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 Let's Cause A Little Trouble, Tag Joseph Meier and Meri Du'Bouvier
 Posted: Dec 3 2017, 10:12 PM
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What doesn't kill me
 might make me kill you.

The minuscule dive bar was just a hole in the wall. It smelled thickly of sweat, booze, and the salt water from the harbour only a stones throw away. In the mid-afternoon it was quiet, the only residents being sad drunkards that spent all their waking moments and coin on the place. Skoll was positive they were the only thing keeping this place open. It would have been the ideal place for Skoll, actually, if it wasn't for the scent of the sea, which gave him a headache with it's potency. But, business was business, and he would just need to ignore the painful pulsing in his eyes by numbing it with alcohol.

Meri wasn't the easiest Anti-Guardian to find, considering how nomadic she was. But, with what he understood of her personality, and the fact that she had a whole crew under her control, she was a valuable and worthwhile asset for Skoll. He'd had to call in a few favours to find out where she would dock next. Despite how devastating his years in the Northern European forests had been, Skoll had met and, most surprisingly befriended, a few forest witches. They were a great help whenever he was in a bind, but they were also a bit of a headache. They always asked him to do some sort of errand for their spells and potions. He'd have to collect the eye of a newt, a fang of a bat, or an especially plump child that he couldn't even chew on. If he ever did it wrong, they wouldn't ever tell him, they'd just give him incorrect information. Now this just hinged on hope. They could sit here for hours and Meri may never show up.

This was a fact he had not revealed to his new ring, Joseph, snugly wrapped around his little finger and sitting across from him at their table. The tiny German would become irritated with Skoll if he knew the truth. Joseph might also thing Skoll incompetent, and that would not be in his favour with it came to the little game Skoll played with Joseph's heart.

Skoll smiled softly at Joseph, his warm eyes looking gentle and loving. He drank from the glass filled with whiskey of the same deep amber as the eyes that watched Joseph.

"It shouldn't be much longer," Skoll assured. Beneath the table, his calf brushed against Joseph's.


 Posted: Jan 2 2018, 10:06 AM
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A storm brewed within the bones of the fabled sea captain, making her pallor limbs twitch and her blood red eyes stir with a burning, restless fire. The Albino Beast clutched a rope pulled taut as she stood upon the side of the ship. Slowly, she leaned off the side of the ship, watching as the harbour grew nearer, and nearer. Other ships had already docked there, modern vessels of different big companies or fishing expeditions.
There was something coming, something big. Something exciting, hopefully. Something to take the itch out of her limbs for right now. To scratch the insufferable feeling of boredom out of her veins would be a welcome relief indeed.

"Captain?" Meri turned her red gaze, her attention stolen by one of her men standing upon the deck, while the others milled about. Some tightened or loosened ropes, others scrubbed the deck or carried barrels of supplies down below deck. One perched within the crow's nest, keeping careful watch with telescope drawn to its full length.
The man held his hat in his hands respectfully, looking up at his captain perched upon the side of the ship like an eager bird, ready to take flight.

"Aye?" Meri tilted her chin up, a signal that she was ready to listen to whatever he wished to tell her. Idly, her thoughts strayed to her first mate - where was he at the moment? She would have preferred him by her side so she could share her exciting feeling with him.
"We'll be ready to dock in a moment's notice." He dipped his head once, before Meri nodded with a commanding nature, flicking her free hand while her other gripped the rope beside her. The crewmate nodded once, before moving off to complete some other task before they docked at the harbour.

It didn't take very long for them to find a prime docking spot at the port. Of course, the ship was invisible to those who didn't believe, causing them to slip under the radar in a rather lovely way. Soon, the pirate captain found herself strolling down the dock, heavy boots falling with a consistent beat while two of her men trailed by her side.

One of them, Haji, was a tall man with an air of intimidation. A black patch covered one eye, while tattoos decorated his burly built arms. His one eye swept over the surrounding area as they walked, a free hand always brushing over the flintlock pistol held at his hip.
The other, Amari, was a snake of a man. Thin, and with a flickering gaze that never seemed to settle upon one place. A certain kind of intelligence strayed within his expression, almost as if he was always one step ahead of everyone. Except, that was merely a facade he gave off, to give him the upper hand within a fight. At his side, he was also handsomely armed with a gun.

Ah, there it was. The pirate captain's gaze finally landed upon a bar located not far from the waters of the harbour itself. She sent a silver and gold-flecked grin to the two men, a jerk of her head motioning to the little hole in the wall. A nice glass of rum would surely soothe this twitching within her muscles, until she could find some way to release this tension physically.

Pushing open the door of the bar, her eyes landed upon the counter, occupied by lowlifes who only wished to drown their sorrows. She hardly cast another glance around the building - that was the job of her two crewmates - they both cast sweeping gazes across the room. Haji's gaze caught upon the duo of two men settled at a table, but soon cast away to eye some other potentially threatening figures.

Meanwhile, Meri leaned against the counter, calling the bar keep over with a flick of her hand. The poor man cast one confused look at the pirate captain's gettup, before deciding he had seen much weirder. The lady captain, however, was quick to order three mugs of rum, slapping a handful of coins down onto the counter with a commanding nature.
Comme c'est très étrange, how this feeling only seemed to grow within her bones? It made her blood boil, and Meri knew there was some excitement on the horizon.

Redemption borne by brigand's blood, A blight upon the darkness. Vengeance is her only ward Beware the blood red rose's thorn.
724 WORDS FOR SKOLL JOSEPH MEIER let's have a little fun

 Posted: Jan 28 2018, 07:34 PM
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The ability to speak is no shame. It is shameful only when actions do not follow words. To speak well is good. To act bravely is even better. The typical reactionary can neither speak nor act. He has somehow gained power, but has no idea what to do with it.
Joseph Meier
Sitting on bayonets is uncomfortable.
Joseph was still fighting with the feelings he had for Skoll. On some level, he feared the man was just placating him. He knew what he was and who he was, and had no illusions about it. It was confusing that Skoll was being as gentle as he was now, when before they'd settled in a comfortable aggression. He warmed to the gentility as much as he was suspicious of it. He sat across from Skoll in the bar, nursing whiskey. They were supposed to meet a witch that would help Skoll, and it seemed his wolf had pulled a lot of strings to just get the meeting.

He liked the way Skoll was looking at him, and gently rubbed his good leg back against Skoll. "It's alright. I'm enjoying the atmosphere." he muttered. "If not the smell."

Joseph spotted the three as soon as they entered the bar. A woman, a tall man, and one built much like himself. His calm attitude settled back into the prickly, defensive wall he'd always had up. He gave Haji a defiant glare and straightened up a little bit more. He wasn't going to let some big goon make him feel discomfort.

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