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 Posted: Feb 19 2017, 03:01 AM
[REDACTED] • Moonbug • Courage • Santoff Claussen

Earth hadn't seemed to do much from the large windows on the Moon Clipper, and yet... With his feet on the ground once more, Nightlight found himself immediately disoriented.

Life had moved on in the tocks and ticks of his absence.

Nightlight had known somewhere within that things would not, could not remain the same. Just as children grew with the passage of time, so did their families, their living places, and their creations. And yet... he could not help the pang of muted distress in his chest. If even Santoff Claussen had become this much more developed and sprawling, what had happened to his Guardians-- and his Katherine? How long could humans live for, if they were not charmed or enchanted?

The long-believed-lost Knight gave a soft croon of distress and shifted his weight, startled then to find the toe of his boot nearly grazing the crack in the ground that Pitch had left behind. Nightlight's glow dimmed in dismay.

At least some things never changed.

Swiveling about (but being careful to avoid physically hovering over that unfriendly reminder of the oily Nightmare King), Nightlight looked this way and that for a familiar face or, Stars willing, some sign of life beyond the muted hoots of what he assumed to be the descendants of Ombric's owls roosting in the trees and the softly flickering fireflies that had gathered about the diamond dagger lashed to the lance on his back.

Though upon the feeling of eyes watching his back... Nightlight froze, his curls lifting as one hand reached behind to snatch his lance and spin it forwards if needed.

Who's there? Friend or foe-- for if the old enchantments still stood, the Guardian of Courage did not know.

 Posted: Feb 22 2017, 08:40 AM
N/A • Pooka • Hope • Bunnymund's Warren

Bunnymund had always had a knack of picking up things here and there. Pooka were good at figuring out things, sensing when balances changed and so on. And so he had come to Santoff Claussen to see if he could help, after all- Guardians had to help each other.

Santoff Claussen was still quite a site to behold. No doubt Ombric, Katherine and the others were bustling away working in between libraries or settling in for the night. Time passed, the people of Santoff Claussen came and went- but some stayed... and he did find a companionship amongst them, one he had never anticipated having ever again.

He had searched, and searched- going off of his gut feelings as well as a little help from Manny himself by way of a small moonbeam. While he couldn't make sense of what the small thing was saying, he could understand what the emotions were- it looked... restless....scared....concerned.

Brow furrowing, Bunnymund continued on past the outskirts of the town and into the deep forest lit only by the pale moon's rays. And then a small but familiar glow up ahead caught his attention. Of course, his approach did not go unnoticed and the small guardian spun around weapon at the ready causing Aster to raise his paws in the air,

"Nightlight, dear friend. It's me. Didn't think I'd see you 'round these parts again... been a long time, ain't it." He said with a small smile. "Hope I'm not intruding... seems like some others are a bit worried, is all."

He threw a nod towards the small moonbeam who seemed to have calmed down quite a bit. Still, that moonbeam wasn't alone- and if he was completely honest he too was a bit worried. It had been quite a long time since he had seen nightlight. Bunnymund didn't approach and wouldn't until he was sure Nightlight felt better, more at ease.... Still after everything, Aster was quite happy to see the Guardian of Courage.


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