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 The Great Hunter, Gengar || Creature
 Posted: Jun 16 2017, 03:38 AM
913 • Dark Elf • Duplicity • Chaux Forest, France

Once Upon a Time...
Iollas Dacan
913 Years
Date of Birth:
Dark Elf


WEIGHT: 170lbs
HEIGHT: 6'03

Iollas has pink hair the similar to the shade of a rose, belaying his plant attribute. It is long and covers his pointed elven ears. He is very unlike most of the dark elves in appearance; as they usually have dark hair, skin, or markig, he noticeably lacks all of these. Having pale skin and blue eyes combined with his hair makes him an oddity for a dark elf. He's tall and athletically built from hopping in trees and scouring the country side. Iollas usually has a smirk on his face and generally gives off an aura of arrogance and goofiness to those that meet him.

Iollas varies his outfit depending on the audience. Typically since he is around the courts so much he aims to wear upper class garbs. Keeping his clothing neat and proper without a wrinkle, almost living up that elven stereotype. When it comes to hunting, doing jobs for the king, or fighting, he opts for clothing that won't weigh him down. A hood and cloak at least and light wear underneath. He typically wears this around Chaux Forest when he isn't around the court folks.

Freeform App

Budding Flower

Iollas is the child of a dark elf clan in modern day France. The Dacan clan was a band of territorial elves, hardly aggressive except when it came to the expansion of man. Their gardens were large and wondrous, often hidden deep in their territory from prying mortal eyes. They had the task of guarding the forest from any humans wondering into the area. Their neck of the woods held a legendary grove of trees, the fruit from such trees could bless or curse mortals. Legends tells of the the dark elves being beautiful and violent denizens of the forest. The Dacan clan was not excluded from this assessment.

When Iollas was born, he was at first thought to be a Seelie fae. The tribe had a very complicated discussion of this rare occurrence within their clan, but they had some unsavory protocols for cases such as this. Luckily a wise elder of the clan was able to affirm his status as an Unseelie court member. Iollas was taught to tend to the gardens as well as the secrets of the grove. He was taught that the humans were dim witted creatures fearing the unknown, but when caught in a corner they were dangerously inventive. He did his best to avoid them when he could, only looking from afar between the leaves of the trees.

Cleansing Flames

His life was uneventful for the most of his childhood; he had learned where his gifts lie, in the plants and hunting unsurprising, so his tutelage in magic and nature started. His mind was like a sponge taking in information and storing it like a vault. Every lecture heard, book read, and plant observed was stored away safely in his mind. One of his best friends Illiphar was on the guardian route of the clan. They had gotten along well enough they started to hangout. His favorite spot to play with his friends was in the sacred grove, which was against the rules, but they hardly cared. Though his schooling was blossoming, he could feel the dread around the elders of his clan. They had started to look at the activities of man more closely, they never spoke of it to the rest of the tribe, but man was getting more aggressive. He eavesdropped on them discussing if they needed to petition for outside help.

Iollas was curious the next night, he snuck into the human town to see what their rage was like first hand. He wore a hood and bandanna to hide his unnatural hair. To his surprise he found the town mostly empty except for some women and children. Pretending to be a traveler he inquired why most of the adult were gone. They towns folks obviously xenophobic, gave vague answers. Only when a child sang a local song of “going hunting with Iron” did he get a horrible idea what was happening, he prayed it was only a hunch. He rushed home and was shocked to see such a sight. The fallen village attacked with iron and fire, leaving nothing, but ashes and blood. Iollas grieved unsure if he should go to the fae world to look for a better life as a servant or live at the bottom of the barrel as a homeless wild elf as some of the few refugees did. Though another thought came to his mind, the Dacan clan was all but decimated; he was still around to keep the humans contained.

