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 Playing with Fire, open
 Posted: Jun 9 2018, 05:02 PM
23 • Human • Adventure • Burgess

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i'll try oh lord i'll try
to carry on
Pippa was beginning to think that she should probably pay a bit more attention to the conversations that went on around the ship. She normally avoided doing so, as the crew of the Jolly Roger could be quite unpleasant at times and their conversations revealed such a fact. However, she knew that this was inevitable. After all, the men aboard were a despicable sort that were only reigned in by Captain Hook's guile and cruelty.

Of course, such a fact tended to remind her of how out of place she was. The young woman was not cruel and the only thing that she might have in common with any pirate was her wish to see more of the world. At the same time, she did not see her placement as much of a bad thing. After all, it offered her exactly what she wanted. For the most part, she was able to ignore the consequences of it all.

Or, she was until they were right in front of her face.

The Captain expected each man to work or they would receive nothing. Pippa did not much enjoy going to bed without food. However, raiding and fighting...these were things that she was not good at. It was why she was a mere cabin boy, as she had told Captain Hook himself exactly what she was good and bad at. Her duties as a cabin boy normally got her what she needed, but she was not exactly someone he would trust to guard the ship.

What rotten luck.

She supposed that she would have better luck trying to steal in this foreign town- she was beginning to realize that she was somewhere in Europe- than...killing. She shivered at the thought of the latter. Still, she was not exactly sure where to start.

Frowning, she stood near a lone building, considering.

come sail away

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 Posted: Jul 12 2018, 03:22 AM
25 • Unseelie fae • Change • Ann Arbor, MI


Funny how people tended to react to the elderly; they either went out of their way to be super nice and accommodating, or they were complete asshats that rolled their eyes and scowled when they thought the old fart wasn’t looking.
Granted, he could understand the latter reaction; old people were just kinda taking up space, and they did tend to move really slowly when they were walking. When you had someplace to be, getting stuck behind an old lady in foot traffic was probably the worst thing that could happen to you.

Which was exactly why he’d opted to go with this glamour for the night.

He made a pretty unassuming old lady, what with his short, curly, silver locks of hair, liver spot speckled face creased with all sorts of laugh lines, a light blue summer dress with a floral pattern, and slightly hunched back as he hobbled along with his clutch (it was actually a rock that he’d glamoured to look like a purse, but details, details) held against his chest. He smiled politely to anyone who treated him kindly, and to the ones that scowled? They soon found themselves trippin’ over thin air, and slamming face first into the ground. Sometimes, he put a little more umph behind their fall, leaving some with broken noses or glasses, while he stared on in horror as other passers-by helped them. But, they’d inevitably get their shit together and move on, and so too did he.

Currently, he was hobbling his way through a stretch that had...not a whole lotta foot traffic, if he was being honest. But there was a person just kinda hanging out under a building.
He paused as he glanced towards the person, his glamoured expression settling into a concerned frown while his actual expression involved him lifting his eyebrows. Who the hell was that creep? This was some slasher flick shit; a weirdo hanging out by their lonesome under a lone building, doing nothing but staring into space.
...which, of course, meant it was the perfect opportunity to put this disguise to the test.

After seemingly coming to a decision, the little old lady that was Raleigh carefully moved over to Pippa, and spoke up in a soft, but warm, voice when they were within speaking distance of one another. “Hello, dear. Is everything all right?”
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