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 JOVANNIE MALANI, Creature || Mysti
 Posted: Dec 17 2017, 06:22 AM
92 • mermaid • enthusiasm • N/A

Once Upon a Time...
Joannie ' Jo' Malani
92 Years


WEIGHT: 120lbs
HEIGHT: 5❜05❞ on land 5'8 with a tail
PLAY-BY: Maddie hassan

On land Jo looks human. Her hair is blonde and she keeps it a bit on the longer side. When it is dry it curls and can get quite fuzzy. Her eyes turn to a deep dark brown on land as well. matching her normal human look. Most people would call her small in stature, thats the only thing small about her. When on land or in the sea her appearance always seems off. She smells too much of sea water or her tail doesn't shine like the others. There is always this sense of not belonging.

In the water Jo looks similar to her land form. The same blond hair and the same small frame. Her tail is a pail blue that gleams in the sunshine. It's not bright and beautiful like her mothers. The human in her makes her less alluring than other mermaids from her pod. Her eyes reflect the blue water when near it. Sea water pulls the magic from with in her. The tail makes Jo. longer but still smaller and shorter than most of her kind. Her pod is known from their beauty and while Jo is pretty she lacks figure and presence of the others.

When on land Jo is never sure how to dress. It looks like she is wearing costumes. Her clothes style changes rapidly as she tries to fit in but she is never sure of the culture. The gaps between her stays on land make her clothes choices even more difficult. She likes to dress up though in fancy clothes or even as characters. She mostly tries fitting in at the end of the day.

In the ocean her pod doesn't believe in covering up. They do wear outrageous jewelry made from shells and other sea creatures. The more elaborate the more fawned over. While Jo loves the idea of making jewelry she was never good at creating it. Her mother was known for her lovely pieces which helps. The pod knows though her own hands did not make her jewelry. She doesn't really fit in.


Jo is known for being odd. She tends to be over the top about everything. Jo feels emotions completely and sometimes a little too much. She is easily excited and loves to spread joy where ever she is. Bouncing between the land and the ocean she always lost about current events and popular culture. She does know what she loves and is not afraid to show that she loves things. Jo never though it was important to hide what she liked and what she didn't. like. Some might call her bold but really she just lives life the way she wants.

The things Jo tends to rave about are on land. The food. Her father is a huge foodie. She. loves cooking and making a mess. Her favorite is making homemade pasta. She loves making sauce and just getting everyone together to eat. In the ocean, it's harder. Preparing food is done way differently with different. techniques. She isn't as good as cooking underwater. Her dad made her quite excited to try new things. Warm food and baked treats aren't a big thing in the sea. She loves coming up and eating from time to time and checking in with her land family.

In the sea Jo is better at entertaining. Her mother put her in dance classes and even though she isn't as beautiful as the other mermaids she has the ability to move the others don't she loses her grace out of the water but in the water she is quite fluid. She loves being able to dance and move about. The other mermaids of her pod can get quite jealous about it. She travels to different pods around the world to learn dance. Plus sometimes she slips out and goes on land as well.

Other Information

On land Jo is clumsy and not coordinated. Her awkward yet interesting demeanor makes her stick out a bit. Really anywhere she is, Jo becomes an oddity. When on land she ages faster than a normal mermaid, her body wants to be on land time which is so much faster than water time. Usually Jo spend most her time in the water making her seem young and vibrant to her earth friends and family.. Her tail also transforms into feet once she is dry. The transformation takes some time if she does not dry very fast. The same happens the other way. If it takes time to get her wet the transition will be slow. Though it is much easier for her to change quickly into mermaid form. While one drop of water won't change her things like rain or an accidental spill will make her start to transform.

Her family knows she is a mermaid. She is horrible at keeping the secret. Though her father is gone she still hangs out with all her extended land family. Plus she has been around for a few years they kind of just deal with it. She has been around the family for years the children have just accepted it. The extended family is always wary at first but after seeing a tail or ten years go by and she doesn't age they get use to it. While on land they are always most careful and cautious than Jo. she forgets that not everyone believes in mermaids, so her family is really a god send. They keep her safe and try to make up for her weirdness or move around her odd water allergy they call it.

If given the ultimatum Jo would always choose the sea to live in. She was raised there and while it is harder for her to fit in the water it is her home. She lives longer and she is stronger. The draw to the sea is too much for her and she has to live there and be a mermaid. Her father is long gone. Her mother is still alive. While neither place feels like home to Jo... at least she can keep trying to find one in the water.


The Italians were celebrating a great win at the olympics. Agnolo was getting ready to hit the high seas a little tipsy from the celebration. His boat swerved as the ocean dipped. Thats when he heard it a scream from beneath. Daria had also been celebrating the wins as well and was was late to her boat watch…. So she ended up swimming into Agnolo's ship. He scooped her up and drove her inland without a second though. At first Agnolo thought he was crazy. That she had a tail at first. The next morning though she didn't… For month's he kept her and nursed her back to health. Daria got better but she was confused. The lack of salt water was not good for her a fullblood mermaid. Whenever she could she would complain and ask to be taken to the water. Agnolo finally caved and took her to the boat with him. There she revealed her secret to him. Let's say he was ASTONISHED. There was that seed in the back of his mind he knew this was a thing. This actually happening was crazy to him.

