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 A Difficult Discussion, Caspian
 Posted: Aug 19 2017, 09:32 AM
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Why wasn't this helping, why couldn't she understand he didn't want to go..... but she was slowly eliminating any and all excuses he was trying to provide. There was nothing that was gonna continue to stop her unless he....unless he wanted to outright reject her.

Which he could.

But he didn't want to piss her off- he pissed off so many others.... at this rate he was going to be alone. He probably deserved it but he ought to try- but he was still scared.

Caspian knew he had to trust her.... even if it was hard....even if every instinct was telling him to not... If he didn't he risked losing her- and her patience was already wearing thin and let's be honest- Emily Jane was not one for patience.

He exhaled trying to figure out what to do- what to say.....anything.... averting his eyes down to the ground, Caspian glanced briefly at Emily Jane before looking away once more.

"Just....promise'll let me leave when I want to. I know it sounds strange...but I just... I need that reassurance. If I get that, I'll go..." he said quietly.

 Posted: Sep 13 2017, 04:09 PM
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Now it was Emily's turn to hesitate, but only for a moment. She needed answers but she wasn't going to keep him anywhere against his will. She only did stuff like that when she absolutely had to. And she trusted Caspian. She was sure he would understand her interest about what she needed to know. Especially if she explained the arrangement she had with her father. She had a feeling that he would ask about that with how stubborn he'd been already.

"Of course." She nodded. She would make the arrangements as soon as they were on their way. He wouldn't have to worry about getting home if he chose to leave. Hopefully he'd at least stay long enough to enjoy it.

With that settled, she turned and started towards the trees once again. This time though, she looked back every few seconds to make sure he was in fact following her this time. They'd spent enough time on this. She had made sure to clear time in her schedule for him but it was only a matter of time before something popped up.

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