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 But You've Heard of Me, tag Asheton
 Posted: Jun 19 2017, 04:43 PM
Very Old • Celestial Human • Balance • Aquarius Constellation


Traveling had always been a long and mediated business with Niulang. Since the first time he had been on Earth, he had known that it would be better if he were not noticed. After all, Terrians were an unusual species in that they possessed so many other species upon their own planet. In many respects, it dwarfed even what his home constellation, which had commonly brought in immigrants, had kept upon all of its planets. However, with it came a certain racism. Not everyone everywhere was used to a mixing of cultures. It had not particularly helped him that he looked quite similar to Terrians that were quite secluded when he had arrived on Earth. It had made traveling quite difficult.

While such things had certainly lessened over the years, his caution existed for another reason entirely. The Immortal side of the world was beginning to make itself far more known, even some of the celestials peaking out of the woodwork now and again. Personally, he wished to have nothing to do with it, even if he did occasionally wonder if that was the correct course of action. He had seen part of the war slightly and it was enough to have him question the decision. After all, he knew enough about Pitch Black to know that he wanted a fate far worse than any previous Immortal War had wrought. One did not turn their sights upon another planet after wrecking genocide upon so many others for no reason after all.

It was...something to think upon, but perhaps not now. For now, he was a bit more focused upon the boat ride to Asia. September was fast approaching and he would have to make sure that he was there when the month final came. Though, he was not entirely sure as to what he would do once he got there.

He was broken out of his train of thought as the ship was suddenly boarded by what appeared to be armed mortals and began rounding people up, their clearest ambition being robbery. He withheld a grimace; today was not going to be a quiet day.

NOTE: based off of this. Hope this works for a meeting <3 Not sorry for the reference

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