform, however, so it isn’t abruptly clear that she has much physical strength at her disposal.

In most cases, Claire will be seen wearing her typical uniform for the Vanguard. A crimson jacket lined with white and gold trimming. Black pads on the shoulders and cuffs to match. White gloves adorn her hands while black slacks and boots cover her legs and feet. Beneath the jacket, Claire wears a white tank top. Should Claire be out of uniform, she doesn’t appear much differently. She still prefers formalwear. She wears jackets with slacks and dress shoes, sometimes going so far as to wear a collared shirt and tie underneath the jacket. Claire has imposed a standard of excellence on her appearance as a captain, taking precautions to not be seen as “eye candy” or anything less than the strong backbone of the Vanguard.


Charisma. The second most prominent feature of the captain of the Vanguard. Leadership was born into her blood. Perhaps it is her passion and dedication to her work that brings others to follow her, or perhaps it is her kindheartedness and sweet smile that attract others. Whatever it is, people want to follow her. She doesn't stand down in the face of dire situations and leads her crew onward even if it should be her last breath. Even in retreat, she shows grace and leadership that will make the crew work for her no matter what. Overall, her presence is very well known, even in meeting new people.

When putting her mind to something, Claire will not fall short of that task unless she's dead. She takes her work seriously and others' requests seriously. To her, there's no reason to put your effort towards something you are going to half-ass. She was brought up with an important job in front of her, so she has not particularly experienced a situation where the needs were not dire. This determination is usually denoted by a firm grip and tug on her uniform before walking or saying something. A physical tic that has become very useful to the members of her crew. Additionally, this determination has made some competitive games difficult. Not all the time, but occasionally, Claire can get very aggressively competitive.

Despite the power of her charisma and the serious determination of this woman, Claire is friendly. Stressful events aside, she's incredibly personable and supportive of those around her. Growing up in an environment where she was told what she could and couldn't do as well as how and how not to do those things, Claire's an advocate for freeing people from these same bindings. She cares for the well beings of others. While her ship is a combat vessel, any injured crew members of her opponents are taken in like kin and get the medical attention they need before they are given the option to support her cause or be ransomed off. While harsh sounding, the prisoners of war are clothed and fed like regular crew members.

If her past has anything to show for it, Claire is impulsive. Perhaps her most prominent feature of her personality, the albino woman can't help but feel like she has something to prove. After being fired for her minor injury, and being told that she could do no more than teach for the rest of her career, Claire will act on anybody taking words against her. Call her a baby for not jumping off the waterfall? She'll give you an ear-full before jumping before you get a chance to reply. Any question of her character, or any situation that may arise, Claire is likely to take action. It's been rumored that her crew has gone years without meeting a familiar port due to her impulsive nature to act on everything she sees.

This impulsive nature has left Claire very malleable. The things you say and do to her will stew in her mind for a long time, often changing behaviors or actions. She takes criticisms very seriously, but they may not always go the way you think. Statements may change her view away from one perspective or cause self reflection into a cemented agreement on her view. This isn't to mean that she is unsure of what she believes in, nor that she flip flops on her perspectives frequently, but instead it means that she is willing to take everything into account, including things she harshly disagrees with.

Emotions are best worn on the sleeve, at least in the eyes of Claire Vivianne LeRoux. Finding that it takes much more effort than necessary to conceal emotions, Claire shows them freely. Her crew knows exactly when she's frustrated or when she's bubbly. She doesn't beat around the bush with the "We'll discuss this at a later time," act, but rather expresses her full disappointment or enjoyment in the moment itself. Of course, this lends itself to having Claire's reactions to what others say or do very out in the open. If she finds something you say offensive or laughable, she will show that up front. This doesn't make for the easiest conversations, but it does show that she isn't hiding much when it comes to her emotions.

Other Information

Claire is a straight female that has not shown much attention to her romantic or sexual life. Unfortunately for her, her many experiences with men have left her overall disinterested until somebody proves her wrong about those experiences not being the norm for mankind.
Claire's mantra is "Don't forget to Die." She believes many go through life trying to do so many things or occupy themselves to no end that they could, in essence, forget to die. Many of these people feel scared, regret, or disappointment upon their demise, but those that remember to die remember how to live. There's not much to regret when you view everything in the perspective of death always being present. What happens happens and what's done is done. Don't busy yourself to the point of having no time to relax. Don't forget to enjoy the time we have on this earth. Don't forget to die.
Despite that mantra, Claire has some motion to her at all times. Whether her fingers are drumming, her toe is tapping, her thumb is rubbing against the knuckle of the other, Claire always finds a way to keep herself moving. She doesn't do "still" well, and she knows it. Her crew aren't fond of it as they never stay at a port for more than a day and a half.

