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 The Gathering Begins, tag Jonathan & Kayden
 Posted: May 1 2017, 08:31 AM
558 • Former Human • Compassion • France

god help the outcasts
children of god

It had been many years since Esmeralda had possessed a pet of any sort. The last she had had was Djali, a clever goat that had taken well to the tricks she had taught it. However, she had been reluctant for many years to take upon another pet. Life had not been kind to her when she had had Djali, as the goat had been used against her when she had begun to be accused as a witch. Moreover, she was unsure as to what fate her pet had met after she had been captured. While it had taken some time to move past the event, she had found herself reluctant to take upon a pet for another reason: it would be inconvenient. She traveled far too much and she doubted that it would do well for most animals.

Only now, as she began to accept her place in the world, had she begun to look for one. She had not wished for a goat, thinking that such a choice might not end well. As such, he had chosen to take upon a chicken.

Thankfully, she had some idea as to how one took care of a chicken. She had traveled a fair amount in her life and the second group of Romani she had taken to living with had been more inclined to gaining their own food than stealing it as the group who had stolen her had been. However, she could hardly claim to be a master of all knowledge. As such, it was to her benefit that she knew that the modern era was one with easy access to knowledge.

It was due to this that it had begun.

Through her research, she had come to know two others who also owned chickens. For a time, they had spoken before it had been settled that they should meet up. As such, the Guardian had come to find herself in Austria.

Absently, Esmeralda shifted the dupatta of her salwar kameez so that she was better protected from the chilly weather of the city. Turning her attention back to her surroundings, she gazed about, absently petting Victoire as she waited for the two people that she was waiting for.

 Posted: May 19 2017, 06:28 AM
16 • Human Immortal • Determination • Austria

There was so much for him to do today. So much in fact that he almost totally forgot about what exactly what he had planned for later. He didn’t mean to be running late. His attention ended up getting pulled away by the children of the village. It was not every day that Kayden brought his pet chicken with him into town, so the kids ended up crowding him asking him all the questions and wanted to play and pet his chicken. Without meaning two he ended up staying with those kids for like an hour and half before realizing what he actually came into town for. He could almost smack himself for forgetting that he had agreed to meet two others. He had to get moving before he ended up missing them.

It took longer than what he wanted, but the blond managed to get away from the kids and made his way into the small town with his black silkie riding of his shoulder; much like a parrot. Now where exactly did they say they were going to meet again? He honestly could not remember for the life of him. There just had been a lot and his mind lately with everything going on. He sighed, petting his chicken on the head lightly. It should not be too hard to figure out. After all, this town was tiny compared to most. The teen moved himself forward down the road towards the town square. It would make sense for it would be there. It was the most crowded place in town.

Once he finally made it, he glanced around the area. So far he knew recognized all of the people as the ones who live in town. No one really new. Kayden was about to give up and check elsewhere but his orange gaze fell onto Esmeralda. He never saw her before, meaning that it was likely she was one of the people he was meeting with today. At least he wasn’t the last one here. Not a second later, the teen inched his way over to Esmeralda. “Hey. Sorry I’m a bit late… I sort of ran into trouble.” He started out nervously. “So… I’m guessing you’re here about the chicken thing, right?”

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