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 Study Party, Open
 Posted: Apr 14 2018, 06:40 AM
Ancient • Immortal Human • Greed • The Void

Hamilcar sat at his citadel looking over the tomes before him, there was so much knowledge in the void most it is leaning towards the dark arts. Those who were smart, but wicked or foolish and unlucky had their souls end up in this damnable place. Hamilcar ordered one of his thralls to get him another tome, there had to be something in these books on how to tract a powerful being.

The thrall groaned and gave him the book. Its soul was obviously in torment, but Hammy hardly cared for the well being of such a creature. With a hand motion he ordered it away. Now before him laid an extremely rare and esoteric book. The cover was red with black carvings, the pages yellowed, and when reading the book there was the slightest whisper heard. Hamilcar read the book for a moment before abruptly throwing the book halfway across the room. “IT’S NOT HERE?” He said exasperated in an over dramatic voice. With a flick of the wrist the ancient tome was flung behind him.

“I’m going out, I have to go to that accursed library.” He said to his servants though it was more for his own satisfaction. In an instance, he popped out of the Void and was standing in front of the librarium. For once he needed knowledge for the sake of learning a good scrying spell and not for some sort of grand scheme. It was almost insulting a power clairvoyant such as himself would need to resort to such things as getting a magic user and the appropriate spell. In any other instance he could simple use his natural powers to divine where the artifact was, but powerful relics were not so easy to reveal themselves. He stepped near the library and was genuinely surprised he was allowed in. Hamilcar step through the front door, gazing at the long book shelves.
 Posted: Apr 14 2018, 02:22 PM
11 • Human • Curiosity • Burgess, PA

Today had been a rather long day. But Alice was also pretty satisfied, after her classes she had made her way to her favorite place in the ENTIRE world. The librarium.

She wanted to do more research on potions and Lysbeth and Sasha had both been super awesome in helping her find just the right sort of books to be looking at. So in order to prepare for her upcoming cooler-than-math-class classes with Miss Lysbeth- Alice was studying here instead.

Today, she was reading up on salves. She had heard Miss Lysbeth talking about them before and she supposed they sounded useful but never looked into them. But when Miss Grey- Alice's new English teacher mentioned them as they discussed a short story they read- it had brought the subject back to the forefront of Alice's mind.

After talking with Sasha and getting help from the librarian, Alice was now curled up in one of the reading nooks nestled with a bunch of pillows she pulled from the other spaces- reading and taking notes on herbs and salves copying down any recipes that looked particularly interesting.

But, her reading was interrupted and Alice blinked when she heard the door open and snuck a peek to see a man looking at the library all surprised.

"It's cool- isn't it?" She said with a grin.

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