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 ROTB Newsletter Issue #33, Read all about it!
 Posted: Feb 1 2018, 10:11 PM
??? • Canadian • Feels • The snowy place

FEBRUARY 01, 2018

Good Evening, Storytellers, and happy February!

We're in the dead of winter; the cold is still biting, the wind is still blowing, but we've got all our plots and posts to keep us comfy on the long and chilly days. And with Valentine's day around the corner--or, as some like to call it, Singles Awareness Day, there's bound to be some gooey plots going around to boot.

This month's Activity Check starts SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 4TH!

Grim's Krampus
Asgard's Munin
Blackbird's Malphas
Tammy's Cloves
LorisA's Eljin
Alivi's Siofra
Leto's Hatori Chise

This month we got a trio of characters! Mysti joined with her mermaid Jovanne, Coster brought to life her own adaptation of Rumplestiltskin, and Chickadee swooped in at the last minute with her werewolf Penny!

We'd like to bring attention to Shade's want ad for Eyes Over Heaven! This ad features figures and OCs from the Chinese heavens, ruled by the Jade Emperor. There are plenty to pick from one of Yi's former allies in the Heavens, or unrelated immortals and deities. There's a lot of untapped potential here!

We would like to encourage Anti-Guardians and Guardians! Give us our heroes and villains!

WINTER ICC: It's that time of the season again! Welcome to the Winter ICC, where we feature a beautiful ski resort lodge and a magnificent view of the Northern Lights. Enjoy yourself a winter wonderland this month!

ICC Upgrades: In addition to renewing the icc's, we've upgraded them to a paid plan. Now, as you may have noticed, the icc will save all chats instead of just the last five pages. Huzzah!

All around, the world seems at peace after the devastation of the Halloween horrors. Santoff and the Lamadary are recovering, but on the whole, the Guardians appear to have some form of a reprieve; but, we know there is more around the corner. The Anti-Guardians have a second attack lined up, and now, they're simply biding their time, waiting for the opportunity to strike.

Words are whispered on the wind by children of an eerie little tale; a modern phantom, a brand new spectre to intrigue and frighten children - supposedly one summons her by calling into the mirror. There's a rhyme or rule about it, and exactly what she does when summoned varies from each child's story, but one thing can be certain: Anyone who has dared to summon her forward has begun acting strange. Moreover, beings that used to be trapped inside the Mirror World are strangely free to roam.

Why these strange phenomena? What's wrong with the children, and who is this mysterious spectre they summon? Curious individuals are welcome to venture their guesses...but to be certain, Spiegelwelt is not what it once was.

Carma's Caerwyn: Caerwyn was a child born into slavery in life, but despite his station, he found love in his mother and in the girl he served, Eirian. Giving his life for her and his mother both, it was only natural that he become the Guardian of Love, given the title of Cupid. Though he remains to be a cheerful and exciteable lad, he has grown and matured with time, becoming one of the older Guardians. He seeks a peaceful resolution where possible, and always reaches out to those who need his help; though, one could easily say he’s bitten off a bit more than he can chew.

Leto's Rauvelore: The Obsidian King is a clever, dangerous sort of beauty; holding the highest rank of power within the Unseelie Court, he is unmatched by most. But, his title is rather deceptive; there was a time when Rauvelore did not despise the light, though now those memories are bitter things. Seeking often to amuse himself in the midst of the fae war, it’s no wonder he has struck an agreement with the Nightmare King; the two are delightfully dramatic, and he finds entertainment in that similarity. Though he himself is no part of the Guardians’ war, he certainly seems to enjoy engaging with those involved for his own whims.

Why does Frollo hates pirates so much? Well he's certainly giving one former pirate an earful about it.

Skoll's getting a tour of the Antis' home...while casually flirting with the boss. Does he know what Pitch even is?

Aww, that's so cute! Check it; Sir Kay and the Fairy Godmother share a kiss!

We've got a flower fae and a tree spirit chilling out among wild flowers in the grass...smells like spring came early!

Ninianne has learned the truth of why Emil's become such a poisonous Class-A binch....they seem to have settled their differences, but they definitely don't see eye to eye.

Koda is starting to familiarize himself with the #thuglyfe with the street kids. Just how well will he fit in?

Ahh, siblings catching up! This should be cute, right? ....Well, except that they haven't seen each other in over a year. Awkward.

Phobos, no spooping Caer. Halloween's already over.

Alone at last, enjoying their time in the library.....and confessing their feelings! Stork and Douglas have finally, finally let it slip.

