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 Location Suggestion Thread
 Posted: May 13 2015, 12:02 AM
26 • Human • Ships • Japan

Do you want to see a place added as a sub-board on the forums? For example, if your Guardian or Anti-Guardian character would like their own home or abode, in the way that North has his fortress and Pitch has his lair, we will gladly create that for you! Just post here and the staff will review your request.

Please post your location submission in the code below. Please note that locations added for submission should be placed where multiple threads may be expected to take place, and the approval of locations is dependent on whether the staff see it as beneficial. Additionally, there is one requirement: that your character has been active on board for at least 1 month.

If any request subforum goes without being used for 4 months or more, or all of the characters it was originally intended for go inactive, it will be archived.


[b]Location:[/b] Write what the location would be known as
[b]Sub-board Location:[/b] Where would we put it? Would it placed under a continent/other topics/Environmental places (I.e. North America, Burgess, Lakes).
[b]Description (As Needed):[/b] If you need to describe what exactly the area is, do it here.
[b]Reason/Possibilities:[/b] Who would use this area, what are the possibilities in your mind that makes this an epic place for the site? Let us know!

Completed Requests
Vixul's Territory - Jester
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