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 Wyatt Crickett
 Posted: May 3 2018, 08:47 PM
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Once Upon a Time...
Wyatt Rachel Crickett
22 Years


HEIGHT: 5❜05❞
PLAY-BY: Violet Evergarden / Violet Evergarden

Wyatt stands in at five foot five and comes in at just over a hundred and thirty pounds. She has blonde shoulder length hair usually tied back in a pony tali and has bright blue eyes. The only makeup she has ever worn was unflavored chap stick which was used as a necessity.

Wyatt dresses to withstand the elements and functionality, not to impress. It is very often for the wrong gender and years if not decades out of date. Jeans and long sleeve shirts make it easier to hide weapons. Hiking boots are durable and sturdy. As to why any woman would willingly subject themselves to shoes with thin heels that are sometimes inches in height is something she doesn't comprehend. You can not run in such shoes and they offer no support at all.

Wyatt does wear one piece of jewelry, it is a silver chain necklace with a green oval shaped topaz stone. It is just under the size of a silver dollar. There are also two wedding rings around the necklace that belonged to her mother and father. They are both simple gold rings with their initials carved in the inside of each.


Wyatt is asocial. She doesn't care to be around people for the most part. Part of that comes from not having been around people for a good chunk of her life. She simply feels more comfortable alone. Even when she was around other children though she mostly kept to herself and preferred her own company. The woods around her home and school library were a better way to spend her time.

You know the term, painfully honest? Wyatt does not mince words and she does not beat around the bush. The concept of a white lie is foreign to her. Wyatt's intention is not to harm anyone when she speaks, she is simply answering their question to the very best of her abilities. If you don't like the answer, why would you ask the question in the first place?

Wyatt is socially awkward and at times socially oblivious. She might walk off mid conversation if she feels that she had finished saying what needs saying. She does not greet people so much as jump straight into saying what she wants. She has a tendency of taking things literally and sarcasm tends to be taken seriously. If you tell her she is wearing a hole in the rug she will look at you like you are a complete idiot. She might state that a person is incompetence at the task they are doing and that she is much better at it. Again she is not intending harm, but trying to help the person complete the task. A lot of people would call her arrogant and uncaring when first meeting her.

She cares little about what others think of her and the fact that so many people do care is something she has trouble comprehending. Why would you get upset over what someone you don't know said or what they think? They are words and thoughts and they can not hurt you. Not that she cant be hurt as she is not completely unfeeling, but she is not hurt by the words of a stranger but those she has allowed herself to trust and care for.

Wyatt does not trust easily. Her father has taught her that the only person you can depend on is yourself and that people were out to get you, especially those in authority. People are kept at an arms length and watched.

There is a part of her though that does pine for companionship. She misses her father and Mason. She enjoyed the time spent playing chess with Mason or else working with her father as he told her stories about her mother. She does not simply know how to go about forming said relationships.

Wyatt values logic and intellect. When she makes a decision she looks at it from all angles. She does not let her emotions or feelings get in the way of what to do. Fantasy is for books and there is always a logical explanation if you bother to look. Religion to her is no different than fiction, stories primitive people made up to make sense of the world. Wyatt does not like asking for help. If there is something that she can not do, she learns how to and if she cant not learn she will make do. Going to a doctor? She has a medical book, thank you very much and her father has taught her how to take care of herself. If there is trouble with the law she will not call the police but take the law into her own hands.

Other Information

Wyatt is into Falconry and has a red-tailed hawk named Dakota. She has a state and federal license.


Watt’s life up until the age of seven was relatively normal. Her father was an Iraq war veteran who worked at an auto repair shop and her mother was a nurse. They were high school sweethearts and prom queen and prom king. Wyatt was the first and only child and a very loved child.

As a young man her father had been in and out of trouble for things like driving recklessly and vandalism. He ended up joining the army more out of necessity than want. It was either that or he likely would have found himself actually arrested one day as he didn't have the grades or inclination to attend college.

A year after he joined up he was sent off to fight. Joining the army helped him mature and grow up but he also saw the very worst in people. He lost several members of his own team in an attack and almost lost his own life. He suffered from depression and PTSD and for a while was drinking heavily.

His marriage suffered as well. He had gotten married straight out of high school but it seemed that what had started out as something bright was fading away to nothing and his behavior only strained things further between him and his wife. She talked about leaving him and most nights he ended up passed out on the couch. It was then that she found out she was pregnant and that changed everything. He stopped drinking and got a job working in a garage. He even agreed to try seeing someone about his problems.

Things got better between them and he vowed he would be best dad that he could be. Wyatt came into the world at three o'clock in the morning on a Wednesday in late April to two ecstatic parents. Neither had any family and nobody to help them but they manged. They made sure one of them was always home with her, working around their schedules even if it meant one of them working all night. The family of three got through diaper changes and nights where no sleep was had by any of them.

