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 ENOCH, Creature / Splendiferous
 Posted: Jun 1 2018, 06:02 PM
OLD • Demon • Desire • Hell

Once Upon a Time...
Was around before you smelly humans, gosh
Predominantly male, but wouldn’t mind shifting into a female form
Fallen angel / demon


WEIGHT: Varies, usually an average build
HEIGHT: Usually average
PLAY-BY: Fable / Reaver Art credit for small avatar Art credit for big one

Vanity is the name of the game for this particular demon. He presents himself with a confident air, is normally seen with a smirk upon his face, and a perfectly groomed image that only enhances his natural beauty. Though the framework tends to stay the same when it comes to his appearance, he can and will alter a few things along the way, based on how his tastes adapt over time. He might run around with deep blue eyes for a number of years, for instance, only to swap inexplicably to chestnut brown to compliment his usually brown hair. To try to understand the inner machinations of his mind is to lose yourself to hours of internal preening and compliments he directs at himself, so it’s best to just accept it for what it is, and let him be himself.

Clothing likewise is subject to his fickle, ever changing tastes. Presently, he tends to prefer finer clothing, such as suits made out of fancy fabrics, and the occasional fancy top hat to complete his dapper look. Some days he may opt to bring a cane along, while others he might accessorize with an ornate pistol. If he ever has both with him at once, know that he’s feeling particularly fancy that day, and is probably in a very good mood as a result. Just don’t compliment him on his appearance unless you want to deal with the repercussions of stoking the flames of his ego further. He really, really doesn’t need it. He does that enough for himself.

The Interview

TW: thar be f-bombs below, and sexual connotations

There was nothing in the world more perplexing than a mortal expressing pride in themselves over successfully summoning one such as himself. Or, at least, he was pretty sure that was an expression of pride that the mortal was wearing. It was difficult to tell, what with all the damned binding and protective spells that the mortal had prepared before summoning him. To their credit, they’d done a good job! He sure as fuck couldn’t move, which meant that it was likely that the spells could securely bind other individuals like him. So, if they pulled this stunt again, they could rest assured that their next angry target wouldn’t be able to break out and kill them.

They weren’t in any danger from him specifically, but that was beside the point. Good workmanship was good workmanship! And if he didn’t already know that it’d go to the mortal’s head, he’d compliment them on thi--you know what, he was gonna go ahead and do just that anyway.
“Nice warding spells.” His compliment was coupled with an appraising whistle as his eyes flicked between the various magical symbols that held the ward in place, each of them glittering ominously in the air. “A bit flashy and thoroughly unnecessary, but exquisitely crafted. Haven’t seen anything like this from a human in a damn long while. Which, uh, begs the question...why, exactly, did you set all this up again?” His attention shifted back to the featureless, mortal blob before him (no doubt some sort of illusionary trick to protect their identity, another precaution that he could applaud), but received no answer to his question.
Instead, he got a question. Fuckin’ rude.

What is your name? Who chose it?

“Come again?” He lifted his eyebrows, hoping against hope that he’d heard them wrong. Surely they didn’t think it was THAT easy, did they? That they could just...summon up a demon and ASK them what their name was? Sure, he’d give them credit for the defensive spells that they’d set up, but they’d need more than just one little mortal blob to compel that sort of answer out of anyone. “What’s my-what’s my name? THAT’S what you summoned me from Hell to hear? Fuck.” He heavily exhaled and sagged against the magical restraints, clucking his tongue in a rhythmic tut-tut manner. This was why it was poor form to compliment humans so early on; they always inevitably proved to him that they were, in fact, giant idiots. “I can’t believe you’ve done this. I had such high hopes, and you’ve dashed them against the metaphorical rocks of disappointment and despair. They’re itty bitty shreds that used to be hope. Are you proud of yourself?”