Success! Thanks to Jack, Matty has managed to spark fire....not for long though. Now he needs a nap.

Snow White has some questions about what the Big Guardians really consider balance. Hopefully Tooth can help give her the answers she needs

After that harrowing battle with Night Mares, Haley and Daniel are off on a proper date. We ship it!

A siren and a Fury having a heart to heart, who would have ever foresaw this scene?

First, Emil is mistaken for a gift to the unseelie thing he knows this whole "diplomacy" scene has taken quite a seductive turn. And we're enjoying it all the same.

It seems two teenagers were never told that a cemetery short cut in the middle of the night is never worth it. Luckily it looks like an angel has appeared.

Alright boys, it's time to re-organize the Guardians! Or at least, that's what a couple of soldiers believe. But how well will that really go over...?

Pitch gets to see the contents of Rauvelore's garden....and boy is he impressed. That's not a good thing, in case you're wondering.

Taer's workshop is up and running! And for his boss, it's like being a kid in a candy store.

When attempting to rob pirates, do know your way around first. Because chances are, the cabin boy's not going to show you where to find the treasure!

Yet another cyborg...but who created her? Tars has a bad idea who it might be.


That's right, baby! Since it's the February newsletter, we're making it a special issue and dropping a list of all ships that are, or have been, canon. This list is not exhaustive, but we did our best to track down as many as we could. Take a look at this armada!

Anchored Ships - plain and simple, these are accepted as current canon. Will they stay that way? Who's to say~

Caspian x Paigen (Caspaigen)
Psyche x Eros
Fairy Godmother x Sir Kay (Grumpflower)
Hades x Persphone (Death Persephtion)
Hera x Zeus
Douglas x Virginia (Dork)
Jack x Loretta (Kellori)
Lucas x Viviane (Waterwings
Merlin x Ninianne (Merianne)
Alhena x Tars (Henatars)
Skoll x Farren
Leora x Deiter
Erion x Ariah
Daisy x Acat
Kinchou x Eurydice
Gaia x Charles (Spaceship)
Zeus x Princesses
Anubis x Persephone
Caerwyn x Nootau (Cupinoot)
Snow x Phobos

Sunken Ships - did someone die? Did it not work out? Is it no longer being pursued? Too bad, it was cute...

Alhena x Adrian
Flint x Leora
Megaera x Ninianne
Frollo x Esmeralda
West x Dionysus (yes, really)

Battle Ships - damn, that tension! But they totally love each other. Violently. Is it banter or real aggression? Who knows~

Caerwyn x Lysbeth
Caerwyn x Phobos
Ninianne x Nian
Cas x Nootau
Tobias x Skoll
Ele x Meri
Iollas x Arwynn
Nian x Oisin
Pitch x Aphrodite
L'Ancian x Meri
William x Caerwyn
Hamilcar x Charles

Space Ships - these are beyond our known comprehension; ie - they're total crack.

Viv x the site
Bunny x Eggs
Lys x gossip
Pitch x Obsidian King
Beldam x Vlad
Edward x Daniel
Edward x Kate
Meri x Frollo
Daniel x Caer
Anubis x Byakko
Iollas x Tanerys
Tanerys x Skoll
Tidus x Emil
Asheton x Meri (Pirate Ship)
North x Pitch
Tisi x Viv
Iota x Pitch
Emil x Emil (Emil-y)
Nick o. Time x Tars
Nick o. Time x Ivan

Ship-Shaped - We're not sure where these fall exactly....maybe they're in between two, or maybe they haven't figured out their feelings yet~

Alexei x Dette
Lucky x Caerwyn
Hati x L'Ancian
Daniel x Haley
Arwynn x Lysia
Eris x Phobos

Dinghies - Platonic cuteness. Bromances and gal pals.

Carter x Odette
Alice x Matty
Viv x Emil
William x Frollo
Caerwyn x Alhena
Aphrodite x Charles
Daisy x Katala
Daisy x Farren
Emil x Ninianne
Deiter x Micah
Deiter x Borya
L'Ancian x Tars
Daisy x Leora
Edward x Arwynn
Ele x Caer
Shea x Matty
Koda x Matty
Fairlee x Daisy


Boy dandy, January has been a doozy! But winter is finally starting to release us....slowly. (Unless you live in Canada, then it sucks to be you...) On to the second-coldest month, ironically the month of love! Everyone get their best Valentines cheer and singles' night gear and keep a look out for a redheaded menace! <3

Be sure to get the next issue in the coming month!
~Staff of RotB
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