Iollas started his plan for revenge, opting to keep his identity as a traveler from the south. Dying his hair jet black and traveling through the town as if a traveler, he started his cover as a human ready to settle down. He acquired a job as a florist and herb seller, easy things for him to sell without much effort. His game wasn’t to gain the truth of the villagers, but also to learn about humans and how this section of their society worked. While some fae would disagree on their similarities he embraced them, and learning that they had classes based on power as wekk. It was more subtle body language, wealth, and prestige of occupation. He thought such metrics of status were odd, but they were less cultured than the fae.

During the time of his infiltration he gained the reputation of a shy, but gentle man. He didn’t draw too much attention to himself, more or less being an ideal neighbor. Day in and day out he kept to his schedule religiously: tending to his store, travelling into the forest for herb collecting, and caring for his personal garden. Every day he would have lunch with Doctor Schmidt each innocuous action was taken to further his plans, gathering information on the town, identifying the key players, and learning where to strike. To sate his bloodlust he’d go hunting in the nights for any stray humans who dared to go into his forest. Though was a few of them he would put to good use for testing poultices on, making sure to get a nice and poisonous batch.

After two years' time, he was cemented into the community, though not at all exceptional in any way. He lied in waiting like a cobra, he had charmed himself a few friends, the baker, a priest, and the local physician, the good doctor Schmidt. It was unfortunate that Dr. Schmidt had decided to befriend him, but it was beneficial to Iollas. It was easy enough to poison the doctor. With the only advanced medical professional in a fatal coma it was easy to move on to phase two. The same poultices he had been working on all these years were dropped in the town’s water supplies.

Iollas watched as the town grew progressively sicker with each week that passed. They drew from their wells and ponds, only damning themselves further. After a week, he was ready to move onto the next phase, under the cover of night he murdered the leaders of the village. Chaos had taken the little town as they prayed in vain to their gods. Before leaving, he set his flower shop on fire watching the flames spread to the other house before the whole settlement was consumed in the blaze. He finally retreated back to his forest, his survivor’s guilt vindicated by his endeavor.

The Wild Elf

For a time Iollas was not sure what to do with himself, the nearby village was in ashes and abandoned. The threat of the humans was vastly minimized as he was able to easily pick off any stragglers that tried to find refuge in the forest. It was entertaining for a time; beguiling wayward travelers (the pretty ones anyway), warding off trespassing humans, and breathing life back into his clan’s destroyed gardens. The nearby town had become a pariah to any travelers, most humans avoiding the ghost town and the forest. They thought both were cursed, much to Iollas’ pleasure. He could spend his day protecting the forest and hunting like his forefathers.

The elf was starting to become restless day in and day out with the same routine, there was no fire burning in him like before. What was there to aspire to with a fae of his status and means? He was on the edge of the Unseelie court who hardly lent them relief after the attack 2 years ago, it wasn’t a surprise the inner court didn’t but it was a reminder of how little clout his clan had. He meditated in the abandoned square of the destroyed village, the place was starting to be retaken by nature perfect thinking spot for him. A thought came about how he could change the fate of his clan in a metaphoric sense. The idea came to him to look find any willing survivors and rebuild. There were some survivors of his clan, he sent out word for any of them to return. A minuscule number of survivors were around, three others who barely survived the destruction. Lucky at least half of them were competent, his best friend Illiphar returned to the clan. Iollas was happy to have even that many, but he started to form an ambitious plan. They looked how the other dark elves just roamed so freely in the swamps and rivers throughout the forest. Iollas enjoyed being a wild elf running in the forest freely, but the flame of his village dying never escaped his mind. They were so vulnerable like to whether to man, Seelie fae, or the more insane dark elves. On the anniversary of the Dacan Clan's massacre, he got with his clansmen and lamented, there they decided to unite the dark elves of the forest.

