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 Posted: Aug 8 2018, 02:39 PM

Once Upon a Time...
Ciela Librae, Libra, Fang Xiu, Shé Wēi qī (the Seventh Star of Executions), Kakkab Mulu-izi (the Star Man of Fire), Vichaka, "the Insufficient Price", Balance, "the Scale", Chelae, Ti, Nuru-sha-Shutu, "the Southern Light", Vazneschemali, Vaznesganebi, Almizen, Altar, Azubene, Tiān chèng zuò (the celestial steelyeard constellation)
00 Years


WEIGHT: 00lbs
HEIGHT: 0❜00❞
PLAY-BY: SERIES / Face Claim Name or Artist

NOTE: We do NOT track face claims. While rare, you may find duplicates on the site.

A minimum of two (2) paragraphs describing your character from head to toe. Refrain from listing off details. Things to include: skin complexion, hair color, eye color. Does your character have anything different about them, seen or unseen? Things to possibly include: tattoos, piercings, scars, accessories, deformations, altered appearance due to a ‘power’,  etc.

Describe your character’s clothing style. This is typically not one specific outfit but an observational trend your character seems to wear over time. 


A minimum of three (3) paragraphs to describe your character's personality and mannerisms. Please use full-length sentences instead of bullet-pointed lists.

As the bearer of the Balance symbol, Ciela can act dually. Which is being a good person and a bad person. As a good person, Ciella is a peace loving person. She is calm and gentle. She love harmony, and she hate wars. And she prefer to solve disputes peacefully.

On the other hand, Ciela is also can be called the manifestation of self-piteous, envious and vengeful soul. She is quick to pity herself as well as become jealous of other people's happiness, and she often have a hard time to be happy for other people's happiness when she herself win, have or gain nothing. Even when she did nothing to the said people. Ciela also have the tendency to hold grudges again other people. Specifically, against the people who have wrong her in the past.


Other Information

Any other information relevant to your character such as but not limited to; likes, dislikes, dreams, fears, hobbies, interests, quirks, fun facts, headcanons (if applicable),  sexuality, preference in romantic partners, religious beliefs, etc may go here.
If your character is of a race of your own creation, please provide some information on culture, history, nature, etc, here!


"Mirror on the wall, who's the fairest lady of us all?"

To sum it up, Ciela born thousand of years ago into Libra royal family in their home in Libra Constellation). Her parents have retire a long time ago, and her uncle is the last known ruler of the constellation. She have two younger siblings, and they are twins to each other.

In Libra constellation, Ciela live in her family house. The place is known as the Palace of the Scale, and it is located in the heart of the constellation's Capitol, Ensena. Also known as Ensena castle and Palace of the Mirrors, it have many rooms and it looks like a big mansion in Victorian era.

Ciela spend most of the first half of her teenage life at home. She spend her life rather normally. In fact, she lead a rather sheltered life.

"Every body lead a nice life except me. How nice"

Ciela is one of the people who died, when Pitch Black attack Libra constellation. But she is alive right now. Because a girl had summon her soul, not ling after her death.

A minimum of three (3) detailed paragraphs describing your characters history. Things to include: origins, family, early stages of your characters personality, notable hardships, notable celebrations, further development of your characters personality, auxiliary features and how they came to be,  how your character came to be where they are right now, current level of character development, where your character is ‘going’ in the near future.

Important note: Please include for Guardians, why they became a Guardian, and for Anti-Guardians, why they became an Anti-Guardian. This is crucial and we may not accept an application that lacks this information!


Elementumkinesis: Ciela is capable to manipulate elements through her mind. Specifically the four basic elements. However, currently, Ciela only capable to manipulate two elements. Which is Fire and Air

Hot Air Manipulation: In addition of her ability to manipulate Fire and Air, Ciela also capable to mix the two elements together and create a hot air that she can use outside and inside battles. Weak against Cold Air Manipulation.

Elemental Empowerment: Ciela have the ability to gain empowerment through elemental forces. Specifically Fire, Air, and Wood elements. Can't gain empowerment through Ice. It also can only be used passively.

Eyes of Truth:

Scale of Justice:

Please describe all abilities that your character has, be as detailed as possible and include weaknesses here as well.  

All humans possess the ‘Power of Belief’, as demonstrated by RotG. [Note: the Power of Belief does not affect the character in any way, but rather is an invisible tool used by humans to affect those they believe in.]

Abilities should be well thought out, clearly explained and balanced with both pros and cons, unless it is intrinsically canon. This section is reviewed on a case-by-case basis and subject to revision at the staff's discretion.

Other Attributes

Does your character have a skill that makes them stand out among the rest? What are they? Elaborate here.

About the Storyteller...

OOC ALIAS: What is your OOC username?
PREFERRED PRONOUN: He / She / Another pronoun?
PREFERRED CONTACT: Please list a contact, whether it be through Skype, AIM, email, or just regular PM.
HOW DID YOU FIND ROTB?: Google, resource forum, advertisement, word of mouth?

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