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 Posted: Apr 12 2018, 04:08 PM
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Once Upon a Time...
Eira Stahl, Eira Tauri, Taurus, Subaru, Amefuri, Bull of the Heaven
Unknown, but celebrated on Walpurgis Day (May 1st)
Celestial Human


WEIGHT: 00lbs
HEIGHT: 0❜00❞

user posted image

A minimum of two (2) paragraphs describing your character from head to toe. Refrain from listing off details. Things to include: skin complexion, hair color, eye color. Does your character have anything different about them, seen or unseen? Things to possibly include: tattoos, piercings, scars, accessories, deformations, altered appearance due to a ‘power’,  etc.

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Describe your character’s clothing style. This is typically not one specific outfit but an observational trend your character seems to wear over time.


A minimum of three (3) paragraphs to describe your character's personality and mannerisms. Please use full-length sentences instead of bullet-pointed lists.

Stubborn- As a member of Tauri family, Consider positive, negative, and everything in between. Consider how your character's personality shows to different people, and how it manifests physically in their mannerisms and attitudes. Consider their attitudes to specific types of individuals and why they act that way.

Other Information

Likes: Foods, arts, sailing, travelling, relaxing, drawing, painting, beautiful things
Dreams: To kill Pitch
Fears: Fallen into debts
Hobbies: Sailing, travelling, relaxing, drawing, painting
Quirks: None
Fun facts: She is a skillful driver and artist
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Preference in romantic partners: Male
Religious beliefs: Religious

If your character is of a race of your own creation, please provide some information on culture, history, nature, etc, here!


Eira raised on Earth. She was sented to live there because her body can't make peace with the air in the constellation when she was a child, and she got raised in the country that now known as Greek. Although she moved back to Taurus constellation as she grow older. Because, as time flies, people start to realize that there is something different with her because she never become old.

A minimum of three (3) detailed paragraphs describing your characters history. Things to include: origins, family, early stages of your characters personality, notable hardships, notable celebrations, further development of your characters personality, auxiliary features and how they came to be,  how your character came to be where they are right now, current level of character development, where your character is ‘going’ in the near future.

Important note: Please include for Guardians, why they became a Guardian, and for Anti-Guardians, why they became an Anti-Guardian. This is crucial and we may not accept an application that lacks this information!


Restoration - As the Princess of Taurus constellation, Eira posses the power of Restoration. With this ability, Eira can restore things to it's perfect state. No matter how broken it is. But, if it used to people, it can only help her to heal physical injuries and restore someone's health into it's perfect condition. It can't be used to resurect dead people.

Weather Control - As the Princess of Taurus constellation, Eira have the ability to manipulate weather. Can only manipulate pre-existing weather.

Super Strength - As the Princess of Taurus constellation, Eira have a physical ability that can be considered as Super Strength. However, this Strength can not destroy Angels and a God.

Bull's Eye - As the Princess of Taurus constellation, Eira have a special ability to guess correctly about certain things. Specifically lies.

Azura - As the Princess of Taurus constellation, Eira posses a special weapon. She named it Azura. It is a blue colored spear, and it is one of her family heirlooms. Made from a blue colored metal that is forged by the best blacksmith in the constellation. However, it can not kill Holy beings such as Angels or a God.

Aide - As the Princess of Taurus constellation, Eira have a special ability to call an aide. It is in the form of a grey bird, and it can help her in various purposes. However she have to whistling, in order to call upon the bird.

Holy Prayer - As the Princess of Taurus constellation, Eira have the ability of holy prayers that enable Eira to demolish Magics and Witchcrafts done by other people just by praying to God. However, this ability can't help her win against holy beings such as Angels and a God. Especially, against the one that come from Monotheistic or Abrahamic religions.

Please describe all abilities that your character has, be as detailed as possible and include weaknesses here as well.  

All humans possess the ‘Power of Belief’, as demonstrated by RotG. [Note: the Power of Belief does not affect the character in any way, but rather is an invisible tool used by humans to affect those they believe in.]

Abilities should be well thought out, clearly explained and balanced with both pros and cons, unless it is intrinsically canon. This section is reviewed on a case-by-case basis and subject to revision at the staff's discretion.

Other Attributes

Does your character have a skill that makes them stand out among the rest? What are they? Elaborate here.

About the Storyteller...

OOC ALIAS: What is your OOC username?
PREFERRED PRONOUN: He / She / Another pronoun?
PREFERRED CONTACT: Please list a contact, whether it be through Skype, AIM, email, or just regular PM.
HOW DID YOU FIND ROTB?: Google, resource forum, advertisement, word of mouth?

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