Pillage Theory: Claire believes in the pillage theory: if you pillage, but are not capable of holding onto that loot, then you don't deserve it. Whether you defend it forcefully or by hiding it, as long as you leave the encounter with the loot, then it's yours rightfully. Most of Claire's money is made through this method. She encounters pirates and pillagers in ports and on the seas, taking their loot from them and returning the goods for a pretty penny, or just keeping a good amount for herself. Does that make her a pirate too? She's not really sure she cares.


ENTERPRISE D-3B Chief Engineer's Log: June 28th, 1994
Good morning. With my daughter on the way, I thought I would start documenting her life and perhaps some of the things on the ship as well. She's due in about a week or so now, or so the doctor has said. At this point, any moment could be the moment. But perhaps, since I don't know too much about her, I should outline our ship a bit. I'm the Chief Engineer of the Enterprise D-3B: an exploration vessel that hails from the great country of Belgium. We're a Hydrographic vessel mapping out the deeper sections on the ocean that we previously did not have the power to do. Now that our mapping equipment and sub-pods have gotten quite significantly stronger, we're going to be taking our time through the Atlantic mapping in detail the geography of the sea floor and mapping the currents.

ENTERPRISE D-3B Chief Engineer’s Log: July 9th, 1994
My daughter was born today. I haven’t seen her yet, Jean-Paul, our doctor, took her in the other room to make sure everything is going to be okay. I’m beyond excited, and just as scared. While Amélie and I were trying for a child, now that it has happened, I’m not sure what to do! It’s something so life changing, maybe not something I’m ready for, but by God, I’ll do everything in my power for my little girl. There were a few names we had picked out for her. Vivianne will be in there, since her grandmother has had that name passed down through all the generations of her daughters. Likely, we won’t be going for that as a first name, but Amélie has that same middle name. But what sounds good with that kind of name? Blank Vivianne LeRoux. Charlotte? Thérèse? Pauline? Claire? Oh, that last one I like quite a bit. Hopefully she looks like a Claire. Claire Vivianne LeRoux, the newest crew member aboard the Cavalier. Ah, here comes Jean-Paul now. Time to finally see my daughter!

ENTERPRISE D-3B Chief Engineer’s Log: July 10th, 1994
Jean-Paul is still working with Claire. Yes, Amélie and I did decide on that name. But he said there are some things to be careful of from a few of his health tests. He’s just taking some extra precautions to make sure she’ll be healthy. Being on the ship at all times, I can only praise Jean-Paul for his due diligence on this matter, and his efficiency. If only I had some men with his work ethic and passion down in the engine room. Amélie is doing well. She’s getting some much-deserved rest. She’s such a wonderful woman that I’m beyond lucky to have in my life. The captain, however, will be glad to have his Quartermaster back. Things have gotten a bit hairy on board since Amélie had to take her leave from work, but I think we managed.

ENTERPRISE D-3B Chief Engineer’s Log: August 23rd, 1994
It’s been a while since I’ve written in my log. I’ve been so busy between Claire and my work that I can’t seem to find the time to collect my thoughts. My daughter is doing alright. She was born with a defect that gives her pale skin, faded hair color, and red eyes. Jean-Paul called it albinism. He said we shouldn’t bring her out in the sun unless she’s well covered, but that is alright with me. Hell, I hardly see the sun anyhow since I’m always down in the engine room. And, you know, I’ve had the best of luck so far keeping her quiet down here. It’s like the engine purring puts her to sleep. She really is like me. Daddy’s little girl, loving engines, and smiling the way she does when whistles blow, buzzers whir, and lights flash. To her, this must be like some kind of game. If only she’d grow up to be like her old man and tend to engines like me.

