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 [E] Tricks and Treats, Open to 3~
 Posted: Today at 03:46 pm
4.5 billion or so • Celestial (Sagittarian) • Discovery • Upstate New York

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The flash of light caused her to stumble. It was only a half-step, but it was enough to throw her off her target, gave him the time needed to avoid her blind strike and change back into something toothier, back to the snarling dog he’d started out as. Tch, that was hardly impressive to someone like her. Her beasts were more substantial and with her always. Also, canines were far less agile and all it took was a shift of her weight that had her pushing up and out of the path, balancing for a moment on the palm of one hand before arcing over to regain her feet, stance ready for a scuffle.

What she wasn’t expecting was the flailing punch from the infected man, catching her at the precise moment she found her ground, sudden enough that she had no time to deflect or dodge, only able to sway with the impact as knuckles connected with her jaw. It…stung. It wasn’t nearly enough to hurt her; even with a fearling coiled in his heart, the man was still just a human, but neither was it a pleasant tickle and the fire in her blood flared, sparking in her eyes and licking across her skin in places.

The swordmaiden’s words fell on deaf ears as Paigen pivoted, channeling the heat of her fire into her fists and aiming a swift uppercut for the center of the man’s torso. She was getting sick of this, real fast.

HP: 2/3

Defense: (Fearling) 1 v. 6 – Fail; (Joseph) 4 v. 2 – Success; (AoE) 5 v. 3 – Success

Action: Attack – Fearling’d man

Roll: 4

words: 247 | tag: NINIANNE TAMESIS JOSEPH MEIER CARMA | notes: Fiery gut punch

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