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 Oh How Things Have Changed, Tag: Pitch Black
 Posted: May 31 2017, 12:55 AM
Unknown • Nightmare King • Fear • N/A

Yo he got a space maybe
It was relieving, he supposed, that the other could fend for his own equipment; that much was at least pleasing. The less work that he - or any of the other Anti-Guardians - had to do...well, the better. He much preferred a team that was able to operate on an autonomous level as well as one that could function as a team; that the Nightmare Man could provide for himself was especially to their favour, given his line of work. Not just any member of their cause would be able to assist him; the Scorpii perhaps, and a handful of others, but they numbered few.

He would certainly be interested to know just how he hoped to manage his work on Earth; the technology was...certainly lacking compared to the age of stars and the technological fruits it bore. Improvisation would be key; though the Nightmare King himself was tragically uneducated in the potionmaking arts, so perhaps that Dalit was able to function on his own was doubly beneficial. He quirked a brow as he asked about ‘miss scientist’, his lips curling to a smirk. ”....Well, I would advise asking her personally. I could say yes, but I would only be guessing.” Though he had a feeling it would be perfectly allowed. She was a social sort, a sharing sort, she would likely be willing to lend her utilities to someone who was….proficient with them.

Ah, but that final question….in so few words, he had asked quite a bit now. What did he have planned….?

He paused mid-step, glancing back toward the other with a….more of a distant gaze. ”Trace whispers tell that the Man in the Moon is orchestrating something. A….boost of morale for the poor, poor Guardians, worn and weary.” He made a dramatic flair, pouting his lips and putting a hand to his chest in sorrow. ”And their friends. Unfortunately those friends seem to be somewhat loose-lipped. I want to know what the little king is up to. This is irregular, in all his time overseeing the Guardians he’s never once held any sort of event. So, I would like to know.” He had a wonderful array of Anti-Guardians who were rather skilled at….disguising themselves and otherwise keeping their motives quite hidden. The Guardians did not know who all their enemies were - it wouldn’t be hard to venture in, behave like them, and learn. ”...Though I imagine you’re more curious to long-term goals, yes? I have a few schemes in mind to turn the trust of the children away from the Guardians….” He paused, chuckling. ”...though I’ll not get into details; that’s to wait until I’ve had time to confer with a few...close friends on the matter. For time constraints and estimates, you understand.”

He did wonder if the answer would suffice; the latter was…..painfully vague, he realized.
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