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 Thread Moderation, For Closing Threads and other topics
 Posted: May 3 2015, 03:45 AM
26 • Human • Ships • Japan

This is the recommended place to go to if you want any topic or post moved, deleted, archived, revived, and so on. This is also the place to retire characters! PMing an admin individually works as well, but posting here guarantees it'll get done the soonest depending on which staff member is around.

Finished RP threads wil be moved into the IC (Completed) archive subforum. Unfinished, dead or abandoned RP threads will be moved into the IC (Discontinued) archive subforum. If you want a thread to restart, you are then free to re-post it afresh!

When asking for a character to be inactivated, please provide links to their app, plotter, and any RP threads or anything else relevant, to make our job easier for us.

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