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 [E] Warm and Snug, Open to 3~
 Posted: Oct 10 2017, 09:58 PM
??? • Canadian • Feels • The snowy place

The bitter chill that takes its first breath in autumn is not known around the world. In Melbourne, Australia, it is an atmosphere that breathes warmly like a soft lull in the evening through to a blissful night. But the fear itself seeps even here; there are only two of them this time, dark mares that slither through vents and crawl, as sand does, in every impossible corner. The air is warm, families comfortable in their beds. But a prickling can be felt at the back of the neck; beads of sweat form as the Night Mares begin to feed, drawing fears to the surface to strengthen their master and to strengthen themselves.

Their meal is hot and fresh; recent fears loom in the minds of those living here, fears of recent travesties that happened so near to their city. Humans are the most excellent perpetuators of fear, vessels, carriers for the Night Mares to feast from. From room to room, dwelling to dwelling, the two beasts of black crystalline sand make their rounds undisturbed. But the night is not often empty of their adversaries, for the moon shines bright in the sky.

HP: 2/2, 2/2
Action: None.
Notes: Player Characters start with a full 3/3 HP! Night Mares are just weaker than your average Guardian or Immortal so it's lower. Player takes first move!

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