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 A Guide to Haven, MASSIVE WIP
 Posted: Jun 17 2017, 08:38 PM
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Yes hello this is a giant WIP for Haven and stuff. So far the only finished bit is about the Angels themselves <_<

Haven is one among many realms of Afterlife, presided over by Charles, and considered the opposite to the Void, presided over by Hamilcar, among others. Haven has two distinct planes of existence; the first is the physical plane, where the Angels can be found and where Charles spends much of his time; the second is the Transcended plane, where the Collective Consciousness exists in the form of pure concept - memory, thought, and emotions belonging to the dead that were passed through Haven can be found here.

The Physical Plane:

Haven is a world considered beautiful by human standards. Its appearance changes over time, representing a world that the Collective Consciousness itself sees as "paradise". Consider the ideals of the world - there is the image of the "perfect family with the white picket fence" - if this is the presiding ideal of a perfect paradise, then Haven's appearance will change to reflect that. Paradise tends to have varying meanings, and as such, there are different areas within Haven, each possessing their own unique representation of what the Collective believes to be perfect. It is, as such, a "haven" to all, hence its name.

The Transcended Plane:

Located at the very core of Haven, access to the Transcended Plane is heavily guarded, and is authorized only to a very small number of Angels and Charles himself. The Transcended Plane itself physically resembles a large sphere of energy when regarded from outside; to the souls within, however, it looks akin to the Physical Plane, however instead of Angels inhabiting it, there are simply other souls like themselves. There is a large gateway leading to Haven's Core, through which individuals within the Collective may pass between the Transcended and Physical planes at will.

This place is as heavily guarded as it is because at its core, the Collective Consciousness is what powers Haven; if it should be tampered with, Haven itself could be easily influenced.

The Collective Consciousness:

The Collective Consciousness is the purest form of spirit energy placed into one large amalgamated existence. Souls that are handled by Haven are separated - the energy of Life is returned to the Earth and given a new existence, but the energy of the Individual (Spirit)l, all of the components that make them who they are, become a part of the Collective Consciousness. The Consciousness contains each of the following (and more, this is not an exhaustive list):
  • Ideals
  • Personalities
  • Flaws
  • Memories
  • Thoughts
  • Emotions
Each individual that becomes a part of the Collective are still considered their own individual selves, but within the Collective, they serve to create a balance of world ideals that fundamentally run the entire existence of Haven.

Due to the sheer power that souls possess, it's not uncommon for malevolent entities to attempt to steal them - either while they are still on Earth (most common) or, for those able to access them, while undergoing the separation process on Haven. For the few entities that are aware of the direct link between the Collective Consciousness and Haven, there are entities that may either try to steal souls from the Collective itself, or attempt to poison the Collective with darkened souls. There is a very good reason the Transcended Plane is heavily protected.

The Angels:

Beings that aid Charles in his duties and tend to the souls that pass on. Angels - within the context of Haven - are Created through the formation of a contract with Charles. These are beings that began as sentient Earth life, most often humans, who in some fashion struck a deal with Charles. In exchange for a miracle that he deems as worthy (IE: saving someone’s life, but not bringing misfortune to one’s enemies) that person’s soul is bound to serve him as an Angel, instead of being recycled back into life.

Souls that are viable to become “Angels” upon death must have ties to Earth, and must be either:
  • Alive when the contract is made (Humans, Celestial Humans long-living on Earth, Folklore beings, etc.)
  • Returned from the dead, but capable of dying permanently (Spirits, resurrected entities, homunculi, etc..).

They must also belong to sentient entities - beings that are able to consciously decide to accept or refuse the contract that will make them Angels upon their death.

Risks: When becoming an Angel, there is an inherent risk associated; "Angels" are the souls of those that have died, after all; these souls are both vulnerable to any other weakness a soul may possess, and also run the risk of permanent destruction; while the energy that gives them "life" will be returned if they are killed, the memories and experiences that made them who they were may be permanently lost; essentially, an individual who chooses to accept the contract may risk their existence being fundamentally destroyed should they die as an Angel.

Duration of Service:

The duration one is expected to remain an Angel, before their soul can be returned to the Collective Consciousness and their life energy recycled, is dependent upon the miracle that is asked; a miracle that involves the return of life, for example, would warrant long-term servitude, while a miracle such as a plentiful crop for three straight years may only warrant short term duration. However it should also be taken into consideration that once an Angel, that Angel has the choice to continue their service when their contract ends.

Angel Types:

Naturally, there are different types of Angels that serve different functions within Haven. Each individual soul is suited better for certain tasks over others, and as such when becoming an Angel, they are assessed and their roles are given where they best fit. The following is a list of the general “types” of Angels, each separated into one of seven main branches, named for the seven virtues.

Hope Branch - Seekers: Angels whose sole duty is to locate and collect souls. This is both the most plentiful type of Angel, and the “initial” role that all Angels are given until their skills can be better assessed. Some Angels will remain in this rank - it is not insult to their capabilities, some are simply sharp eyes and fast fliers.

