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 Not So Fast, tag Ninianne
 Posted: Apr 16 2018, 07:39 AM
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Merlin made a thoughtful noise, a smile curling along the edges of his lips and steadily growing bigger. "I should hope so," he said, "As great as your confidence is, I worry as to how long it might take. He is a complete beginner when it comes to his magic, something of which I recall only teaching myself." Both Morgana and Viviane had held at least some knowledge when it came to their magic when he had begun to teach them. However, Kayden seemed to lack an understanding of how to even properly use his magic without wasting energy. The first example the youth had shown him of his magic had been small and seemed to tire him out greatly. It seemed as though whatever the boy had tried to teach himself had involved grasping at straws.

He was also faintly aware that there was a difference in teaching oneself and teaching another. Moreover, what he had taught himself had been at a fairly young age and grown with the process of time. If he thought upon it longer, he might have realized it might have also not been the best of comparisons. Merlin had hardly been the most normal of children.

He hummed, nodding in agreement. "Though, I somewhat doubt he requires belief if he is an immortal." From what he had come to learn over time, this was not too unusual. Not all human immortals seemed to require it, though the reason why was something that he could not entirely articulate. Perhaps the reason was something simple, connected to the core of a person. Alternatively, it was entirely possible that some things were simply meant to be a mystery. As much as he believed that there was a logic to many things, he did not believe that there was a logic to all things and some things simply required faith. "That or there is the illusion of it for one reason or another." He could think of a few reasons why it might appear as though one did not require belief. After all, belief normally faded with time, as people continued to live and forgot.

Part of him did hope that Kayden did stay untouched by the harsher parts of the magical world as he had seemed to be so far. He doubted it would last long. After all, Merlin was of the belief that most of those who acquainted themselves with him were normally in danger of being cast into the world he was part of to some degree, whether they liked it or not.

He gave a long pause. " not believe I did much," he said, suddenly feeling just a touch embarrassed by the compliment. It had never occurred to him that he had played a positive role in being present at the beginning of his friend's immortal life.

love, libby
 Posted: Apr 16 2018, 07:33 PM
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Ninianne nodded at Merlin's response, her smile remained though there was sympathy in her eyes as well. Merlin mentioned that he believed the boy had been immortal for near three years at least. To have gone so long with magic but with little grasp of it could not have been easy. Perhaps if he had been completely ignorant of his powers during that time it would have been manageable, allowing the boy to simply live as a mortal. But magic had a tendency of showing itself sooner or later, whether by choice or not.

"The early stages are never easy," she said softly, looking out over the flowers that grew across the grove. "I wish you both luck and hopefully having someone to guide him will making the learning a little easier, and faster." Magic was always a little different for each individual, certainly if followed certain overarching patterns but the nuances of using and mastering it tended to vary. So it was difficult to say whether Merlin's young apprentice would be able to learn quickly or if there would be many complex aspects for him to grasp, especially while Ninianne only had second hand information about his progress and abilities thus far.

"Most likely he doesn't," she replied. "It would be especially difficult to remain ignorant of his immortality if he were being walked through or ignored regularly. But at least in our youth the idea of magic was more widely accepted as truth- even if mortals had mixed opinions on if it was good or bad. As a girl I was not taught to doubt that magic was out there, he may be faced with the challenge of learning something he has been told is nothing but fantasy."

She looked back at Merlin at his response, a little surprised at first before she realized. Of course he would think what he had done was nothing special. Merlin believed in understanding and in promoting knowledge and he had always had a kind heart, the sort to always do right by others to the best of his ability. It was those very qualities that had led her to give him Excalibur knowing that he would see it into the hands of a worthy king who would bring peace and justice to Albion. So of course teaching a young illiterate water fae to read and telling her of the wider world she had not yet dared to venture into was nothing more or less than he would have done for anyone else. His companionship, the times they spent just talking and enjoying each other's company, it was just part of a friendly personality.

"You were there at a time I thought myself almost completely alone," she said, trying to explain. "You taught me so much and showed such kindness and that alone can mean the world to someone just beginning to understand a wider world. So I'm sure you will be a great help to your new apprentice." She paused a moment, finding that odd feeling she had been trying to ignore bubbling up again as she thought about all she and Merlin had shared. The feeling she was beginning to realize might be more than friendship. But that was ridiculous. There were duties and responsibilities to tend to that both of them needed to focus on. And besides, it was not as if Merlin could see her as anything more than a friend. He'd turned down Viviane's affections! Ninianne hadn't known of many who could do that before her sister had the added benefit of fae charms. "Your friendship has always been something I'm incredibly grateful for."

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