ENTERPRISE D-3B Chief Engineer’s Log: February 18th, 1997
My little girl is speaking to me so much. Man, once kids start to learn how to talk, they really do become quite the chatter boxes. Not that I mind, of course. She’s pointing to things that are down here in the engine room and naming them off as best as my crew. Sure, it took me a long time to get her to say “wrench” rather than “wench,” but she did come around. The boys still found it funny as all hell that she was calling things wenches. I just wanted my little baby to know what she was talking about. Hell, I bet by the time she’s ten years old, she’ll be the one telling me how to fix an engine. But anyways, it’s about time that I send her back to her mummy. Amélie isn’t too fond on me bringing her down below deck so often into such a noisy place, but with her albinism and the way she giggles at the dings and clanks, I can’t keep her out of here. Besides, it's not how things used to be. Research ships like these are plenty safer than when we were younger. She's practically in no danger. Practically.

ENTERPRISE D-3B Chief Engineer’s Log: May 1st, 2005
What did I tell you? Ten years old, she’d be, and she could practically take this whole engine apart and put it back together better than it was. Why just the other week, she was watching me scratch my head over the busted coupling and overclocked breaker, and I just see a pair of tiny hands holding onto a set of wires and alternators. “We have to avert the power on the coupling so we don’t burn out the circuit, Daddy. If we wire in this alternator, we can control the level of power running through it a bit better. A messy fix, but at least it keeps us going until we get a better one!” What dad wouldn’t be proud to hear their daughter say something like that. Pretty soon, Amélie can’t get mad at her for being down here since she’s practically a member of my crew. I’ll just suggest they pay her, and then we’re all set.

ENTERPRISE D-3B Chief Engineer’s Log: August 29th, 2009
I’ve discussed a few things with my daughter, and it seems like she’s got her mind set on what she wants to do with the ship. It’s not in the engine room, which does put a damper on things, in my opinion, but she’s reaching out to do bigger things. At fifteen years old, she’s looking to see what she can do to become captain. It took me a little while to explain to her what kinds of duties she would have as captain, but more so how she couldn’t just become one without moving up the ranks steadily and working for it. Even if she just happened upon the job, she’d be better off if she had the experience getting up to that point. Since it’s what she wants to do, I believe she’ll be spending more time with Amélie to start learning the ropes. I’m going to hate spending less time with her though, so hopefully, she comes back to visit often.

ENTERPRISE D-3B Chief Engineer’s Log: September 8th, 2009
It’s only been a couple weeks since Claire told me she wanted to be captain, and already some things have gotten in her way, namely her gender. Sure, Amélie has risen to be the Quartermaster, but there has never been a female captain among our people, not even on explorative ships like ourselves. She came back down to engineering crying with her head in her hands. Apparently, some of our crew had scoffed at her and told her to head back to the cabin to “do whatever girls do.” She even went to the captain, and while a bit gentler, he did tell her that becoming captain would be impossible. Even if he were to pass, Amélie would only be acting captain until we docked and received new placements and crew. It’s a bit harsh, and I’ve not seen her cry like this in a long time. I’m going to see what I can do to help her out, maybe speak to the captain about this. In the meantime, we’re going to make some blueprints for some crazy ship designs like we used to.

ENTERPRISE D-3B Chief Engineer's Log: October 11th, 2009
I put some time into looking at our history a bit over the course of the last month to see what I can do to hopefully boost Claire's confidence. Taking a look, I found that we as a Belgian ship, our navy and such has been in and out of service over the past two hundred years or so. Only after the Cold War between the United States and the Soviet Union did we really keep much of a military force under control. But we're not really a military ship. Unfortunately, things like us aren't well documented. From what I've seen, there's no clear rule on women not being able to hold positions as captain on ships, but more so that they've never really risen to that point. In fact, we're documented as having all roles equally open to both sexes. Perhaps these men are just stuck in their ways? Or perhaps there's something a bit more going on here.

ENTERPRISE D-3B Chief Engineer’s Log: January 1st, 2013
As the year turns around once again, it makes me think about how Claire’s already 18 years old. Can you imagine? Just a small while ago, I can recall her sitting in a blanket staring at all the buzzers and buttons in engineering. Then, as she was getting older, we drew some funny little blueprints. Why, one of her favorite ones to keep refining was a flying ship, a combat one at that. While she never has even seen one before, she always drew them like in the stories: wooden with large sails and cannons all around. A huge flag on the top of the mast, people manning this flying machine as if it were on water, with some energy disposing oars that kept the ship in the air. Some crazy solar sails. Ah, I’ll always remember how the blueprint looked. Speaking of which, I haven’t seen it in quite a while. It's got to be down here somewhere. Maybe I had hung it up in my room somewhere. I’m sure it'll show up.

