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 magical vanishing leo, {have u seen dis kitty}
 Posted: Apr 6 2018, 04:33 PM
N/A • Star-Child/Zodiac • Confidence • The constellation of Leo

{ooc: in which I can't come up with a serious oneshot name and also I wrote a oneshot explaining Noot's dissappearance before writing my own re-intro post I SUCK AT THIS}

No warnings - except how short it is lmao and maybe how it's a bit of a bummer.


His lips were curved, a gentle, pinkish crease that reflected the pleasant thoughts that must have been filling his mind. Nootau loved how Caerwyn smiled in his sleep, when he was at his most peaceful. He loved how – on occasion – the sprite’s eyelids would flutter, or when he stirred the quietest of murmurs would escape him. They were always unintelligible little noises, but they often stirred Caerwyn enough to make him wriggle slightly in Nootau’s arms whenever the latter held him close. The Leo slept light these days, and he usually dropped off long after Caer did, so monitoring the sleeping redhead had become somewhat of a ritual that helped him ease off too, and it was a last minute comfort to have Caer be the last thing Nootau saw before he closed his eyes. It seemed quite fitting to have him be the last thing he saw now before –

A sound not unlike a cough yet much softer came from the doorway.

Nootau was brought from his trance and he turned his head to glance over his shoulder. He regarded the newcomer firstly with a shimmer of reluctance; mouth parting just an inch as if to voice some objection. But just as quickly as the gentle defiance appeared, it vanished once more, fading into solemn acceptance. He shut his eyes, then turned his head back towards the bed, where Caerwyn slept, where he wished he could lie once more beside him, holding him. He swallowed hard and spoke, voice thick; “Da, I-“
“Don’t wake him.” It was an order, but Fionn’s voice held sympathy and understanding there as he took a step towards his adoptive charge, “It is easier to do it this way.” There was a pause as the two stood beside each other, regarding Caerwyn; “For him too. A prolonged farewell will only cause further heartache.”

Nootau started then, his head swivelled to Fionn, eyes wider and brow creased with sudden worry; “His heart, he’ll know where to-“ But a raised hand from the Celt motioned his words to cease. Nootau watched, frowning, as Fionn reached into his knapsack and withdrew a crude looking pendant; a single, moss-green stone with a leather string drilled threw and tied simply at the top. It was handed to the Leo, who studied it for a moment before looking to Fionn for clarification. The Celt nodded.
“I had this fashioned by one of our smiths. It hinders the auras otherwise felt by folk of an enchanted nature, limiting the signals you leave on this Earth for as long as you wear it. All the while this stone is around your neck, Caerwyn will not be able track your heartstrings or feel emotions coming from you in particular. It does not hurt nor will it limit his or your abilities in any other way – it is simply the means we must take to-“
“-stop him or anyone I care about finding me.” There was a break in Nootau’s words, but Fionn remained steadfast. He nodded again, matter-of-factly. The Leo drew in a deep breath, chest rising as he clutched the object in his fist; it was cold, and he already hated it. But suddenly there was a warmth, and he realised Fionn had placed a hand on his shoulder, sensing the mood.

“You know what they say about the first step, don’t you?” His voice was low, gentle, reassuring, but Nootau found it difficult to take comfort. Fionn’s grip squeezed a little, “You have my word that Caerwyn will be safe here.”
“And the cubs?”
“Flint and Matthias? “
“I can’t leave them now…I can’t just disappear again – I’ve only just got them into my life and now I’m-“
“Leaving to become the father they deserve?”
Although Fionn’s words held a harsh truth, they were not without the twinge of hope and opportunity. Whatever the meanings behind them, it was enough to silence the Leo, who let his gaze fall – mostly ashamed – back to Caerwyn.
“I’m scared he’ll never forgive me.”
“You haven’t even left yet.” Fionn reminded him, with something of a coy smile on his lips, “How can you fear the future without knowing what will happen? And how can you suppose Caerwyn will never forgive you when you don’t control his thoughts?”
Nootau looked at Fionn then, eyes glistening. He couldn’t answer, and Fionn continued;
“All you can do now is place one foot forward at a time. A warrior cannot blur his mind with the past, otherwise his vision will be stunted. He cannot guess the future otherwise he might stumble. All he can do is look to where his sword is swinging and pray it hits the mark. Family, lovers, they’re all-“
“You’re rambling already.” Now it was Noot’s turn to crack a small, lopsided smile, and it was a pleasant relief to break the sombre atmosphere between them, “-shouldn’t you save this for the mountains?”
Fionn’s chuckle was so quiet it was nearly unheard underneath the sound of the duvet rustling as Caerwyn peacefully stirred in his sleep, but the grin was enough to remind Nootau that there was no one else he’d rather take on the role of his mentor. But as he regarded his adoptive father with fondness, another thought struck Nootau; “But what about the Fianna? Your family?”
The grin on Fionn’s face softened but a gentle smile remained; “They know and they understand. My sons have all followed the same path as you and they know what it is to take this journey. They will keep things in order while I’m gone.”

A silence fell between them, and in those quiet moments Nootau came to the realisation that the time to leave had come. He swallowed hard and shut his eyes as he felt Fionn’s hand leave his shoulder before the Celt then whispered; “I will be waiting for you outside. Don’t delay too long, Nootau.”
As the Leo heard the footsteps fade and the anticipated click of the front door shutting, he turned his attention back to Caerwyn. It was taking every ounce of strength, every shred of discipline to resist the urge to wake the sleeping Guardian. There was so much he wanted to say, most of which included the pre-emptive flow of apologies bursting from the aching tightness in his-

The cold feel of the pendant suddenly became very present in his hand again. He looked down at the thing sitting there in the now shaking expanse of his palm, dreading the weight of it around his neck and the guilt of what it would mean for Caerwyn. He imagined that little string between them, although he himself couldn’t see it, and he pictured it going…not invisible entirely, but more as how a current appears in the water or wind whipping over a grassy field; holding no colour yet somehow…translucent?

The Leo sucked in his lips. He knew he couldn’t be much longer – Fionn was waiting for him….but to leave so suddenly? And with no explanation? Caerwyn had shut his eyes that night believing he’d wake up next to Nootau in the morning, and on would their lives continue just as it had done the day before. Facing the new struggles of the present and continuing to figure out the previous. But Caer would wake in the morning alone, with no note, no indication of where Nootau was, no feedback from his own heart to give him any clues-

….I cannot be bogged down by this.

No…Caerwyn wasn’t a weight holding him back from this journey he was about to embark on, but Fionn’s words about anticipating the future had been correct; Nootau hadn’t even left the comfort of the cottage yet. This chance had to be grabbed, and it had to be grabbed now.

Yet there was one last thing he could do. He wouldn’t wake Caerwyn – the love sprite needed his sleep and Fionn was right (again) about the added misery of an extended goodbye – this was hard enough already. But before he slipped the necklace around him, Nootau allowed a surge of unbridled, unconditional love to pulse from his heart – their heart – and touch whatever was there to receive it from Caer’s end, whether that was his subconscious or some being in his dreamworld, Nootau couldn’t know for sure, but the little twitch of a smile on Caer’s lips as the feeling pulsated from him was the best thing the Leo could’ve wished for as the pendant found its new home, sitting visible on the broad flat of his breast.

“Goodbye, my little Arrow.”
One last kiss, just gently on the sprite’s forehead and then, he was gone.

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