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 Spring 2018 Voting - Outside, Cast your vote!
Where should the 2018 spring outside icc location be?
Botanical Gardens [ 11 ]  [78.57%]
Mediterranean Beach [ 3 ]  [21.43%]
Total Votes: 14
Guests cannot vote 
 Posted on Apr 15 2018, 02:13 AM
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Pick your favorite and remember to only vote once, please.

Botanical Gardensl: Though it is technically indoors, our Botanicals Gardens are so advanced you’ll feel like you’re back on the ground. The domes display the sky in realistic accuracy 24/7, meaning you get to see the sunrise, sunset, and lay under the stars among the flowers. Main meetings areas are throughout the gardens, set up as gazebos, but there are many hidden treasures and private areas throughout. Try and find our koi pond, or our water fall! Take a walk through a hedge maze, help tend to our food gardens, or simply enjoy the wonders of nature.

Mediterranean Beach: The beach is an expansive stretch of white sand meeting a clear cerulean sea. A gentle breeze sails through this land and the clouds sail. The waves are gentle in the day and get rougher at night, locals typically avoid the beach at night saying the nereids get too antsy. A craggy rockface overlooks the sea, for any who want to rock climb or hike.
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