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 Toy Soldiers, Momo/Ivan
 Posted: May 16 2018, 08:56 PM
132 • Toy • Fortitude • Russia

arctic frost
@CARMA | #note
Ivan frowned, nodding in understanding. "It could be enemy movement," he admitted. He knew little about the Mirror World, but he imagined that it was not too far fetched to think that there might be beings within it willing to ally themselves with the Nightmare King. After all, he knew quite well that the Dream World had its own share of beings who were across the entire spectrum when it came to the war. The Beldam was just one among many beings that he knew was allied with the Nightmare King and tied to the Dream World. Thankfully, many others seemed far more content to stay neutral, something that no doubt had to do with the fact that most beings tied to sleep tended to be ill-suited for war.

Nonetheless, he would not press the matter. Deiter had said he would try to look into it and that was good enough. He should only hope that it was not actually too dangerous. After all, it was starting to seem like there were problems popping up everywhere as of late.

The Nutcracker Prince knew little when it came to injury. While not thoroughly unfamiliar with injury, he had spent almost all of his entire life made of wood, only becoming larger and animated at the strike of midnight. The pain of wounds were not something he was used to and this was admittedly the worst he had ever received, probably completely unfamiliar to him. It was a strange feeling, but one which felt fairly numb to him, perhaps more than it should.

He nodded before following instruction and leaning on the other soldier. Bright eyes turned on the mirror that the Lieutenant had pulled out with a quiet curiosity. "Da," he said in affirmation, making sure to hold onto the other male as tightly as possible without hurting him. He had a feeling he didn't want to know what happened if he let go anyway.

 Posted: Today at 01:30 am
86 • Poltergeist • Consequence • Germany

Enemy movement...that made it sound grim, daunting. As if there wasn’t enough danger already, surrounding them, now there was….the possibility of a threat from his own world, yet another danger added to the mix. He gave a soft sigh and a nod of affirmation.

He’d have to take a look, the next time he ventured deep into Spiegelwelt.

They would probably be safe as long as they stayed in the Bridge, the world that stood between the two - where reflections existed, but no depth, no real world of its own. It was where most poltergeists could be found - spirits trapped in the mirror just like Deiter. Not Doppelgangers, but souls consumed by the mirrored world, souls that didn’t heed the warnings to cover reflective surfaces after a death. Now, it would serve as the passageway for the two soldiers to find their way to a toymaker, the only sort of person that could truly help the Nutcracker Prince.

He felt the royal prince of the dream world cling tightly, and in turn held the man near. He closed his eyes, snapping the mirror shut in his hand with both of them in frame. ”Schwarzspeigel.” he whispered, as the lid drew closed. For a moment, there was nothing; blackness surrounded them, and the swimming feeling of weightlessness - but after a moment, the two stood in….relatively the same space, but mirrored. What had been left was now right, and the world itself was faded, paler. Colour was still present, but it was as though it was washed in an odd light. In the distance, the world seemed to vanish into a void of black - it was the “edge” of what the mirror had captured, and at first, it had seemed daunting to the Leutenant. Now, he simply knew that stepping through it meant stepping into the next mirror.

”I’m sure this is very strange for you, right now.” he murmured, supporting the prince as he started along the path. ”but don’t worry. We won’t be in here for long.”

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