Courage Branch - Guardian Angels: Those who watch over living "persons of interest"; if a person is threatened but they're not meant to die yet, a Guardian Angel will watch over them. Guardian Angels can also be assigned to the souls of the dead that have bound themselves to Earth and are presently incapable of moving on.

Prudence Branch - Defenders: Those who guard the collection of souls as they wait to be cleansed and recycled. These are the most combat-ready of Angels, though tend to be weaker purifiers.

Charity Branch - Purifiers: There are some souls that, for some reason or another, are unable to move on, because they have bound themselves to Earth. These are the Angels that are capable of removing the chains that bind a soul.

Faith Branch - Messengers: Similar to Charles, these are angels that appear in order to appeal to someone's prayer. They don't answer miracles as Charles does, but speak to humans through some means - in visions, dreams, some even physically appear if it’s called for.

Justice Branch - Avengers: These are a subset of Seekers, though more offensively powered, and could be considered a derivative of Defender and Seeker; when the Defender angels fail, and a soul is taken from Haven, these are the Angels charged with locating and returning the souls.

Temperance Branch - Archangels: Ultimately these are the “organizers” of Haven, a small handful of Angels that keep things in order and regulate things while Charles is away. They hold a senior role among the Angels, and thus are blessed with four wings rather than two.


The aforementioned “types” of Angels fall under a total of 5 tiers, as follows, from Highest to Lowest. Listed alongside the tiers I have also placed the required tier to be given a certain role as an Angel; PLEASE NOTE however - a higher tier Angel may occupy a lower Tier role. It is extremely common to see Tier 2 and 3 Angels fill the role of Seekers because so many are needed.

1. Archangels

2. Defenders
2. Avengers

3. Purifiers
3. Guardian Angels

4. Messenger Angels

5. Seekers

Tier 5: This is where all Angels begin. When first becoming an Angel, rarely does a soul have “unique powers”; these abilities are typically awakened later into development as an Angel - with exceptions of course. Tier 5 consists of Angels with unawakened potential.

Tier 4: This is where Angels who have begun to awaken their capabilities - or those with the lowest awakened spiritual potential - sit. Angels of this tier have minimal combative abilities and minimal purification abilities, but they have managed to tap into their spiritual potential.

Tier 3: Tier 3 largely consists of Angels who have high purification ability, but low combative ability - or alternatively those with high combative and low or negligible purification. This is typically where you will find Angels who have mastery in one area but are severely lacking in another; it is the most unbalanced tier, and also has the least consistent number of angels; it’s considered a “passing” tier because those who have reached it tend to quickly develop into Tier 2.

Tier 2: For all intents and purposes, this is the highest achievable tier of Angel. Those in this tier have achieved the highest spiritual potential, having the most well-developed combative capabilities of all tiers.

Tier 1: This tier is a “hand picked elite” group that largely possesses the same capabilities as Tier 2, but as they are gifted with a second pair of wings, their capabilities are somewhat amplified. This is the smallest group, seen as the “supervisors” to the rest of the Angels.

End of Contract:

There are a total four ways in which an Angel may stop becoming an Angel;

Voluntary: This is the end of an Angel’s contract. Most choose to continue, but some may not.

Forced: There are powers that Charles cannot control - such as Angels being chosen by the Man in the Moon or another deity. These Angels would still be allowed to come to Haven, unless their “new” contract specifically forbids it.

Obliteration: As Angels have already experienced death, a second death is considered the soul’s obliteration; the soul has now died along with the body, and thus cannot be recovered.

Falling: Angels may fall from Haven by committing a crime against its people. Their role as an Angel is stripped from them, and their wings are removed.

The following are examples of rules that will result in a Fall:
  • Murder
  • Tampering with a soul
  • Taking a soul that is not Haven’s jurisdiction without permission
  • Intentionally tipping the world balance or influencing an individual to help tip the balance
  • Attempting rebellion among the Angels (this could actually be more serious and result in their immortal nature being taken and their soul added to the collective…)
Handling of Souls:

The process by which a soul is handled in Haven is outlined in a very basic format below.

Termination: End of a life.

Extraction: The soul is extracted from the body.

Purification: The soul is cleansed, and chains binding it to Earth are removed.

Ascension: The soul is taken to Haven.

Separation: By far the longest stage of the process, this is where the Life and Spirit are separated. This follows three stages:

1. Recording - The entire life of the soul is relived.
2. Cleansing - Each aspect of the Spirit is filtered out of the soul, leaving Life and Spirit as separate entities.
3. Processing - The Spirit is guided by Charles or one of the few designated Angels to the Transcended Plane, while the energy of Life naturally cycles itself back to Earth.

Renewal: A new life begins.

Note that the Separation part of the process is very complex; sometimes a Cleansing may be impure, and Life returned to Earth may still hold fragments of memories. This explains the phenomenon in which people claim to know they had "another life before this one".
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