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 To Begin Anew, Tag Maidie~
 Posted: Dec 19 2017, 11:09 PM
Old • Stromkarl • Corruption • Water

The King’s second princess….it was a surprise that Helgean would name her so quickly, but then, he was also the one that had bade Emil to raise the foal in the first place. She had been chosen by the waters for a reason - that much he was certain of. No human that he had taken to the depths had ever returned the way she did. Maidie was unique to the world. It was so strange to fathom that this….ill-behaved child of a mare was now to be considered a Second Princess to the river King.

He was going to have to hasten his training of the child or she would never be taken seriously. He would need to begin training her seriously in the ways to behave--

….Starting with precisely how she spoke to her company.

Emil felt the colour drain from his face at that last question, his ears flattening against the sides of his head. This foolish foal….she was lucky that Helgean was a compassionate and understanding spirit, for most bore their pride upon their sleeve and would have struck her for such rudeness. Emil let out a small sound, but it was largely ignored by the River King, who instead smiled at the young water spirit.

”It is simple.” he answered, his voice soft. ”I show them.” He left his answer at that for a short moment, before turning to her with colder eyes. ”If they seek to dethrone me and take Kingship from me, then I show them who I am with raw strength. I will bite their throats or send the waves to drown them, or let them sink to the bottom of the river lulled by my melodious voice. The King is unmatched in power. If one wishes to question me, then he or she will be shown through a raw display. But, I suppose….” Helgean’s smile widened to something less menacing, more friendly. ”I smell the same as the river itself. If you smell nothing but the river, whilst in a spirit’s presence, then you have discovered its lord.”

Though not a threat to her, the words certainly held a warning in them. He smiled, then, tilting his head. "But if you believe I should be crowned, then I shall defer to you."

MAIDIE in which she adopts another dad
it can eat at you until they both turn black and blue. the poison in my veins that got me through her kiss.

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