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 Idle Heads, Tag: Persephone
 Posted: Nov 10 2017, 04:30 PM
LOL • Creature • Protection • Underworld

Today was a slow day it seemed to the Underworld. The great guard dog Cerberus rested in their beast form in one of the larger caverns close the main entrance, a twin snores echoing around the cavern. Both Aristerá and Sostá napped peacefully as they were fully aware that Mésis was awake and on watch. The middle head regarded its fellow heads with something that was almost fond as it turned to look out toward the path leading out of their home realm.

Few had passed through this way today and the being was... bored. It had hoped for something to happen; a soul to wander off or a misguided hero to slip past their brother to face them. The great serpentine tail hissed as it swished lazily across the floor, the sound of scale on rock soothing the beast's impatience somewhat.

A large sigh left Mésis as it laid down finally. Perhaps a quick nap would not hurt and at least it would not be bored out of its skull. Gold eyes flickered behind slowly drooping lids, sleep tugging at it under. A brush of cloth on stone pulled them awake suddenly. Mésis shot up, staring into the darkness as the other two heads snorted and snuffled as they came awake slowly. Sostá lifted to be level with Mésis while Aristerá glared from its place on the floor.

Three voices spoke as one, "Who goes there?"

 Posted: Jan 7 2018, 05:25 AM
Ancient • Goddess of Spring • Life • Underworld

Are we out of the woods?
Are we in the clear yet?
Persephone left the palace full of confusion. She had returned to the Underworld just the other day, but something felt… Off. No one in the palace could look her straight in the eye and her daughters were acting odd; Hades was even more peculiar still. She had expected… well, truthfully, she hadn’t known what she had expected, but it wasn’t what she came home to.

After the incident in the cave during the summer, she supposed she expected him to be… eagerly awaiting her return. And yet, he hadn’t even realized that time had flown by so quickly. He hadn’t lost as much weight as he usually did, which she supposed was good, though she attributed that to the girls rather than Hades himself; Persephone had noticed that Hades spent a lot of his time with them lately, rather than alone. Well, he still spent a lot of time alone, but the girls were always close - much closer than they usually were.

Still, she couldn’t help but feel like something was wrong. A little voice in her head told her that this felt too similar to another time she had come home, many, many centuries ago. Suddenly, she froze on the path, eyes wide with something akin to fear. Was Hades having another affair? After everything that had transpired between them? Was that why he had made the choice to align himself with the Nightmare King? No. She shook her head. She wouldn’t allow herself to jump to conclusions. Not until she had evidence.

Taking a deep breath, she continued along the path. When her thoughts were clouded like this, Persephone often turned to taking walks around the Underworld, and when she did that, she usually brought Cerberus along with her. Out of all of the guardians of the Underworld, Cerberus was her favorite - though she didn’t dare voice this to anyone, lest they come to resent her. Surely, the three-headed hellbeast would accompany her, if they weren’t too busy doing their duty, of course.

Sure enough, she came upon where Cerberus lay, peacefully asleep, and Persephone crept behind a boulder to watch with a smile. Another day then, she thought, pulling away to creep back down the trail, her gown catching against the rough texture of the rock. Apparently, that had been enough to alert her darlings to another presence, because their voice sounded in the darkness and drew her from her hiding place. “Cerberus, my darlings,” Persephone greeted, approaching them with a smile. "I came to see you, but saw that you were sleeping and was about to take my leave... " She folded her hands in front of her, eyes roaming the great beast. "I thought, perhaps, that you might join me for a walk? I rather missed you."

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