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 A Social Experiment, Tag Taer~
 Posted: May 4 2017, 02:22 AM
Unknown • Scorpii Cyborg • Dedication • Unknown

I've become
a simple souvenir of someone's kill

NOTES:She curious

She’d lost her project; something that...while a shame, wasn’t any matter to cry over - no, she was a scientist, and scientists operated on progress and moving forward. Besides, it wasn’t as though it was completely out of her hands; Scorpius - Antares, as it was so intent on calling itself - was not quite out of the proverbial woods yet. She would need to locate it, but once found, there was a..well, “emergency shut-off” so to speak. It was a proximity alarm that she could activate - something she’d installed in case it was a failure and revolted against her. Now, it would serve a rather different purpose. But until that time….she had to occupy herself with new creatures. And one had come into her grasp.

A brand new specimen. A brand new species. Truth be told she was extremely curious; while she had met Nightmare Men before - was, in fact, rather companionable with the gentleman Virgo - she always found herself delighted to meet them. They were each unique creatures; Nightmare Folk were, after all, twisted shells of their former selves, and she liked to learn just how they were pieced together by their inner shadows. That another had come about to join them was exciting. The most difficult part, it seemed, was...trapping her quarry for conversation.

She hadn’t seen him yet - but from what she heard, that was because he didn’t much care to stop and chat with his new allies. Not much of a social creature - which was a shame. She wanted to converse with him. She’d heard tell - little whispers that made their way through the busying halls - that this one was a scientist himself. That was reason enough for her to plan to capture him in a dialogue. To ensnare him in a conversation.

She desperately wanted to talk to him, to a fellow scientist. What was his field of study? Where did he run experiments? What were the processes he ran through, how did he store his information? She...wanted to pick his brain, so to speak. But it had been difficult; any time she’d heard whisper that the Nightmare Man was around she’d always come to an empty space - he was elusive, this one, good at hiding in shadows and making himself unnoticed. But….it was only a matter of time, of learning his patterns, of adapting. That was the most important part, after all; adapting.

She was sure that she’d get him this time. The sound of receding footsteps told her enough - that he was near. That he hadn’t quite managed to escape just yet. She was close to acquiring her target.

”Pardon me….” Her voice came out louder - loud enough to carry. She quickened her own pace, footsteps echoing as she made her approach. ”I’ve been meaning to get in contact with you for a while. My name is Verelinne rosa Tiberius, biotechnology specialist. Might I borrow a moment of your time?”

Of course, there wasn’t a choice in it. She would have a moment, no matter his response.
 Posted: May 9 2017, 04:50 AM
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Taer had been busy since he'd come back. He couldn't start his work completely yet, he still needed a proper workspace and everything that came along with it, but he'd found other things to do instead. He'd spent the last while in the dark corners of libraries, searchin for information. The only time he'd come back to the labyrinth was to drop off a particularly useful book or to stash something he thought might be useful later. Between the hours readin, plannin, he didn't really have time to talk to his new coworkers. He didn't really want to either. As far as he was concerned, they didn't need them. The creatures from this planet. If they wanted to conquer it, if Pitch really had any interest in claiming this planet as their own, all they needed to do was start makin more Nightmare Men. Not loads. Just enough to overwhelm and destroy the opposition. And instead he was spendin his time playin buddy buddy with whatever trash he found here and lettin himself get walked all over by some 'guardians'. But hey, Taer weren't in charge. He was just the new healer. He was here to make sure Pitch's new toys didn't get too broken along the way. Just meant that when Pitch did lose, when all this came crashin down around their heads, it weren't his fault. He just wanted to do his work and keep away from the freaks hidin in the tunnels.

So when someone gave him a heads up that someone was lookin for him, he didn't actually bother stoppin and tryin to find out who it was. It wasn't Pitch. He knew that much. And since it wasn't Pitch, he didn't care who it was. He didn't try avoidin them though. He had better things to do than to put actual effort into ignoring people. So he just went about his days as usual. Let them try to catch him durin the short time he was in the labyrinth before he headed out to a new library or bookstore. Course, since he wasn't tryin, it was only a matter of time before they actually did catch up.

Taer was actually on his way out again. He had finally decided where he was gonna start his search for workable ingredients and was on his way with a nice big bag full of supplies. He was jottin down notes in both his own journal and a pocket atlas when someone said somethin behind him. Taer stopped and turned to look her over.

She weren't exactly excitin. Not my his standards at least. It was her name that made him slightly interested. So this was the Tiberius chick Pitch had told him about. Taer didn't bother smilin at her. He just shoved both his books into the pocket of his hoodie and turned to face her head on so they could have a decent conversation.

"What do you want?" That was his only guess as to why she'd stopped him. Why she'd been lookin for him in the first place too. She wanted somethin from him. That was the only reason anyone talked to anyone wasn't it?

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