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 In-Universe Places
 Posted: Sep 12 2017, 08:19 PM
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So, I got the idea for this after seeing Gengar's post and a few conversations with Lloydy. I know some people have their characters working or commonly visiting in-character places, be it a restaurant, shop, or some other third thing. As such, I thought this would be a good place to list them! I personally think that the name, a small (or long) description blurb, and where it is is all that is needed. However, you can add more information if you wish. I imagine that it will come in handy for RP interactions.

If you would like me to add or edit anything I have put up feel free to PM me on my OOC account. Anything with a * on it means that it will be edited later.

Vladco - Owned and founded by Vladimir Masters. Consider Vladco as the in-universe Disney, in that it collects all the failing companies and builds them up. Vladco is a forty year old company and was founded shortly after Vlad left the hospital after his accident. It is primarily built upon the businesses (ones which are meant to have been relatively wealthy but definitely heading down the drain) that he had people give to him. These businesses have, by now, become only money. Instead, Vladco can be known by either its name, Axion Labs, or the occasional company that he has bought and uses by its actual name (in the manner that a company might make a movie by a different company instead of their primary company).

Axion Labs was formally a company that produced advanced technology and was centered in Amity Park. The people at the top were relatively fanatic believers. Vlad bought out this company twenty years ago when it was going down the drain due to a mixture of supernatural happenings and some of Daniel Fenton's adventures. Since then, he has stopped focusing on Axion Labs. It primarily produces more defensive technology, such as security systems. A fair amount of what Axion Labs produces is aimed for more wealthy consumers. The lab also helps produce his more commercial lines.

Vladco is also meant to have several more commercial lines that he has begun producing over the last several years. These range from phones to gaming systems. The company's most recent addition is cars.

The company has several headquarters scattered across the globe. Ones which have already been established are in New York City, Amity Park (which is in Minnesota), and Wisconsin. The one Vlad personally works at is in Wisconsin. The others he occasionally checks up at.

Burgess Public Schools - Ranging from elementary to high school, Burgess Public Schools is the city's only public school. It is relatively okay as far as public schools go. It has a relatively small student population and gathers students from some of the neighboring schools. However, it has started losing students in the last decade to the far stricter school, Michin's Academy, which is located on the outer edge of the town. Burgess Public Schools is located near the center of the town. (Burgess, Pennsylvania)

Rossi Brothers Family Dining - Located on the crossroads of the good and bad side of NYC, the Rossi Brothers is a relatively good place to go if you want a slice of pizza or a hamburger. The prices are cheap and the food is good as long as you aren't looking for anything fancy. Thankfully, its location allows it to be a safe place to be. It should be noted that the place has a zero tolerance policy. While the owner might be fine with you coming in bloodied and beaten, they certainly will not if a fight starts up. You fight, you get kicked out. It doesn't matter who the hell you are. (New York City, New York)

Established Employees:

- Abby (Waitress)

Pugliesi Pizzeria - Located in the less than desirable parts of NYC, Pugliesi is a fairly...poor pizzeria that tends to attract some of the scum of the city. Unfortunately, this tends to lead to many fights. It should be noted that starting one is not the wisest thing to do. You'll certainly be able to get one to last, but if you interrupt the chef's cooking you might as well run. You are better off getting your pizza elsewhere. (New York City, New York)
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