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 Pretty Boy
 Posted: Apr 17 2017, 05:25 PM
45 • Devourer • Beauty • N/A

Once Upon a Time...
Pretty Boy
45 Years
Date of Birth:


WEIGHT: 1300lbs
HEIGHT: (At shoulder) 5❜05❞
PLAY-BY:Original art by Moulder

Pretty Boy is best described with a physique somewhere between the massive musculature of a bear, the paws of a great cat, and the stubby tail of a pit bull. He is covered in short, velvety white fur, and extra skin bunches up around his shoulders, haunches, neck, and paws. His neck is massively muscular, more like a horse than anything else, to support his strangely elongated (and somewhat phallic) head. His throat is baggy, with deep fissures like a humpback whale and for exactly the same reason. Pretty can expand his throat to swallow large items, then use the muscles inside of his throat to crush it down to a more managable size. He also possesses a throat pouch that can carry things he wants to keep around. The two great tusks sprouting on either side of his muzzle can be used for combat, but Pretty uses them in a variety of different ways.

Most unique about Pretty is his lack of eyes and strange mouth. He can see, but through magic and not conventional eyeballs. Thus he appears to have none. His mouth is a set of large, plush lips that can draw back frighteningly far to expose his impressively sharp incisors. Most often this is how he conveys emotion. When he is calm, his lips are together except where they bunch around his tusks. When angry he pulls his lips back to reveal how grotesque his features can really get.


Pretty is much more than just an animal. While he is very animalistic, and driven by his basic desires for food, shelter, companionship and sex, he possesses a higher intelligence. While he cannot speak, nothing stops him from drawing what he means in the dirt, conveying it through body language, or grabbing an instrument to help him.

Pretty is a fairly easygoing creature. Not much can scare or phase him. Most often he is more curious than aggressive, and would rather run up to someone and play than hurt them. However because of his size and appearance, this means he doesn't know his own strength and can easily hurt someone. He is also not very cognizant of the idea of personal property. He has no problem with simply taking something he wants, particularly a food item. This leads to a lot of hot dog cart maulings in large urban areas.

Despite his calm demeanor, Pretty can get angry when the mood takes him. He is easily manipulated into this by people with strong personalities, who imagine themselves his masters. This leads to him acting rather than thinking, and it is rather difficult to 'take back' eating someone.

Other Information

Devourers are most known for their ability to swallow and consume. Males have impressive sets or several sets of tusks and claws on their front feet. Females are smaller, with narrower, shorter heads but more dextrous mouths due to the lack of tusks. They form strong bonds with people who are kind to them, are merciless to people cruel to them, and are generally likened to large, eyeless pit bulls. If you can keep up with their voracious appetites, they can be an incredible companion. A large sign of trust for a devourer is carrying his or her favourite person in a throat pouch rather than on their backs. Since they carry their pups this way, with the mouth held open slightly ajar to allow air into the pouch entrance at the back of the throat. It can be quite awkward to carry large burdens this way, and can't be done for any long length of time.

Females go into heat every three months, leading to emotional instability and destructive behavior. Males go into a similar season around the same time, and are easily provoked into displays of strength. A devourer in season will ignore a car alarm. A devourer in season would rather flip it over or destroy it. Pups are born six months after copulation, usually one pup or twins. They're carried in the throat pouch until their claws harden, up to three months of age. Usually a devourer pup will stay by its mother until it is old enough to hunt for itself, which might be as old as three years.


Pretty Boy was born in the 1970's to the last of the female devourers somewhere in the woods of the northern United States. Devourers are born from places where excess and hedonism run rampant, and a hippy commune made for a perfect place for Pretty's mother to be born. Pretty's father had been killed long ago, but his mother was happily determined to raise her pup in a quiet and safe place. This meant for much of his infanthood, Pretty had no contact with humanity or indeed the more supernatural residents of the world. His mother told him about them, about how finding a master to serve was a devourer's calling, but had never served such a creature herself. His father had, but he was no longer around to tell Pretty such stories.

Devourers take a long time to wean from their mothers, and Pretty was no exception. By the time he left her, he was nearly as big as she was if not a little bigger. It was time for him to find his own way in the world, with the ultimate goal of finding a master to serve as his father had. While his mother had seemed a perfectly happy devourer in the woods, she had a piece missing. So too did Pretty, and he wanted to resolve that.

Pretty spent the next year attempting to make contact with people. People were strange, ingenious two legged animals that loved to make very loud noises and run away from him. They made gigantic structures out of steel and glass, and Pretty was more fascinated with them the more he came across them. There were a few that learned to tolerate his presence, but none he could actually serve. A few of them had problems Pretty learned he could help them solve. A farmer praying for a miracle when his horse died would find his field ploughed in a night (albeit with a horse harness covered in bite marks), or a man struggling with debtors would find them disappeared. Pretty could solve the problems of humans, but there was a difficulty in that so few of them seemed to be able to see him.

Pretty is still on the hunt for someone who can both see him and will function as a proper master. He'd heard of two large forces in the world unseen by humans; the Guardians and their enemy Pitch. He is curious about both, as both seemed to have enough power to be proper masters, but finding them is an entirely different process for the poor devourer.


DEVOURING: Pretty can eat very large objects, including people, whole.

BIG AND BULKY: Pretty has a lot of strength due to his sheer size and muscular nature

LONG LIFE: Devourers are generally a long-lived species, bordering on immortal (barring illness or injury).

THIRD EYE: Though Pretty has no physical eyes, he can see well enough through magic. Generally this is a duller, less bright version of the world one would see through actual eyeballs, and Pretty has to concentrate to keep things in focus. Otherwise, he's perfectly content to rely on scent and feel instead of this power.

Other Attributes

Pretty loves to play. A stick (or section of tree), food, or a ball is a great way to get to know him. Fear will only make him chase you, as he loves the chase game. He is quick to see everything as a game first and foremost.

About the Storyteller...

OOC ALIAS: Moulder

Coded by Ducky for RotB
 Posted: Apr 21 2017, 05:12 PM
??? • Canadian • Feels • The snowy place


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