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 But You've Heard of Me, tag Asheton
 Posted: Dec 29 2017, 04:02 AM
331 • Human Immortal • Second Chances • Wherever He Feels Like it

It did not take Asheton very long to notice that it seemed as if the other male had been too keen to share those stories of his for whatever reason. Not that Asheton could blame him. If he were in his shoes he would feel the same exact way. If Niulang did not want to share, that would be fine with him. It was his choice regardless of how the former pirate wanted to know. He knew better to push things. He always hated it when others pushed into his business, so he wouldn’t bother again asking out of courtesy. Right now, there were more important things at hand. Fake pirates needed to get their asses handed to them and people needed saving. He only hoped the they would make it there before anyone got hurt or worse killed.

Some battles were not worth the risks. Learning when and when not to throw yourself into a fight is something warriors should know. Only few were strong enough to take on multiple opponents at once otherwise it was dumb to even try. Fleeing to live and fight another day would be would be the only answer. It took him a long time to learn such back as a young man. He had to learn it the hard way constantly getting injured and yelled at by his, at the time, captain.

There was no probably about that sword being magical. Asheton could sense it with through his wind. He had no idea how to explain that he could feel that the sword was magic. It might not be a good idea to say that he could sense it with the wind. The last thing he wanted was to come off as being some insane guy who thought he could control the wind… he could prove it if he had to but he would rather not do that. He hardly knew anything about the other male. They just met moments ago in a non-normal way. It would probably be better not to say anything regarding his magic at all. “…It doesn’t look like any type of sword I saw before.” He replied back with a slight shrug of his shoulders. “That does explain why you didn’t use it to fight those idiots off.”

It came out as a surprise hearing that Niulang was against killing others just as much as he was. He did not expect that in the slightest. Not once did he every meet someone who felt like that. It wasn’t until three years before his death that Asheton realized that it was wrong for him to end people’s lives just because he could. “I guess that pretty much settles that. We’re both against killing.” He said once again moving forward. Not a moment later, he stopped in his tracks, finally realizing that he had no idea where he was going. He didn’t know where the pirates were. He was too busy sleeping when they attack. He turned himself back around to face Niulang. “You should probably lead the way. I don’t know where on the ship the pirates attacked.”


 Posted: Jan 7 2018, 01:12 AM
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Unsurprisingly, Asheton appeared to notice that there was something peculiar about the sword. At best, the sword looked like how human decorative swords looked. However, chances were that the other male had noticed some of the foreign materials or the language engraved on it. Most of the time, he was lucky enough for others to mistake the materials for other things which could be found on Earth. The only real things that he had to worry about was the language and the hint of a taint that lingered on the blade.

He chuckled. "Well, my people had a particular way of making their own things." He would hardly say that anything that had been made by any celestial, whether it originated in Aquarius or Leo, would look remotely human.

Asheton appeared to be somewhat surprised by his admittance of a dislike for killing others. However, as he spoke up it became clear that it was a good sort of surprise. Quietly, he nodded and made to follow the other, pausing only when Asheton suggested that he lead them. "Very well," he said.

As quietly as possible, he began to lead the two of them towards the upper deck. It was only once they were near the top of the stairs that he came to a stop. "They should be at the top," he said lowly, glancing to the other, "Do you have any sort of plan?"

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