The way their clan saw it, it was in the other dark elves best interest to join them, they couldn’t refuse such a proposition. Iollas knew how some of the clans were, they liked their freedom, and they needed a reason to ban together. Iollas was willing to do anything to protect the Chaux Forest as a whole, even if he had to go with more underhanded methods. Some of the elven clans were blackmailed, the other manipulated into joining the alliance. Iollas was an excellent extorter and Illiphar the superb bulldog for the cause. This was only effective on the smaller weaker ones, the larger ones Iollas strove to win over. One of the ways was by impressing them; Iollas being the maverick was was not apprehensive on under taking dangerous tasks, i.e. hunting deadly beasts. His other clansman sought to establish renown their own ways, but Iollas was going to stick with what he knew best.

A number of clans in the northern portion of Chaux Forest had a problem with a particularly savage, overgrown cockatrice. While his grand plan for uniting the dark elves was shaky at best, he trusted his ability hunt prey no matter the size. Now a cockatrice still needed to confronted with caution, no eye contact, no breathing in it’s scent, and also it could fly. A tall order, but he faced the challenge, even playing up the attempt at the feat. It was a gambit, if he died then he would known as an eternal fool, but Iollas only thought about victory. Iollas tracked the beast down, used fortified thorns on his vines to gorge it’s eyes, then had a tiring fight until the cockatrice was finally slayed.

The kill won the support of surrounding clans, also giving Iollas some renown. Iollas loved the adrenaline from the hunt and the praise was a bonus. This gave him the idea of doing more hunts, gaining more renown to push the alliance growth along. The others had the same idea, hoping to make an alliance with their clan more appealing by doing feats. Another plan was forming, a shift from alliance to confederation. He continued with his task of drawing in more clans of the area, getting a good amount of them to ally. Of course there were many who still abstained, the ones without clans, clans who refused to ally with long hated rivals, and other clans were not at all compatible (i.e. they were insane elves). When Iollas and his followers weren’t preoccupied keeping clan leaders from defecting, Iollas was hunting more dangerous game becoming addicted to taking down troublesome big game and of course loving the reputation he was receiving.

Over time Iollas had collected the hides of some fierce beasts in the area: Gargouille, Tarasque, and a few others. He had his renown elevated, and the alliance forming stronger bonds, but problematic beasts would only pacify the other dark elves for so long. They started to grow restless and eager, his feats and skill could only go so far if they lost a reason for unity. Such an idea he had for staying united was not typical with Unseelie nature, he needed power or heritage to back up his calls for unity. Though he was in luck the war between the courts were heating up. He consulted with the others, they supposed the Seelie could be a good enemy to make a more unified structure within the alliance.

Iollas, his clan, and the allied clans were excellent hunters, but formal warriors they were not. They didn’t need all the formal training to defend their land, their forest had been mostly under Unseelie control for years, Iollas didn’t expect that to change anytime soon. The Seelie who conspired to take their woods, dove head first into a snake pit. Head to head engagement usually didn’t end well, they found that out early on, but guerrilla tactics and ambushes were the way to go. Iollas and Illiphar lead the charge in pushing the rest of the Seelie out and the dark elves were even able to disrupt the Seelie settlements around the forest. The Dacan clan had succeed, over time in fighting the dark elves in the alliance decided to bid for stronger ties, forming a confederation. Iollas was naturally appointed as leader by the elder council. Iollas took Illiphar as his lieutenant.

Called to Court

Iollas’ feats hadn’t gone unnoticed in the upper echelons of Unseelie court. A few of the Outer and Inner Court fae who had graced the Chaux forest with their presences which greatly honored the dark elves. Their visits were mostly of them passing through, it caused a stir nonetheless. Then one day a special visitor arrived. Most of the dark elves were underfae, save for a few old clan leaders. A rumor had started that an important Inner court was to visit their forest specifically. The forest was a buzz, gossiping was out of control many speculating it was the somber newest member or possibly the Queen-in-waiting. The Dacan clan and members of the dark elf council had met their mystery guest. They watched as the black stallions rode in and to their shock it was the king. The Party greeting him feel silent and immediately bowed their heads in respect. Most were almost too nervous to speak before one of the elders spoke up, giving the Obsidian King a respectful, if not overly flattering welcome.