His snark received no visible response, and the blob continued to stand there, watching him--judgingly. Fuckin’ prick. “...Enoch. It’s Enoch.” His disparaging admittance came with a theatrically dramatic sigh, and his tone continued on with a melancholic air as he elaborated more. “I gave it to myself. Happy now?” Of course, it wasn’t his real name, but they hadn’t specified on that one, to be fair! Besides, it was funnier to give out this name to anyone who asked. He could practically see the little wheels in their human brain churning as they...thought nothing of his response, apparently, and conjured up another equally pointless question to pose to him.

What are you - are you mortal or immortal?

“Are you joking? ...of course you aren’t.” At least Enoch knew one thing; he could safely give up on putting forth any sort of effort into this shit. He was in a hell far worse than the Hell he’d been dragged from; he was in some sort of job interview being conducted by a blob or some such shit. And chances were, he wasn’t even going to get good benefits here!
“Right then. Immortal, I suppose. I can be killed on the mortal plane, but! Do that, and~” He emphasised his next point by making a popping noise with his lips, and...doing nothing with his hands because they were restrained by mystical chains of fuck you apparently. Ah well, the mortal was hurting no one but themselves by denying him the ability to talk with his hands. He liked to think he was quite entertaining. “I just poof back into Hell, perfectly fine as though nothing ever happened. ‘Course, means I’m stuck in Hell until I can get back out again, but I’m not dead.”

Tell us about your family.

...that was quick. They weren’t even waiting for pauses between questions now, were they? Pft. Probably wanted to...keep good momentum going or whatever. As if rapidly asking multiple questions in a row was a guaranteed way of earning cooperation. Remind him again how often that tactic worked with excitable children and their parents? Yeah. He didn’t think it was a very good one to bank on. “Dysfunctional. Extremely dysfunctional. I’m curious about that us bit you mentioned, however; are there more of you interrogating other unfortunate souls such as myself? Is this some sort of bizarre punishment for straying from the Almighty’s light? Or are you going to ignore anything I say if it isn’t relevant in any way to your inquiries, and thus completely disregard my own questions?”

What do you like the most about your appearance?

“...thought as much.” Enoch rolled his eyes, and completely sagged against the magical bindings that kept him trapped in this damned place. The strain from hanging in the air and the occasional spark from the bindings did hurt, but they were welcome distractions from the mediocrity that was presented to him here. If they thought to play up his vanity, then they were absolutely correct in assuming that he’d take the bait they’d tossed to him. That didn’t mean he was happy about it, though! He KNEW what they were up to! He just...didn’t particularly care if he caved and gave them what they wanted as a result.

“I’d have to say I’m quite fond of the whole package deal. It’s not as though I HAVE to live with any sort of minor imperfection; if I don’t like something about myself, I change it.” He peered across at his magically bound arms, then down to his bound legs, the sight of which caused him to frown. Ugh, arms out to the side and legs planted firmly beneath him. Booooooring. “You’re ruining the look, by the by. If you MUST chain me up, at least take full advantage and flaunt my assets. It’d make matters far more entertaining and interesting for the both of us.”

Silence, demon. Do you have any hidden talents?

Those two words. Those two deliciously damning words caused Enoch to snap to attention. He jerked his head back up, and stared towards the mortal blob. He...was gonna be honest. He hadn’t really heard the question that the human had posed to him. Nonono, he was focused on the direct retort he’d FINALLY received. Pfeh, why WAS it that prudes seemed to love summoning demons? Surely they expected some sexual remarks? If they didn’t like it, they shouldn’t summon demons!
...nor should they be summoning demons in general, if they were in any way concerned for their health, but that rarely seemed to bother humans. Something something lack of self-preservation and feeling immortal. Humans were perplexing. Ohohohoho~ so you ARE listening to me! I was beginning to wonder if this was some bizarre automated process that’d been set up at the behest of...someone who likes to fill up index cards of pointless trivia. There are better questions to ask than the ones you’ve been posing. I fail to see how any knowledge you’re gaining here will be beneficial to you or your benefactor in the long run.”

Just answer the question, demon.