For a while Daria and Agnolo met at the water. They talked and grew fond of each other. Daria loved Agnolo but she loved her life more. She knew being inland rapidly aged her and while a day on land was fine when it was just her… it wasn’t going to be fine once she found out about her pregnancy. Human mermaid children happened more often than not. A lot of mermaids were of mixed blood with some other species. Mermaids were alluring and to keep numbers up have been mixing with others forever. Mermaid genes were strong, they were magical and usually mermaid babies did best in the water. That is why as soon as Daria found out about the pregnancy she told Agnolo that he had to make a decision about Jo. At first Daria told Agnolo everything. She knew that the baby wouldn't age as quickly on land as she did but also water was always better for mermaid babies. Agnolo was excited. A child of his own... how exciting. Once Jo was born Daria changed her mind. Being away from her child was to hard and her mothering instinct kicked in. Mermaids were not welcomed on land for a reason. They were meant to be in the water. Agnolo saw her once as a child but Daria then ran.

15 years down the line Jo started to ask about her father. She asked why she was so different from the other menfolk. Daria was never good at lying and felt Jo had the right to know. Jo was conflicted about the idea of having a human father. She knew her mother had taken her for all the best reasons but Jo had a huge heart and knew she had to see her father as well.

Jo never fit in in the sea. She was slower and different than the other merfolk. Her development was off and in their eyes she was ugly. Everything about her was dull. Her tail and her allure. Boring. Jo didn't let that tear her down. She was happy. Always happy. Her heart was worn on her sleeve. She told the truth and made sure every moment was the best moment it could be. She loved living even if she was different.

With Daria's blessing Jo started seeing Agnolo 20 years after she was born. She was still such a baby to the merfolk but on land she was an adult. Agnolo was glad though he felt like he was getting her during all the best years. He taught her how to cook. He taught her the little he knew about living on land. He was a lonely fisherman who had a mermaid daughter and one son that his wife fussed over. Jo loved it. The way humans lived was so different than her pod. Families were families. In her pod, everyone raised everyone. You were all together all the time. She loved hoe modest they land dwellers were with their bodies and the amazing gadgets and food they had. She was always clumsy on land. Her legs seemed to never get use to being apart.

The family (Except Agnolo's wife who never warmed up to her) learned to love Jo and Jo loved them. For years she split her time between the sea and the land. IT was rough on her body but great for her soul and mind. Until it was time for Jo to go to school for merfolk. She was accepted into a private dance school that would allow her to grow in the merfolk realm something she needed.

Ten years went by. Jo travels from ocean to sea and she had a blast. She went to so many different places and learned so many new things. She was over on the east coast of the America's when she caught wind of Agnolo's declining health. She rushed to his side. His death was hard for her. Humans die so quickly. She felt like she had no time with him. So she stayed in Sicily and her home sea for years visiting her brother and watching him grow and form a family of his own. She watched her family on the land grow and it was incredible how fast everything moved. Once a year went by where she was barely in the water. Her mother hated it.

Then the accident happened. She was watching her nieces and nephew on land when she ran after one of the littles. She was clipped by a car and they moved her to the hospital. For weeks she didn't see the outside or touch the water. Instead of getting better she got worse. She had to coerce her land friends to sneak her out. After that Jo became less likely to spend a lot of time on land a week maybe. but she knew that it was safer in the water. Merpeople had more rules and were more cautious. They lived long lives and were less reckless than land people.

She spent most of her time traveling from sea to ocean learning about other dances and cultures. No where does she feel truly at home. She is trying though to find her place in the


All merpeople in Jo's pod can breath and live under water. They swim quite swiftly. Jo is known to be quite slow compared to her pod only reaching about 45 mph at top speed for herself. Being in salt water slows her aging process. Merpeople from her pod tend to live on average thousands of years. That age is declining with more and more pollution and boats. She also transforms from finned to feet and the other way around depending on dampness.

Salt water healing- When in salt water Jo has accelerated healing. Small cuts and bruises heal instantaneously. Bigger trauma and damage will take a bit to heal. She can also use this on others. Healing others when they are in contact with salt water and she is around. This can only happen when she is in her mermaid form though. It is very limiting.

Allure- Her pod of mermaids in known to be 'alluring' to other species. It is not necessarily a feeling of lust or love which a lot of humans tend to confusing the feeling with. It is more like great interest in the person. It pulls you towards mermaids and makes you more willing to open up and tell them great secrets. You are in awe of their beauty. and just become drawn to them. Think of it as if Jo texts someone and asks them to go eat dinner with her. They would go do it even if they were in the middle of being watching a show or already had taken their bra off. They might say no if they were already eating with their entire family to tell them no.

Invisibility- Most merfolk have the ability to become invisible in water. This means that while in water they can make themselves unseen. This helps them get away from humans and other predators. Jo has found that she can do this even outside of the water. The human part of her destroyed her ability to have siren song but heightened her invisibility. While in the water it is easy to become invisible it does have more troubles on land. She also has troubles making things like her clothes disapear if she is dry. Jo is a pro when it is raining though.

Other Attributes

Jo is a pretty worldly mermaid. Her dance troupe has traveled to different ocean and seas. Jo likes to walk all the different parts of the world as well. She can speak Italian and English. She mostly lives in the Ionia sea near Sicily but has been all over. She loves learning new things. from new people and is always excited about anything that she doesn't know.

About the Storyteller...

OOC ALIAS: mysti
PREFERRED CONTACT:you know whatever.

Coded by Ducky for RotB
 Posted: Jan 1 2018, 08:29 PM
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aAlrightie, Jovanne's looking great! I'm enjoying the idea of having a half-merperson on the site, it sorta gives her a tie in both to the magical world and the human world, it's always fun to play with halflings!

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