Iollas wasn’t sure what to do or say as their king greeted them. He of course greeted his king back and followed the elders, they led him to their conference hall. His gazed shifted to Illiphar wondering what was on his mind, but his friend gave him a glare. Obviously the “don’t be an arse” glare. They sat and chatted a bit, light conversation about the war, the forest, and such. It was making everyone uneasy why exactly the king was there, but they wouldn’t dare be so blunt. Eventually the true reason came out, he was there for Iollas. The dark elf looked dumbfounded, almost wondering it was a giant jest. The other dark elves at the table told him what an honor it would be, but Iollas wasn’t sure. He was attached to the Chaux Forest, he had killed a village for it, nearly died for it, and even went to war for it. It was his purpose he always had, he couldn’t just change it. What would he do without a purpose, as politely as he could he “respectfully declined the inner court.”

The table stood deathly quiet. The dark elves of other clans had faces of horror and indignation. His clansmen, especially Illiphar and Allysia, glared daggers at him. They wouldn’t understand, but he couldn’t just leave. The Obsidian King nearly unphased by his response let out a small chuckle that was horrifying and soothing all at once. Iollas could remember his words. “Understandable you want to stay to lead. This dark elves coalition you’ve arranged here is fragile. It could still be broke by outside and inside forces. But a higher status would offer protection from that, Great Hunter.” it rolled so smoothly off his tongue almost as a compliment on the surface given the tone.

Iollas didn’t dare advert his eyes from the king when conversing with him, but it sounded like a threat. Iollas would have been upset (of course not express it in his presence), if not for the fact that many of the smaller clans in this confederation were strong armed by such tactics. He nodded his head in agreement. There was only a second of reconsideration. “Of course, it would be a benefit to everyone, My King.” The table went on as if all was well there was merriment and celebration, but Iollas hid dread under the smile, the laughter, and farewells. Truth of the matter is he had never left their expansive forest and it was the only reason he did anything. He watched it grow smaller and smaller in the distance as he left for the Inner Court. He trusted Illiphar and the others, but he would miss them greatly.

Adjusting to the court life was hard with the many structures and rules they had. They had order but also had chaos at the same time. For the first few years he was a rather quiet individual, often taken to growing his rose garden, writing letters home, and hunting to clear his mind. He played up his cocky facade of of course, to save face.The purpose in his life was gone, or so he thought. There was a particular incident with a Seelie fae. What was supposed to be a quick one time affair turned into a great dalliance. He was lonely and the water fae was nothing short of breath taking. Their secret meetings and “activities” soon were uncovered by a member of the outer court. It resulted in Iollas getting a severe warning, while his partner in the tryst was kicked out of her court. He lamented on what to do. A stern letter from Illiphar kicked him into shape. He began to look to looks at his position more optimistically over time.

The throne of the Unseelie kingdom meant stability for their lands. It kept them from the clutches of the hypocritical Seelie and kept his home safe by virtue of said stability. Even though a romance had been broken up, he could have the throne be his purpose. It took some time but he started to hone himself to better fit his roll. If the king only saw the inner court as tools to be used, then so be it, he would sharpen himself to be worthy of his lord’s arsenal.


Full Bloom- Iollas is associated with the rose, he has quite the green thumb. He can communicate with the plant, and control aspects of them: such as having vines grow to supernatural lengths, have the thorns protrude more to tear into enemies, and even have the vines act and move like tendrils. He can have the roses grow on any terrain though they will take different looks depending on the climate. For example, in the humid dry climate, a desert rose may grow while the more traditional rose will grow in temperate areas. He needs a soil (any type of earth) to grow his plants, and water makes them grow faster and stronger, though obviously fire burns them to a crisp.

