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 Funeral Flowers, Tag: Persephone
 Posted: Apr 11 2018, 06:03 PM
Ancient • Egyptian God • Stewardship • Duat

Anubis looked upon the wisps scatter in the Duat’s atmosphere. Many souls were lost on their way to the Halls of Judgement, that was the nature of the Duat. For those ill prepared in death, it could take them years to find peace. Some spirits shy away from their final resting place for they know how their souls will be weighed, instead wonder around afterlife plan rifed with demons, monsters, gods, and all manners of creation. It was home to the likes of Anubis, he enjoyed it for the places the resembled the land of living: the trees, rivers, hills, etc., but he also enjoyed the fanticial element such as the lakes of liquid fire, and iron walls that reach to the skies of Duat. Though one of these outlandish features were key to his diplomacy with the Greek Underworld.

He looked at the turquoise trees loomed overhead taller than some medium sized buildings. It should be dark in a forest such as this, but the tree’s bioluminesce gave everything a bluish hue and reflected perfectly off the crystals and the sprites floating in the air. Before him was a calm pool of water, looking close enough one can see the after images of various souls who have passed by this location, as a silent record of all who entered the forest.

Demons hardly came here, though not as bad as demons of other pantheons, they were annoying spirits whom Anubis enjoyed a quiet peace from. The only ones who frequented this place were souls lost on their way or gods wishing to find a quiet place to reflect. Ever since Isis showed the hauntingly beautiful forest this had become his private sanctuary, away from his typical dwellings. His home had a grand design, with a red and white motif resembling a grand villa, but his house here was more much more humble. While fitting for a god, it was more of a house, serviced by the sheuts he commanded, it was a two story high residential place. With an outside decorated with gems and turquoise to blend into the forest setting. It’s west side overlooked the lake.

Anubis walked outside wondering if his guest would comment on the strange flora of the area. He knelt down to look at the flowers that looked to have each petal glitter with light of it own making. Anubis mused how he always forgot to sit and enjoy the small parts of nature here. When he wasn’t wishing to have solitude this location was excellent for entertaining those of important standing, Isis, Horus, even Osiris if he could ever be bothered to arrive. Outside of family it was a rare opportunity for outsiders to be welcomed. He had a table set for his meeting with the Underworld Queen, and his shadow servants ready to answer their whims.

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