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 Posted: Feb 12 2018, 07:53 PM
~50, appears 17 • Cloud • Imagination • Sky

Once Upon a Time...
Est. 50, Appears 17


WEIGHT: 00lbs
HEIGHT: 5❜1❞

Cirrus, being made of cloud, can take almost any form she wishes, as long as she’s seen it before. Most commonly, she likes to appear as a highschool-aged girl with brown eyes and a shoulder-length bob cut and two longer locks of hair extending just past her shoulders. She is light-skinned, but her colouring changes with her mood. When sad or angry, she will take on more of a grey tone, and when especially angry, she will darken further and crackle with electricity.

In her cloud form, Cirrus has no need for clothes, and doesn’t actually own any. When she appears as human, she simply borrows from her memories of what teenage girls are wearing, or items she’s seen in stores.

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The young couple laid together in the grass, their hands gently clasped together. His hair swayed in the breeze, while hers spilled over the blanket they shared. They watched the sky with smiles on their faces while they talked and laughed together. One of them pointed to a cloud that resembled a squirrel, while the other swore that one looked just like a bear. What they didn’t see, however, was the smaller cloud hanging above the others.

Cirrus loved days like today. Sunny with a light breeze and plenty of fluffy white clouds to work with. Humans loved to spend days like this outside, and she loved to make sure they had something fun to see whenever they looked up. Today, she was practicing her animals, the small cloud humming to herself as she used her power to shape a larger cloud into a duck. She moved it into the breeze that would carry it over the young couple, and waited for their reaction. The girl spotted it first, and Cirrus felt the same spike of joy that she always did whenever somebody noticed her clouds, and with that renewed energy, she could put more and more effort into her clouds.

”Hmmm, what to make next…” she pondered, wanting to challenge herself with something more impressive. ”Oh! I know!” She bobbed once in the air as clouds slowly gathered together into an incoherent whole, before being smoothed out to resemble a blue whale. She had seen lots and lots of those while hanging out over the ocean, and humans always loved whales! She sent the colossal beast on the same breeze, watching it proudly as it drifted by, obscuring even Cirrus’ vision for a time.

Warmth filled her as the couple took in the massive marine animal as it floated by, but Cirrus quickly cooled from that and her mood faltered as her blue whale finally floated by. The couple was standing now, and wrapping up their blanket. The boy looked worried, his gaze off in the horizon. Cirrus looked too, disappointed in what she saw. A wall of grey clouds was approaching, trailing a heavy blanket of the same behind it. Rain clouds were coming to cover up the beautiful sunny day, and the small cloud pouted at them.

The clouds were her family; she loved them, and they loved her, but they had a job to do, too. She could redirect the storm, but she didn’t like to meddle, and she had no desire to travel with the storm, leaving her two options. Up or down. She could rejoin the other cirrus clouds, far above the rainclouds, but they weren’t much for conversation and she might be stuck up there for hours with nothing to do. So down she went. With a slight swirl, she took on her human appearance, that of a seventeen year old girl. She put together a quick outfit consisting of a red raincoat, slightly torn jeans, and white rubber boots with little pink duckies on them. In the space of a moment, this girl had replaced the small white cloud and began to plummet face-first down to the ground. She smiled at the rainclouds, shouting encouragement the whole way. ”Do your best, everyone! The flowers and I are counting on you!” The rainclouds rumbled in reply.

Just before impact, Cirrus braced herself, shattering into many small wisps of cloud as she hit the earth, splashing in every direction before coming back to a cohesive whole once again. She re-formed in a standing position, head tilted to the sky, feeling the energy changing in the air. And within herself. Most humans liked to spend rainy days inside, and animals often preferred their dens and trees to a day out in the rain, but Cirrus was always excited and energized by the rain. With so many clouds in one place, she naturally grew stronger, her human form gaining more muscle tone and energy. With so much energy filling her body, it was difficult to not run around and play in the rain.

The first droplets fell, and then it poured. Cirrus stepped out into the rain, her coat’s hood failing to protect her face from the rain. She squinted at the sky, jabbing a finger at the mass of grey clouds. ”Hey! Quit aimin’ at me!” she shouted, wagging her finger as if scolding the clouds. ”So rude! Who raised you?” The storm rumbled, and the rain around her thinned out. She smiled then, and gave the clouds a thumbs up. It wasn’t their fault, they were just happy to see her, and with so much excitement in the air, they couldn’t control themselves.

Cirrus skipped, marched, and frolicked through the rain, careful not to slip in the mud, visiting as many flowers as she could. If she could talk to them, she was sure they would be singing in the rain right about now. She couldn’t tell if hours or just minutes had passed, but the rain was over all too soon, and her rain dance came to an end. As the sun started to re-emerge, Cirrus started to lose her extra energy and strength, replaced by weariness and fatigue. ”Great job everyone!” she shouted to the clouds as they parted. With a yawn and a stretch, Cirrus picked a tree to sit under, her tired gaze watching clouds lazily drift away on the horizon. ”I’m so proud of you,” she murmured, her eyes gently closing.

”My children.”


Cirrus can shift between her human form and her cloud form. In her cloud form, she is a cloud. She can ride breezes and strong winds to get around, and even bend them a little to help herself out. In her human form, she is quite human-y to the touch, though she feels colder than a regular human.

Defensively, Cirrus is quite strong. Any physical blow that she is expecting will pass right through her, but magical attacks will hit home. Wind-based magic is particularly effective, and anything that generates a strong wind will be enough to scatter her. Lightning magic is generally ineffective, as Cirrus can absorb and store small amounts of electricity in her body. This can be safely discharged into the ground, or all around her in a shocking field, or even directed like a lightning bolt.

Offensively, Cirrus has a hard time. She relies on retreating to the sky more often than not, but has begun experimenting with her offensive capabilities since the war began. She’s figured out how to form small thunderclouds to use as weapons, and is working on weaponizing hail, with little success so far.

On overcast or rainy days, her human form becomes stronger, adding more muscle mass and tone, as well as giving her more energy. On clearer days, she has less power and is generally calmer. Cirrus will not be found in an area that has no clouds.

Cirrus can control and make clouds, though the conditions need to be right to form clouds. Fog, for example, can be made only if the weather would normally be conducive to fog forming, and if she wants to create massive amounts of clouds, she must find a mountain or sufficiently tall building to sit atop of. Her control of clouds is strongest in the sky, where she can freely shape and move around almost any mass of clouds. This also allows her to create rain and snow, but she prefers not to. From the ground, her control over the clouds is weaker, and she is unable to influence the weather.

Cirrus is still young, discovering herself and her own capabilities, meaning this section will continue to grow and become more detailed.

Other Attributes

Despite being able to talk to clouds, Cirrus seems to be the only one capable of shifting form. She has never met another cloud like herself.

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 Posted: Feb 13 2018, 12:46 AM
??? • Canadian • Feels • The snowy place


Uhhhhhh tbh I would like to just pick this girl up and hold her. She's so freakin cute. I love the idea of there being this precious cloud child who makes clouds into all those shapes, like yes this is the explanation for why clouds look like familiar objects. Sweet girl, sweet cloud mom. I love her. She's perfect.

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