ENTERPRISE D-3B Chief Engineer’s Log: April 11th, 2015
Outrageous! They’re sending her off to another ship! Sure, she’s working over there as a head engineer, which is fantastic. Just like I wanted her to do, but can you believe this? They’re taking my little girl away from me. She’s only 20 years old. When’s the last time you’ve seen a twenty-year-old walking around bossing people about and actually being taken seriously? What if those men over there take advantage of her? What if they harass her like they did for so long here? There’s no arguing with the boss though. Orders from the higher ups are just as they are: orders. I’ll just have to talk to Claire, and make sure she’s ready for the task at hand. Make sure she’s prepared for the things that she will encounter, both as part of the ship and crew. We’ll have to keep in touch. I’m going to miss having her around so much.

ATLAS C-1D Chief Engineer’s Log: July 18th, 2015
My father kept a log every day on board the Enterprise, so I thought that since I have the same job as him, I would keep the same kind of log. I’m not sure exactly what he wrote in this, but I’d think it was mostly things to remind him of what happened on that day. Not much has happened yet today; we actually haven’t left the harbor yet. Once we finish the provisional checks in all departments, we’ll be setting off. The Atlas is a bit different than the Enterprise in the means that it is meant for combat should the situation arise, while the Enterprise was much more...low key? We’re a bit more heavily armed in case situations arise while we are at sea, but for the most part, the engine room looks the same. I’m going to miss having my dad to lean on for questions though. Skipping from working under him to leading another ship’s engineering was a big step. But like Dad always said, work your way up from what you’re given. Maybe I’ll get to Quartermaster like my mother. And maybe I’ll……

ATLAS C-1D Chief Engineer’s Log: December 4th, 2017
For the past two years, this has been such a powerful experience for me. Most of my logs are uneventful and boring, having to do with caring for the ship, but it’s really been amazing. I’ve been all over the world, top to bottom, East to West, land or sea. Well, mostly sea. We’ve made port a few times, but I stay on board for the most part. I should make sure operations are ready for when we leave. The captain’s told me more than once to get a breath of fresh air and enjoy myself for the few days we make port, and I do, to some extent. I usually visit a restaurant or two over the course of our stay, but I get too stressed about the ship not being ready that I don’t stick around long. I eat and leave. But when I don’t have work to do, I continue working on a project I have on the side. My dad and I made it up back when I was younger, and hopefully I can make something of it soon!

ATLAS C-1D Chief Engineer’s Log: March 11th, 2018
Today’s not been a good day. I always dreamed of being on a combat ready ship, but we’re barely combat ready. We certainly weren’t today. A group of pirates held us at gunpoint and took everything we had. I stepped forward to try and disarm one of them, only to get a nice hole in my shoulder. Marco, our doctor, has been tending to me all day, making sure that I can keep it healthy enough after it heals. Anyways, they took most everything we had for food and money on board. They even took the prints I made with Dad. Luckily for me, I have then memorized at this point, but hopefully they make nothing of it. Damn, my shoulder hurts though. It’ll be an early night and a relaxed few shifts coming up. Well, presuming I can let myself.

ATLAS C-1D Chief Engineer’s Log: April 2nd, 2018
I’ve just about got full range of motion. Just about. Hopefully, the scar tissue comes down a bit so I can use my dominant arm again. I can tell you for a fact that my job has been suffering a bit. I know what to tell people to do, but I can’t show them how it’s done very well. The captain is going to be meeting with me later today, and I’m going to be explaining the situation to him. With any luck, I’ll be given an extra hand down in the engine room on prime hours of need. It has been rough without my set of hands to help my boys out. I also keep getting looks from them, like they are mad at me that I’m not helping. I don’t blame them, and I know they’re not meaning it, but it still is there. With time, this will be fixed.