Oh this was delightful. They really WERE losing their cool! It was dreadful, he knew it, but he couldn’t help but continue to tweak them further. Even if it ended with him being sealed away for several thousands of years, he’d at least have the fond memories of the mortal’s temper snapping to reflect upon during that time.

By now, a grin dominated Enoch’s expression, and mischief danced within his eyes. Provided the human could see him even if he couldn’t see them all that clearly, they’d no doubt know that he was through with playing their little game. They should’ve known better than to slip up as they had! “I’ll do you one better; I’ll give you useful information. Now then, when it comes to chain placement, you really should--”

What are your shortcomings? Be honest.

Enoch lost it when the mortal interrupted him. He could hear the desperation within their plea, the emphasis and quiet squeak that had sounded on the very final syllable that they had uttered. And though he was presently a giggling mess, he at least HAD heard the question this time around. Awwh, the poor dear. They really ought to know that they might earn a bit more cooperation if they were accommodating to their interviewee! It wasn’t as though he was asking for anything major. Just a minor adjustment in how the chains bound him, that’s it! It’d be up to them if it went any further than that. “I’m certain you could come up with a list of perceived shortcomings on my part for me by now. Whether or not they’re factual is up for debate, but. You don’t need to hear anything from me, dearheart. As I’ve said before, these questions are pointless.”

Would you say the glass is half-empty or half-full?

Ugh, okay, that was enough of drooping in the his bindings. Enoch shifted his feet back underneath himself, and lifted his arms the fraction of a centimetre that he could to prevent any further punishing sparks of magic. It just wasn’t the same when he was being held like this, and it didn’t seem as though his captor was interested in hearing out any suggestions. Pity, that. How dull questions could be more interesting than his suggestions was thoroughly beyond him. “You’re still trying? Credit where credit’s due, you’re persistent with these inane questions. I’m not sure if you DESERVE credit for something like this. All of this magical setup for...a series of questions you could’ve just guessed as to what my responses might be. What IS the point to this, again? You never answered that question, and until you do, I won’t be answering any more of yours.”

It’s not important.

Oho~ They were back in business!

“Not important?” He awarded the blob with an amused, if incredulous look. “No, not in the grand scheme of things I suppose, but I am curious as to what you hope to gain from this. I feel that I have every right to know, as well! It isn’t like you found me, roaming about some populace sowing chaos and destruction in my wake. I was in Hell, doing naught but twiddling my thumbs.” He pursed his lips, and lifted his eyebrows as he looked to the blob with renewed interest. “What are the chances that you’ll let me stay on the mortal plane once we’re finished here?”


A haughty huff sounded from the demon. “Well, that’s hardly any fun at all, and gives me even less of an incentive to answer your questions! It’s not as though I’m gaining anything in the process, so why would I reward this silly behaviour?” He flicked his eyebrows upwards in a silent challenge, and grinned at the blob. “You’re not very good at this sort of thing, are you?”

Silence was his only answer for the longest time. It wasn’t that the mortal had left the room, either; he could still see their blobby, blurry self just beyond the confines of his temporary prison. Either they were having a one-sided staredown with him, or they simply couldn’t stand to look at him any longer. Either way, it was a tad awkward, and further proof that they were new to this whole business.
At least they had common sense in regards to wards. But that, sadly, seemed to be where their intelligence ended.

When's the last time you cried?

“...really?” Enoch dissolved into laughter, and sagged against the bonds once more. For fuck’s sake, what kind of question was that, anyway? Were they expecting some sort of tragic story? Some moment of inner reflection on his part where he expressed remorse for what he was, what he’d become? Did they wish to hear him regale them of how he had fallen from grace, how he’d rebelled against Daddy Dearest? Did they expect him to CARE that he’d been cast out by the very same one that he’d turned against? No fucking shit that he’d been cast out after BETRAYING Him! Whhhyyy was it that these people always seemed to assume that there was tragedy lurking beneath the surface?
This was why he never told anyone what he really was. Besides, it wasn’t as though he was lying when he said he was a demon! It just neglected to add in the other, juicier bits.

