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 Fire and Water, Nini~
 Posted: Oct 25 2017, 04:31 AM
1600 • Lady of the Lake • Justice • Avalon
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Accustomed to working around nobility of all kinds, both seen and unseen to them, Ninianne was used to members of courts mastering the art of maintaining their composure in all situations. So she was not surprised that Tanerys gave little outward reaction to the news of what Avalon had endured. But the tender handling of leaves she studied and the offer of helpers it was clear that the Mother of the Hearth did care for the state of the isle.

"They sound as if they would have valuable skills indeed for such work," Ninianne replied when Tanerys explained who the wildlings and garden she spoke of were and their natures. "And I would be deeply grateful for any willing to help."

The herbalists reassurances did serve to ease some of Ninianne's worries. A small smile of relief and appreciation touched her features as she gave a nod. "I suppose I just a bit prone to worry," she admitted. "Avalon is of course a sacred haven of magic and it is also precious to me on a personal level as well." There was no denying Ninianne's attatchement to Avalon, either literally or figuratively. It was her home, and had been for many centuries now. But she also had a bond with it, one that had always existed but seemed to strengthen now that she had fought Nian Shi Lan and restored it to its natural state. "I am glad to hear that you find it well. The scars I expect are unavoidable after such violence. But so long as any traces of corruption are cleared they simply serve as a testament to all that happened."

 Posted: Nov 16 2017, 11:55 PM
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Tanerys had…genuine motives. Her words to the Lady of the Lake…were genuine; her feelings towards Avalon…were genuine. But there was, in a portion of her mind, value to be wrought here; there was a certain amount of prestige that came from assisting others out of an act of kindness. While Avalon had regained its strength, for the Mother of the Hearth to offer her resources in a full scale revitalization project…it would raise her status within the courts to someone not only powerful, but to be admired for her generous heart. To be spoken of in such a positive light could earn her quite a bit.

That was not the objective, but it certainly motivated her. In the end she really was just that, a whore for glory. It was almost humorous. Even in genuine kindness she sought her own value from it.

”If I explain the situation to them, they would be more than willing to assist you, dear heart.” she breathed airily, her tired smile warming just slightly along with her glamour – though it was not in any attempt to woo the Lady of the Lake, it was simply a natural byproduct of her attempts to bring reassurance forward.

She gave a shake of her head, waving away the elder fae’s words. ”You’re allowed to feel concern, and worry, particularly pertaining to your home. I’ve no doubt you hold it dear to your heart. Home is a place that should always be cherished and cared for.” Such was an irony, coming from her lips. ”But it is as I say, merely precaution. Though…if I may ask, you speak of…what happened here. Just what is the situation beyond the fae realms? Why was Avalon attacked with such darkness?”

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