Wyatt learned to talk and walk and grow into a quiet but smart child. They didn't have a lot of money but they what they lacked up for in wealth they made up for in love.

When Wyatt was seven though, her mother was killed. She had been leaving the hospital after working the late shift when she had been approached by a man with a gun demanding her purse and keys. She had complied but the man had gotten angry at how little she had on her and he had shot her point blank in the chest. Five minutes later, she was dead.

The man was never caught. Both Wyatt and her father were devastated but for her father it damn near destroyed him. He had thought he had left the violence and death that the war had brought behind him and the fear and anger that came with it as well but here it was back in his life. After her funeral he packed up Wyatt and retreated to his late father's cabin in northern Oregon.

What started as a weekend long trip though turned into something even longer. Her father found himself unable to return back to society and a week turned into two and that turned into a month. They only returned back to their home once to pack up what they needed which was mainly clothes and pictures. Wyatt at the time was to young to question her father or even consider the fact that this decision was unusual. Her father loved her and wanted to protect her and thought the only way he could do that was if she was raised away from society and under the thumb of the government.

The cabin had running water and electricity thanks to solar power but lacked a lot of technology that most people would have trouble doing without. There was no TV or computer, only a small boom box picked up mostly AM stations. They started a vegetable and herb garden and he taught Wyatt how to hunt and fish. They even started their own bee colony. They made the two hour journey into civilization about once a month for grocery’s and whatever else they needed but otherwise didn't leave the cabin or surrounding woods.

Her father did not forgot his daughter’s education however. He had a tutor that would come out every day and work with her. The tutor was a man her father had met in the war that went by his last name, Mason. It might seem an odd choice for a solider to be a teacher but Mason was a smart man and he only person outside of his wife that her dad trusted. His patience was also good contrast to her father's gruff personality. There were a lot of things about Mason that were... different. Like how he never seemed to age or the fact he was never missed a day or was ever late despite the fact that the nearest town was over two hours away. He also never talked about his personal life or where he lived or about his family.

Along with academics he taught her a number of other skills, things such as judo and chess and even how to navigate by the stars. He pushed for her father to let Wyatt go into town more, even attend the local school but her father refused saying that she could get a much better education with him and Wyatt had grown comfortable and even happy with the way things were.

Wyatt was seventeen when her father passed away from cancer. He had refused to go to a doctor and instead spent the last few months in his life in bed. Wyatt buried him behind the house just as he had requested. Before he died he said that he had written her a letter that he had placed in fire proof box with other important papers that he had left her. The letter sat in the box for a year and a half. Wyatt just could not face opening it. Mason still came out every week day even after she turned eighteen and while he encouraged her to open the letter, he never pressured her.

Likely the letter would have gone unanswered for a while longer had lightning not hit the house after a summer thunderstorm. Wyatt woke up to the smell of smoke and the house on fire. She managed to get out through a window but she could not save the house.The box had made it, nearly everything else has not. Inside was the letter as well as pictures of her mother. There were also forged documents in her name, things such as a driver's license, even a passport as well as money, enough for her to make it on her own for several months.

The letter addressed to her read as follows...

Dear Wyat

I want to apologize to you. At the time I thought I was making the right choice but I see now that it was fear that motivated me and fear they kept me. After your mother died I was terrified of something happening to you, but hiding you away from the world was not fair to you. You never got the chance to make friends or fall in love with a boy that I would have hated. You never got to go to a school dance or attend a sleepover. I know your mother would have never stood for anything like this and for that I can't forgive myself for doing that to you. The world is not an easy place to live but what we were doing was not living, it was hiding. You are smart and strong and beautiful and I know you can make it out there.

I love you, Dad.

Wyatt ended up taking her father's advice and for the past year has been adjusting back to being in society. Mason had also helped her out by way of test scores and recommendations to colleges and even helped set her up with a a place to live and job at gun store. 



Wyatt could easily survive with very little in the wilderness. She knows how to hunt, and fish, how forage and track animals and even navigate by the stars.


Wyatt has been working at a gun store for nearly a year and is very knowledgeable on and has been trained to handle most firearms.

Sharp pointy stabby things

She also has been trained in how to handle small blades such as knives and daggers. She is never without her knife that keeps on her at all times.

Other Attributes

Wyatt is unaware of this but the Topaz stone she wears around her neck allows her to see magical beings. It was given to her by a family friend and immortal named Mason when she turned seventeen.

About the Storyteller...

HOW DID YOU FIND ROTB?: I honestly dont remember.

Coded by Ducky for RotB
 Posted: May 12 2018, 11:27 PM
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Great job Micken!!!

I love Wyatt, she is gonna be an awesome addition to the site. A survivalist girl who can see magical things~ I can sense a lot of adventure is to come :D

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