“Back to ignoring me, are you? How long do you suppose THAT’S going to last? I’d say…” Enoch pressed his tongue against the inside of his cheek, pushing it outwards as his expression shifted from amusement to thoughtfulness. “Three more attempts at questions. What do you think?”

Do you have any fond childhood memories?

Another series of giggles erupted from the demon. “Damnit all, I shouldn’t have said my guess aloud, hm? You’re going to go BEYOND three questions now just to spite me. You had the right of it then, I suppose; keeping your guess to yourself really IS the way to go. Though...ignoring that whole revelation, if I had to guess about YOUR guess, I’d...assume it was something like, ‘I’m going to make it through to the end of this session without responding to the demon any further.’ Is that it?” Besides, WHAT childhood memories? Were they counting the time in which he was technically young as childhood? The only problem with that was that he had been fully grown when he came into being. Fully grown, and with plenty of responsibilities. He was damned glad that he’d defected all those years ago; things were much more fun when he was on his own schedule.

Would you eat food after it had fallen on the floor?

Enoch released a playfully strained groan as the questions continued. “Fuck, you are as well, aren’t you? That’s cheating, dearheart. Ordinarily, I’d approve, but as it puts me on the losing side, I don’t. So please, for my sake, have SOME kind of a reaction either before this next question, or directly after. I do so hate losing when it’s due to an unfair advantage on the other person’s part.” Who, who the hell had come up with these questions anyway? What sort of idiot walked up to a demon and blandly questioned whether they ate food that had fallen on the ground? Again, WHAT WAS THE POINT TO THIS SESSION? Amusing though it was, it was amusing in the sense that he was so damned annoyed that it had also started to be FUNNY. Ooooh, he almost hoped that he’d find out who this was, and that he’d find someone who would very much like to see their blobby self skewered on a pike somewhere. At least then he could do something about this mess!
...assuming he was still mad about it once he’d left this scenario. He likely wouldn’t stay mad for very long.

What is the key to life?

The demon pursed his lips at the latest question. Oh, he could spin all sorts of answers to this that would double as a sales pitch. But that would count as him answering the question, which would in turn mean that he’d have doubly lost the wager he’d created. Couldn’t be having that, could he?
Bah. Wasn’t like he was very interested in that little desire he felt itching at the back of the mortal’s mind. Achieving harmony and understanding between the magical beings of this world wasn’t...interesting. Nor was it likely to happen, what with the war he’d heard so much about continuing to rage. The longer they continued to fight, the more of a divide they’d create.
Funny how opposing desires caused people to behave like spoilt children~

“Pretty please? React for me? I’d appreciate it!”

Have you ever been in love?

“Oh, damnit! I said please!” Enoch jut his lower lip out in a pout, and blew some air up to shift some hair from his face. It was starting to bother him, and he couldn’t just reach up and fix it. The gall of this mortal; they wanted to achieve peace, yet they purposefully made things inconvenient for the ones they assumed were involved in, or LIKELY to become involved in, the war? That wasn’t a very good way to build camaraderie or understand--

The demon’s thoughts came to a screeching halt when the entire area...shook. He could feel it, even though the bindings were holding him steadily in place, and if he didn’t know any better, he could’ve sworn he saw the blob pale at least three shades whiter than it normally was. His pout faded, and his grin returned anew. Oh dear. What were the odds that something like this would happen? Was the little mortal in trouble?
“Oooh~ That didn’t feel that good. Is everything all right?” He tilted his head to a side, and lifted his eyebrows as his grin shifted into a more subdued smirk. Funny how a sudden threat to one’s person could change their greatest desire into living through the next few hours. Lucky for this one, he could provide them with just that. “So...about the question I had earlier, the one about my chances of being allowed to roam the mortal plane. If I were to tell you that I could help protect you from whatever THAT good would my chances be now?” He may have lost that earlier wager, but he was certain that he’d win this one.
He could tell, the moment their desperation twisted that desire to live even deeper in their mind. Well~ this WAS going to be fun after all!