ATLAS C-1D Chief Engineer’s Log: April 3rd, 2018
I’ve been honorably discharged from the Atlas. To use his words, my knowledge would be better suited elsewhere as we need more hands than brains on this ship. He suggested I take up time at the academy to teach people how to become engineers on the ship. He said that would be a “suitable place” for a person like me. I can’t decide whether to be flattered that he believes I have the knowledge to teach others, or insulted since he thinks that is all I am good for. A brain to teach hands to work, when my own hands can’t. I’ll show him what I am good for. I’ll show him that I have brains, hands, and stronger leadership than he does. I’ll finish my project from my father, and then he’ll see. Everybody…everywhere will see.

ATLAS C-1D Chief Engineer’s Log: October 31st, 2021
Finally, it’s done. Three years later, I’ve finished my project. My limited motion didn’t stop me, and it won’t ever. It’s been a long time coming father, but I’ve finally made it. The Vanguard is complete, and now I need somebody to captain it. No, I shall captain it to stick it to all those nay sayers. I’ll be the best captain the world has ever seen, and people will tell stories about me. I will be the greatest ship in the world, and I’ll become notorious…from the skies themselves!

Oh, and happy Halloween!


Power of Belief: As a human, Claire possesses the power of belief, in which she can affect those around her inadvertently. She is a woman of engineering, so magic is odd to her, however she wouldn’t completely count it out. Instead, she would try to understand how it worked on a physical level, and then try to replicate it through her designs and inventions.

Sixth Time’s the Charm: Within Claire’s revolver, there are six bullets. If an instance arrives in which she has missed all five of her previous shots, Claire will close her eyes a moment and take a breath before firing. The sixth bullet will always hit its target to some degree. It will do more than just graze the target, but may not do any considerable damage should the shot still be poor. Many have told her that the third time’s the charm, but not in her experience.

Volley Fire: With the toss of a white stone, about the size of a hand grenade, Claire cues her ship to fire upon a 10-meter radius around the stone with cannon fire. Three waves of six shots are launched over the duration of thirty seconds. Miraculously, the shots never seem to hit Claire, even if she’s within the radius. After the volley is complete, it will be at least an hour before the ship is prepared to do a long-range attack once again.

Precision and Grace: Claire moves and fights with precision and grace. She always seems to have sure footing, especially when on the Vanguard. Her strikes are carefully aimed at places that will disarm or disable the opponent the quickest.

Mental Quickness: After being shot the first time, Claire didn’t want that to happen again. She underwent training and focus to become quick when it came to projectiles. Whether it be slow like an arrow, or fast as a bullet, Claire has an increased chance of dodging it, or perhaps even cutting it in two with her cutlass.

Other Attributes

The Courier: The Courier is Claire’s six-shot revolver, named since it’s known to deliver a message. Designed by the captain herself, the Courier sets in a digiholster on her right side. With the flick of her wrist, it can fly to her hand.

Blink: Claire’s cutlass, aptly named since it’s drawn in the blink of an eye. After her injury, Claire designed a digital holster that bears no weight on her body and transports the blade into her hand upon command. Blink is her choice weapon in close quarters combat.

The Vanguard: Claire’s self-designed, self-constructed airship. Taking on the visual qualities of a classic “pirate ship” from the days of Blackbeard, the Vanguard’s solar sails keep it powered as it soars though the air. The primary use for lift on the vessel are what Claire calls Blasters, a series of solar powered air jets that utilize superheated air, and helium buoys. Initial lift isn't a speedy process, but once the Vanguard takes to the skies, it is fast. The oars use the same kind of blasters to propel forward as well as the sails themselves. Upon the masts, there are propellers that help to mechanically keep the engine running and boost power in low light situations.

The ship has been widely confused for some blimp in the sky, since its shape is difficult to see from the ground. Others think it is something more along the lines of a UFO. The superheated air that comes from the jets accompanied by the technology used on the solar sails distorts any images taken, and obstructs clear view. Some fanatics are witch hunting for the flying ship, trying to prove its existence, while others completely deny it as some crazy theory.

About the Storyteller...


Coded by Ducky for RotB
 Posted: Jun 26 2017, 11:33 PM
??? • Canadian • Feels • The snowy place


So I think my favourite thing about this app was just how you chose to write it? I've always been a fan of unique ways of telling the character's history and doing it through "log entries" is a great way to show off a naval officer. I'm seriously excited to see her and her ship rockin around, I do love me some pirates and that skyship aesthetic and this has both of those.

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