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 Poison Apples, Tag Eris <3
 Posted: Jan 8 2018, 01:44 AM
831 • Former Human • Love • Ireland

I'm gonna break you I'm gonna make you A fucking psycho

Possible M/TW? This might get dark

They had taken him somewhere dark. Everything was dark. He could see nothing - but then, that was by design; absolute blackness in his eyes, in his peripheral, he couldn’t see or hear anything. The joint attack had been too much for him to handle alone; fear alone, that was one thing, Phobos...Phobos he could at least deal with. But the other one was someone new - someone who had equal desire to tear him down, though not for his own suffering; it was that fiend who ruled the Void, out to stick it to Charles. And what better way than to tie down one of his former Angels? Caerwyn hadn’t stood a chance. Not against the two of them. He’d tried, sincerely tried, he’d fought to the very last before fear seeped inside his veins and turned his limbs to jelly.

When he fell, there had been nothing but darkness. A quick slumber, and when he’d awoken, it had been to shadows. They must have blindfolded him, or put something over his face. He couldn’t reach up to check, his hands were firmly stuck behind his back, painfully, whatever was there was cutting into his wrists. He at least had his legs free - and when he’d recovered consciousness, that had been the first thing he took advantage of, swinging a foot out wildly, catching something with a satisfying grunt, but his victory had been short-lived; while he’d managed to kick someone somewhere, he’d abruptly felt a greater wave of fear course through him, rendering him into a state of shock.

Even paralyzed by fear, he knew what was happening. He knew what had happened to him. Losing to the allies of the Nightmare King….they weren’t going to take him anywhere pleasant. He knew what happened to prisoners of the Nightmare King.

...At that point, Phobos no longer needed to manipulate any of his fears; he could already feel them tingling on the surface, bubbling in his blood.

I failed.

He didn’t know how long he was being carried - couldn’t see, couldn’t hear very well, couldn’t exactly perceive time. But abruptly he felt himself being dropped, or rather it felt like he was thrown, to the ground, making solid contact with some sort of hard surface. He tried not to make a sound, but let out a quiet whine all the same.

”We brought him, like you asked.”

He felt a horrible pit in his stomach.
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