Enoch has abilities you might expect out of a demon from the fiery pits of Hell; he can conjure up corrupted flames, alter his form to make himself more appealing or frightening, make pacts with mortals and immortals alike (that may or may not end in the vitality of the other party being drained, if not their very soul), and while he CAN be killed whilst traveling across the mortal plane, his death there sends him rocketing back to Hell, where he’s safe and sound. Bored, but safe.

HOWEVER. Due to the transgressions of his past, his centre is both his greatest strength and weakness. His powers are extremely restricted, to the point that he cannot act against another being of his own initiative if it means that it would bring them harm. So, he can’t just walk up to the nearest mortal and light them up in shadowy hellfire; he has to wait for someone else to grant him permission, in a way.
Said way is through the deals that he can make with others. Say, for instance, a mortal wants another mortal to suffer. If they manage to interact with him and agree to a deal with him, he can then take their desires to see their enemy suffer, and cause pain that way. His loyalty is extremely fickle, however. Should his target have a desire that’s equal or greater than his original partner, he’d consider going back on his original deal, should the new individual offer him a better deal. As such, the safest ways to make deals with him (if you don’t mind bizarre requests or threats to your very being) is to simply request that he fuels or alters your own ability to go about your goals. He’s just as happy to augment someone else’s magical and physical abilities as he is to do things for them. Just, uh. Just don’t overdo it with the corrupted hellfire, yeah? Bad for those not fully used to it. Burns and whatnot if you aren’t careful.

And make sure you keep an eye on him, too. Guy can teleport around, and unless you specifically request that he stick around nearby to make it easier to augment your abilities with his magical reserves, he’ll assume everything’s peachy and go off on an adventure somewhere.

Ultimately, he hopes to find a way to remove the restrictions placed upon him, since it’s damned inconvenient having to always ask temporary mortal mums and dads if it’s okay for him to do stuff. If that ever occurs, I’ll work with staff on revamping his power set before I put anything into play.

Other Attributes

Though he cannot directly impact the mortal realm around him of his own initiative, simply being nearby Enoch tends to have a somewhat nasty (depending on the circumstances) side effect. His presence seems to exude an aura that lowers inhibitions, and makes someone far more likely to follow through on whatever desire they happen to have. Those stray thoughts of, ‘What would happen if I drove towards opposing traffic?’ or other such destructive thoughts that you can usually stop by realising how out of place and weird they are? Not so easy to ignore. Sitting by someone you’ve had a crush on for a very long time? It starts to feel like it’s the right time to confess the love that you’ve held for them for so long. It’s not a guarantee that they’ll follow through, but it’s definitely a test of their staying power.

Personally, he thinks it’s great, especially since he can usually tell what it is that they REALLY want. It also makes it easier for him to get to know the real person behind whatever mask of civility that they put up if he speaks to them for any length of time. Besides, it doesn’t hurt to indulge your desires every now and again, he promises! (he’s actually a horrible liar and should never be trusted please never take his advice ever)
But don’t worry, he isn’t always the one that’s laughing in the end because of this. Given his blunt and sarcastic nature, he’s very likely to make others want to punch him in the face, and with less holding them back...let’s just say he’s gotten punched in the face. A lot. Not that it’s going to stop him from being sarcastic, but hey, at least other people can properly vent their frustrations.

About the Author...

OOC ALIAS: Splendiferous
HOW DID YOU FIND ROTB?: don’t let the cold know that I’m here :C

Coded by Ducky for RotB

 Posted: Jun 2 2018, 03:04 PM
??? • Canadian • Feels • The snowy place


Oh gurl you had fun with this one.....

I honestly love the concept of this guy, like....unfettered he would be absolutely HORRIFYING but because he DONE GOOFED he's heavily limited in his capabilities, but that don't mean he's not sneaky....I love this sly guy but like 90% of my muses don't. Especially Charles. Wtf are you doing.

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