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 it's me, i win, you lose, jean's plotter
 Posted: Aug 12 2017, 11:00 PM
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So I had a template for this, but it was mega-borked on this skin so I just gave up and shoved the template back up my bum. Have a good day.


Jean Louvier was a human being at one point, and he didn't really do a good job at that. Now he's a vampire, and he's honestly doing even worse. Positive influences were never exactly a thing in this punk's life, leading him to become a massive pain in the rear. He was quite a bully back in his day and delighted in tormenting his twin brother, Cain, to no end. Being adopted by a sociopathic priest definitely made it easier to have his run of the place since the guy couldn't give two shits about them, but karma was apparently a thing. Sort of. Jean sucks (ha) at this whole vampire thing, but at least he's not dead like the rest of his family. Yeesh. At least he won't have to worry about them again!

Ha ha.


Befriending Jean isn't exactly a complicated thing, for he's just like anyone else in that he seeks companionship throughout his life's journey. The difficult thing here is that he's liable to get a little nippy and feast on his friends and, well, to be frank he gives a lot more damns about himself than he does about anyone else. So, yeah, you can be friends with him. You guys might have a good time with each other. But be wary of his meal times and, uh, just don't count on him to bail you out of trouble. He's going to be the first one out the door, jusssayin'.


Pretty sure even his high school chums hated this guy's guts. He's always been an ass, and he's always liked to watch people suffer/squirm/break/etc.. So yeah, basically, just have a conversation with him. Not just a "hi, how are you". Really, truly, and sincerely sit him down for a chat and you'll see what kind of sadistic bastard he's turned out to be. Granted, now that he has this whole vampire thing working on him, he's a bit more pitiable. As much as he likes to pick away at people, he never intended to end up a murderer. But hey, who gives a damn about that? Killing is bad! And what does badness lead to? More enemies!


While Jean claims to have "smashed a few hot bitches" back in the day, it's pretty much canon confirmed that he probably ripped all of his stories off of reddit to repurpose for his own needs. The guy is a virgin. He's scared as hell of letting anyone get close to him in the romantic sense because, well, look in the mirror. He's a living example of how awful people can be. And shit, it's not like he was the first person bullying Cain for swinging for the same team.

So yeah, basically, Mr. Butthead kind of assumes that at heart, everyone is as bad of a person as he is, and doesn't want to share in the pain that he dishes out. If anyone is up for a little romance with this prick, well, come on by. You're sure to have a terrible time!
 Posted: Aug 12 2017, 11:31 PM
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JEAN LOUVIER Hello, is it me you're looking for?

As promised my plotter parody. Crudeness found here.

Basics: Was kind of an ass human but didn't do anything actually terrible but then his brother went to Make a Wish Foundation (by which I mean Charles) and wished a wish and fucked him over hugely. Mind you that wasn't on purpose it just happened and Charles is apparently actually a terrible wish granter. But now it made him a blood-sucking parasite and he has also been upgraded with a Tragic Backstory.

Friends: Lol sure. Wouldn't he like those. More like friends with benefits. But not that kind of benefits.

Enemies: Anyone who has experienced donating said benefits and lived, also probably most people. Other vampires? His brother, even the family dog.

Lovers: Well he sucks a lot but not like that. Stereotypical anime boy like "I've been with everyone" but really has been with no one, what a cliche.

Okay but actual plots LOL

Emil & Jean
Shitttttt okay so these two would be interesting <_< Being that Emil likes to drown people and Jean likes to drink people we have some common ground here. But Emil would probably not like this kid generally speaking because....he smells like a human. He was a human. Ew. We could be funny with this actually and throw it into a bit of a timeline....Emil is kinda chilling at Fujin's place very unhappily in New York, so maybe after he gets kicked out he runs into this Vampire kid and kinda watches him fumble around like an idiot and is just like "what is your problem you're supposed to eat them aren't you"

Otherwise though we can just drop them together outside of NYC since Emil kinda travels around. Kinda has to. It would be.....actually kind of funny if Jean winds up sucking the blood of some poor human Emil poisoned earlier <_< Hahaha

Shiki Byakko & Jean
Okay so Byakko is basically Shiki. But she can turn into a big white tiger. She would be kind of interesting to throw at Jean because like Shiki she has the Eyes of Death Perception but...modified slightly? She can also see fractures in stuff like emotions as well as physical faults. And Jean? He's a huge fkin mess. Byakko ultimately doesn't really care about humans over other animals, she kinda represents both peace and war at different if she sees a stressed af Jean expect her to try to solve things with blunt logic like "eat or you're actually going to die." lol

Tanerys & Jean
<_< So you remember Sabrine right? Ladyface you asked for for Jin back in the day? This is basically her, but with fire powers and 20x the sass. She very much likes to sneak out of fae duties in order to find interesting pets (people) to keep - either to mother them and satisfy her empty nest, or....get funky with them, or both. Jean is suitably broken that she might take interest in him....but don't bite or she might muzzle him. In the end she could actually be good for him because she wouldn't want him to die, so she would be all sympathetic mother figure trying to teach him how to life........and just y'know occasionally she might kiss him and stuff. Y'know.
 Posted: Aug 13 2017, 12:08 AM
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Pippa McBride & Jean Louvier: Because Pippa is always out for trouble with potentially dangerous people ;D So, Pippa is a very awkward pirate person who likes to act like she isn't. Also, her life goal is learn as much as she can about the magical world. If she came across Jean and realized he was a vampire- possibly after her life flashes before her eyes- she would probably want to learn everything she can about him. Cause you know, vampires clearly equal potential awesome interviews.

Ivan Zolnerowich & Jean Louvier: So, Ivan is basically a fairly nocturnal being. As the Nutcracker Prince, he takes upon human form from midnight until sunrise, so these two could possibly cross paths. I imagine that it might be fairly interesting. Overall, Ivan is fairly kind and sort in that he wants take care of and parent everybody, especially the grumpy and rude ones.

Vlad Masters & Jean Louvier: Team undead Soooo, Vlad is undead...sort of? He's half dead, but still quite human. I imagine that it might be fairly interesting if they crossed paths, especially since Vlad can be a bit of a jerk when he's not too busy pretending to be nice.

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