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 Toeing the Line, tag: white tiger
 Posted: Apr 21 2017, 07:11 PM
Old • White Tiger • War • China

i've got demons to fight
The cub had been frozen in youth, unable to mentally grow beyond the point which he achieved when the war struck his family...or so Byakko was, at this point, led to believe. She saw petulance, but she also saw pain. This was the face of a young Prince of Aries, one who remained flawed in his youth, frozen in the past. One who could not let go. And so it was with the harsh gaze of a mother she eyed him; this was a flaw which he needed to be rid of, the past was a place that none could return to. How he addressed her - the aggression in his language, both verbal and bodily - he was an angry cub. One who needed to be swatted around by his mother.

One who had no mother to scold him.

She was the closest he had. Or so, at least, she herself would claim. But there was desperate anger at her; he seemed to….despise her. Perhaps for choosing not to fight, a decision she would stand by even now. To fight would simply have added another death to the war, and as a guardian of the Western stars, she was not allowed to be so irresponsible as the cubs of the constellations. The roaming, angry red star before her was their own fault - the result of their sins, a motherless child, whose home was taken through no actions of his own. Or perhaps he had been involved - all the worse, then, that he must remember his own failures.

Talk, however, of the others - of those like him - seemed to stir something other than rage, for once. Perhaps community - those of common nature to himself - would heal his anguish. She did not pretend to be a master of emotion, particularly not those of others, not those of fire-hearted cubs.He remained petulant, refusing to show her that sorrow in earnest; it was painted across his soul and across his face, such an obvious mark and yet he believed, it seemed, that by looking away from her, he was able to conceal it. She didn’t bother to tell him that he only fooled himself. Even she was well enough aware that the cub would only lash out were she to speak ill of his defense.

Such a child.

She knew what he wanted, but she refused to offer the information of her own volition; if he was to hear it from her, he would ask her for it. He had given her no reason, thus far, to share it - but if he could swallow his pride for even a moment, then….

The words were very nearly spat at her, she was certain. Yet, they were genuine; he was asking for her help. Byakko let out a faint sigh, closing her eyes for a moment - only a moment - before she returned that sharply scrutinizing gaze to him. ”The Aquarian travels rural Asia. You will not find him here. Of the Gemini, he dwells in Austria with a blacksmith.” Briefly, at his mention, she tensed - the Gemini of very few to be considered her child, more than a cub. She could not fathom that they would come to blows, however; for all he was, the Gemini was one to avoid conflict. However in perhaps...her own flaw, she still grew tense; after all, the Arian was volatile; it was natural that she should think violence was in his nature. After a moment, however, she relaxed, regarding him with a sort of understanding - at least, as much as she could offer. ”I too look for survivors, as you do. The world is vast and changing. To believe you have scoured this planet and seen all there is to see is a notion you must rid yourself of. Build your patience.”

There would be no more words. She knew her presence had no further purpose with him, not now. Certainly not after the last words spoken, he would see it as an insult, the cub that he was. As she turned, however, she offered one last word, her gaze remaining forward, away from him. ”If you should wish to speak to me again, acquire white jade and I will find you.” He was volatile and seemed not to care for the presence of the king of beasts, but the offer remained nonetheless; after all, he was a star within her domain. With that, she began on her way once more. There were others who required her presence, those who would be more appreciative to her.

 Posted: May 2 2017, 07:24 AM
so old • arian celestial • impulsivity • drifter

we're screaming like demons
swinging from the ceiling
Okay, he definitely hated her.

That smug, infuriating little bitch. She was watching him squirm -- she was probably enjoying it, fuck him -- waiting for him to sink to his knees and fucking beg her for information like he was some kind of worm. He'd rather set her face on fire -- watch her roll around like a chastised little bitch for a change.

But he didn't. He swallowed his pride, and asked for her fucking help. He didn't know who he hated more in that moment: the Tiger, or himself.

It was always himself.

Still, he'd needed to know. That desire burned so fucking strongly it turned his pride to ash... or at least, enough of it for him to get over himself and ask the dumb Tiger what he needed to ask. Her answer, unfortunately, was not what he'd expected.

Scratch that, it was utter shit.

"Well that's specific," Arden huffed in a bitingly sarcastic tone, not at all impressed with the information he'd been given. For fuck's sake, rural Asia? Did this shitty cat have any idea how massive rural Asia was? She couldn't have given him a town, a district, something?

Yea well, fuck you too.

Austria was a significantly smaller country, but it was still a fucking country. She'd been of no help whatsoever. If this was supposed to be some lesson, some way for him to build his patience, then she could take her words and shove them up her own ass. He'd waited long enough.

Before Arden could tell the White Tiger to go fuck herself, however, she decided that she'd finally spouted enough bullshit for one evening. He ground his teeth, listened to her sputter some nonsense about how to contact her (because this had gone so well), and watched her disappear into the night. Well.

"...The fuck is white jade?" Was it a flower? A precious stone? Fuck it, he didn't care anymore. He was going back to bed.

Just before his head hit the cot, he made a mental note to swing by Austria and Asia once more. It couldn't hurt.

+ notes lol bye he hates you
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