Pretty petals- He seemingly creates petals out of thin air, but it is actually the manifestation of his elven nature magic; often taking the form of a dense gust of petals with a rose aura. He can use this for defensive means most of the time fortifying them together to form shields and barriers, though he can also go on the offensive with them. Having the petals act almost as an amorphous cloud they are imbued with the magic of destruction and decay, tearing at items or people caught in the cloud. He has to be careful with how ambitious he gets with the size of his petal clouds as the bigger they are the more they drain and more taxing it is to sustain.

Petty Pollen- He can manipulate his magic into another form, through the pollen of his plants. It requires for him to have a good amount of blossoming roses in the area. He can infuse his magic with them to turn their natural pollen into a dangerous mist. The effects are generally in to three camps; confusion, weakening, or sleep. Some have seen hallucinations when it was gear for confusing foes, others had felt disorientation, and some of the stronger people have only felt a slight headache; the same goes for the two other possible effects. This is the weakness of the pollen; it is dependent on the opponents mental fortitude.

Elf Shot- Legend has it that some diseases were contacted with meddling of mischievous elves. Iollas manifested this by way of elf shots, he summons his enchanted bow and shoots off an summoned arrow, and then the pain will spread to their joints. Think of an onset of cramps or arthritis. The pain can last from a few minutes to an hour depending on a variety of circumstances. His bow and arrow can be seen by believers, but is invisible to those who don’t believe. The effects can be warded off with three herbs: feverfew, red nettles and waybread.

Medicine man- Yes he can heal, just not with direct magic. He can make concoctions and poultices, while they aren’t as diverse as someone well trained in alchemy, he is able to make elixirs and salves that heal or harm the body, immortal or mortal. He typically has a few concoctions in his satchel to aid in healing the factor of a fellow Unseelie, or have something to make someone have a bad day. (Warts, blindness, etc.) While they affect there are low in magic promoting the natural healing process or hindering it. He is restrained with healing and poisoning given his talents.

Elven Traits

Bewitching Dance- Like most elves when he dances with a mortal it feels like time is flowing differently than it is. A 5 minute dance may actually be an all-night affair.

Supernatural Beauty- Like all fae and elves he has glamour. He is beautiful already, and the glamour about him gives him more of a boost in appeal. Some humans may even comment he is unnaturally beautiful. He can use this to attract humans and some weaker immortals.

Elven Physiology- Iollas is in the inner court so it amplifies his physique. He walks silently, runs supernaturally fast and is stronger than any human. Though his speed and reflexes have benefited mostly in his higher status, he is quick and agile able to climb and jump through trees at an unnatural rate. He also heals at a faster rate than humans, comparatively; at the normal rate compared to fae in the inner court.


Elven Cross- This was used to ward off malevolent elves and their evil tricks. This cross weakens Iollas and causes him pain. It has effects similar to iron, he will subconsciously avoid items with the symbol carved into it.

Iron- Like all fae and elves iron is kryptonite, he will think you are very rude and uncivilized for using iron instead of steel. It hurts very much and it suppresses the use of his powers.


Great Hunter- Iollas has racked up the reputation for hunting large game. He is a superb hunter; knowing how to track, keep quiet, and survive in the wilderness. This has been useful to him as an herbalist.

Eidetic memory- His mind is like a sponge, when he sees or learns something it stick in his head. He can easily recall it when he needs to. It has helped him memorize many of his elixirs and poisons without having to write them down immediately.

Enchanted Bow- His friend Illiphar had enchanted his bow with the ability to switch between a scythe and a bow. If anyone outside his clan tries to pick it up, fiercely sharp thorns will protrude from it attempting to stab the unauthorized wielder. If it breaks it will "regrow" over time. He has a bond with his bow always knowing where it is.

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 Posted: Jun 19 2017, 05:29 PM
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What a pretty rose man. If only he was pretty on the inside too. Really though, I loved the inclusion of French folklore and stuff :D It's always neat to see more diverse casts of characters and having a little more French added in is pretty interesting. Can I pet his hair now?

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