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 Under pale moonlight, Tag Gin~
 Posted: Nov 18 2017, 09:47 PM
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Virginia did not really mind talking about her death... but she got the idea that it was an important part of her story, or at least was supposed to be. Douglas listened well, and seemed to understand either way. She could not be the only Guardian that did not remember, right?...

>>"Ter be honest, th’one time I neahhly died, it wan’t heroic at all. I bit Soft Child, o’er and o’er as a prank."

Virginia blinked, momentarily shaken out of her musings.

"You bit a child?!..."

>>"Soft Child stahhted ter git annoyed an’ asked for teef. So one day Soft Child bit me, an’ I was paralysed. Th’people fought I was dead, sah they were gonna roast me for my meat. Least until Coyote grabbed my heart an’ ran away ter save me. When I almost died, it was ‘cause I kept bein’ a little bastahhd. Sah it don’t mattehh if ye die heroically or wot, it’s still better van me.”

That was... a very unexpected story. Especially since, as far as Virginia was concerned, grabbing someone's heart usually meant the person was already... well, dead. She was aware that supernatural creatures like Douglas handled things differently... but it was also strange to think about how he, as a Guardian, had never actually... ended his life, before.

>>”I fink it’s an interestin’ story. It’s nae an adventure, bu’ not everybody likes ter read adventure stories an’ nuffin’ else. I like a good slice ov life from time ter time, an’ I alsah like ter heahh abahht th’people important ter me. An’ yer one ov those people, dove.”

He held her hand. Not just in a reassuring way, as he did when he wanted to show support to her. He told her she was important. To him. Virginia did not know what to say to that, so she didn't say anything. The hand-holding was nice, though. Under the moonlight, with the story told, it was just what was needed to happen. She did not pull her hand back for a long time.
 Posted: Dec 5 2017, 12:31 AM
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A child—

Well…vat was th’snake’s name. Bu’ ter Gin, who din’t know anyfing…vat prob’ly sahhnded bad. Douglas couldn’t ‘elp th’slight guffaw vat bubbled up ahht ov his gut, a full belly laugh. ”Soft Child was ‘is name, luv. It wan’t a child, nae really. Soft Child was a sehhpent.” …Man, ter fink ov’t like vat….Douglas bit a child…vat sahhnded real bad dinnit?

‘e could tell she was bewildehhed by ‘is story. Douglas chuckled. ”Wot, ye fink I was always pure n’ good as an angel? Hate ter buhhst yer innocent bubble bihhd, bu’ trickstehh spirits did plen’y ov fings ye’d balk at.” Ov cahhrse Gah’tsoh had bin written as one ov th’heroic trickstehhs, sah usually he thwahhted th’bad spirits. Coyote was a big example, thah he an’ Ma’ii used ter be good friends back in th’day. He…sahhrt ov missed Ma’ii, vese days. Wondehhed if ‘e was still…if ‘e was awrigh’.

Bu’ hodlin’ Gin’s hand….’t felt nice. Felt…right. Cahhrse, ‘e had a few ideas ter why vat was…bu’ he wondehhed if she felt th’same. He din’t say anyfing for a while, jus’ stayed thehh wiff Gin, holdin’ er hand. Finally, thahh, he looked at ‘er wiff a smihhk. ”Much’s I love ‘oldin yer hand, dove, mefinks it’s abahht time I escort th’lady back dahhn ter Eahhth. Let me know when yer ready ter go, an’ I’ll take ye back.”
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